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Formed in 1977 by Leeds University students, Gang of Four produced some of the most exhilarating and lasting music of the early English post-punk era. They play a stripped-down mix of punk rock, funk and dub, with an emphasis on the social and political ills of society. They have released nine studio albums over their lengthy career as well as an array of compilations and live albums.

Solid Gold is the second album by Gang of Four, released in 1981. Described by AllMusic as a “politically charged, more Teutonic take on funk”, it was listed as one of Pitchfork Media’s best albums of the 1980s.


1) Paralysed 2: 
2) What We All Want 
3) Why Theory? 
4) If I Could Keep It For Myself 
5) Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time 

1) Cheeseburger
2) The Republic
3) In The Ditch
4) A Hole In The Wallet
5) He’d Send In The Army

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