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Box Bedroom Rebels Volume 1

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Box Bedroom Rebels

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Yowzers! Just in time for the Christmas hustle (yes I just mentioned the C-word!) we have this most perfect of festive present ideas. Kev Beard's iconic DIY label, Box Bedroom Rebels label bring a compilation of the best bits from the series in a beautifully presented pack. 33 tracks from the first 2 years of BBR, most of which are now impossible to get anywhere; this also includes a few previous 'download only' tracks. In the two years since its inception, BBR has become somewhat of a cult label amongst its fans, garnishing support across the world and media. They released one of the very first Horsebeach 7"s, have put out material from the farthest reaches of Scotland, to the darkest suburbs of Wigan and kept a ridiculously creative, inspiring aesthetic throughout. Punk rock through and through in mindset and execution, the styles and genres on show from the label range from morose shoegaze through melancholic, rain-soaked indie-fuzz through to glacial moments of icy shimmering electro-pop. There's always a hook or a melody, but you might have to fight through 6-inches of distortion, grit, blood and tears to get to it. A lesson for us all that 'doing it yourself' can be much more inspired than running the normal course of label / distribution / record deal; Kev's kept hold to every last drop of artistic credibility but still achieved widespread appeal and a die-hard fan base to boot. It'd be both shameful and against the punk spirit of this record to talk about how the OG 7"s sell for loads of discogs (but I just did). Just buy this record to feel it through your bones to the bottom of your feet and to the pit of your heart. And that's what matters. We heart Box Bedroom Rebels 4 ever!


Side. 1
Water World - Dead
The Faded Tapes - I Will Race You
Temple Songs - Dragging You Down
Mini Dresses - River
Tape Waves - Somewhere
The Arctic Flow - Lost Wishes
Mini Dresses - Watching You
Temple Songs - ...
Yosoy - Mistakes

Side 2 -
Tape Waves - Drifting
Horsebeach - Even
The Arctic Flow - I Know A Place (fast Instrumental Pop Version)
Adult Books - Girl Space Friend
Sur - Southern Boy
The Scottish Enlightenment - Black Dog (Toad Session)
The Arctic Flow - Harbour Grey
The Faded Tapes - New Song

Side 3 -
The Watchmakers - Waves
Sur - Nay's Song
Temple Songs - Luxury Lice
Adult Books - Bedsit Infamies
Water World - Cream Soda
Lost Tapes - Cry & Lie
Horse Beach - Avoid The Light (Demo Version)
Unhappy Shoppers - Aisle6

Side 4 -
Lost Tapes - Lost In Youth
Unhappy Shoppers - Horsepower & The Modern Slog
Horse Beach - How Long Must I Wait
Yosoy - Running
The Watchmakers - Summer Of Love (Acoustic Version)
The Arctic Flow - Flightless Birds
Yosoy - Talk
The Scottish Enlightenment - The Strong Force

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