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Disco Halal Vol. 3

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Disco Halal

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Blazing a Habibi House trail through dusty desert sands and sunbaked lands, Disco Halal return with another fragrant serving of spiced dancefloor flavours from the near East. Basel's Mehmet Aslan opens proceedings with a trance inducing dervish right in line with his globetrotting DJ sets or new label Fleeting Wax. The traditional sounds of zurna and davul fill the club with the energy of a bustling bazaar while rattling percussion, fizzing electronics and regimented machine drums. Recent Golf Channel signings and Tel Aviv cold wave stalwarts Autarkic take control for A2 cut "Zaffa", synchronising a growling bassline and solid kick under the massive folk vocal for a dark and dusky basement winner. Over on the flip, Naduve takes things deep and immersive with the saz and woodflute vibes of "Jose's A Star". Set to a lopsided, undulating rhythm, this melodic portion of dancefloor exotica should win over the psyche freaks and Balearic beards in equal measures. It falls to Dogu Civcik to bring the set to a close and the producer keeps quality sky high with the stripped back, cinematic and emotive "Mitrin". This groovesome treatment of a jazzy folk cut fits more into the Western Tradition, bringing to mind recent downbeat cut ups by the likes of Ptaki and HNNY and closes the set on a high. Yalla!

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