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B'lieve I'm Goin Down...

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'b’lieve i'm goin down…' is Vile’s sixth album, and shows Kurt both deeply introspective and briskly self-assured. As longtime fan Kim Gordon wrote in her bio for the album: “Kurt does his own myth-making; a boy/man with an old soul voice in the age of digital everything becoming something else, which is why this focused, brilliantly clear and seemingly candid record is a breath of fresh air.

Recorded and mixed in a number of locations, including Los Angeles and Joshua tree, b’lieve i'm goin down… is a handshake across the country, east to west coast, thru the dustbowl history (“valley of ashes”) of woody honest strait forward talk Guthrie, and a cali canyon dead still nite floating in a nearly waterless landscape. The record is all air, weightless, bodyless, but grounded in convincing authenticity, in the best version of a singer songwriter upcycling.”


Andy says: With a late night/early hours ruminative glow, KV brings more songs from his couch, and his most mellow, considered collection so far.


1. Pretty Pimpin
2. I’m An Outlaw
3. Dust Bunnies
4. That’s Life, Tho (Almost Hate To Say)
5. Wheelhouse
6. Life Like This
7. All In A Daze Work
8. Lost My Head There
9. Stand Inside
10. Bad Omens
11. Kidding Around
12. Wild Imagination

B’lieve I’m Goin Down *
Less Talk (More Walkin Away) *
Nicotine Blues *
Bad Omens (No Faders) *
No Stranger To The Ball Bust *
Sax Omens (J Turbo) *
* = Bonus Tracks On Deluxe LP Only.

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