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The first of two sublime 7"s from essential imprint Frotee comes courtesy of pop sensation Heidy Tamme and jazz guitar virtuoso Tiit Paulus, who deliver a side a piece in tribute of the Estonian summer. "Suvi Ei Jää“ is old favorite at Frotee HQ, and while it’s a 1983 cover version of Roberta Flack’s song “What a Woman Really Means”, it was given new lyrics which eloquently describe the summer season and its brevity (the title translates as “Summer Doesn’t Stay”). Heidy Tamme provides smooth and jazzy vocals, while the carefree arrangement by Tiit Paulus holds groovesome bass, chiming rhodes and warm flute in perfect balance around a steady backbeat. On the B-side, Tiit adds a gorgeous solo guitar track “Selle Suve Laul” (“This Summer’s Song”), written as an ode to the new home he had bought “this summer” on the biggest island of Estonia, Saaremaa. Breezing over the frets with gentle ease, the guitarist treats us to a horizontal masterpiece which will delight fans of Joan Bibiloni or Barthel, Bauer and Bohm. Another two sensational rarities saved from Estonian obscurity by the ever-excellent Frotee.


Patrick says: Dipping into the backpages of Estonia's rich but unexplored musical heritage, Frotee grace us with a split 7" dedicated to the wonders of summer. On the A-side Heidy Tamme coos away over a smooth fusion groove while the flip sees Tiit Paulus breeze over the frets for the sublime acoustic workout 'Selle Suve Laul'. Stay classy Tallinn...

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