Yukon Blonde

On Blonde

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Record Label
Dine Alone

About this item

On Blonde builds on Yukon Blonde’s reputation for seamlessly crafted pop songs with infectious melodies and hooks, all the while experimenting with psychedelic, digital and synthetic sounds.

On Blonde effortlessly finds its place in the contemporary indie pop landscape. Analogue synthesizers, modulating Moog saw tooth leads, and FM soft pads, create an atmosphere akin to city street summer midnight meanderings. Wiry guitars, stabbing or jangly make way for fuzzed out phasing lead tones. This sonic atmosphere permeates through the entirety of the record.

“'Como' is a classic pop song with a twist. Off kilter sounds and damaged synths collide with one another, while the pleading vocal hints at something rather more melancholic." - Clash Music.

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