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Following his debut for Favorite Recordings, here comes “Solar”, new and second solo album by acclaimed Brazilian composer Lucas Arruda, filled with his fusion style, mixing influences and elements from his Latin musical background, with his genuine admiration for Jazz-funk and soul. On “Melt the Night” for example, Lucas asked legendary producer Leon Ware for his help, reminding his collaborations in the 80s with Marcos Valle, when they perfectly merged together the sophisticated boogie and yacht-soul touch from California, with the blazing sense of rhythm from Brazil. They also recorded a blowing version of Marvin & Diana’s classic ballad “Stop! Look, Listen (To Your Heart)“, featuring vocalist Guida de Palma’s (Jazzinho).

For “Uma Onda”, Arruda invited Azymuth bassist Alex Malheiros to pay tribute to their fusion sound and influence on the Brazilian music scene. Finally the song “Agua”, co-written with his long-time friend Fabricio Di Monaco, is a beautiful ballad which illustrates perfectly Lucas’ passion for soul music stars such as Stevie Wonder or Curtis Mayfield. Extra authenticity was created during the recording and mixing process at Sala A Studio in Brazil and Finland, using all analogue equipment, including a Neve 8108 console from 1978, and a Studer master tape to record the final pre-master.

The result is a timeless album, which should definitely established Lucas Arruda as one of the finest and most talented Brazilian musicians these days.


1. Solar (Intro Jam) 02:06
2. Uma Onda 05:02
3. Vento Sul 05:10
4. Melt The Night (Feat. Leon Ware) 05:35
5. Agua 05:15
6. Kalunga 01:59
7. Solar 6:48
8. Beyond The Sea 05:49
9. O Mar, O Samba E O Sol0 5:01
10. Stop! Look, Listen (To Your Heart) [Feat. Leon Ware & Guida De Palma) 04:20
11. Rio 82 (Live Version) 05:16

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