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After making us wait almost two decades for new solo material before last year's "Saudade", Steve Cobby is back in the blink of an eye with his second LP in as many years, once again on his own Declasse imprint. I suspect self-releasing suits Mr Cobby, and "Everliving" sees him embrace the creative freedom it allows. The fourteen immersive and expansive cuts are spread lovingly across three LPs rather than cramped onto a double, allowing each track the time and space to grow and evolve at its own pace. The result is an LP which entirely envelops you within its own sonic world, beguiling your senses with hypnotic keys, lilting rhythms, gentle guitars and pan global sounds. More electronic than its predecessor, "Everliving" delves deeper, gradually easing you into a trance like state through repetition and an expert understanding of space. So far the release has been met with universal praise from the likes of Dave Harvey, Phil Mison, Richard Norris and Peter Kruder, and really, who are we to disagree? Superb.


Patrick says: Surely it's about time Hull appointed Steve Cobby 'first among equals' and had done with it. The insanely talented Yorkshireman is on peerless form here, blending mellow dub, outernational sounds and acoustic warmth into a sublime bit of laid back listening. Cap doffed, sir, cap doffed.


1. Big Wow 09:32
2. Phatic Communion 06:04
3. The Sirens Help Me To Sleep 07:06
4. Laniakea 07:40
5. Teleseme 08:55
6. Clams 06:46
7. The Sober Certainty Of Waking Bliss 07:41
8. Mahalo 06:17
9. Fresh Blue Agave 13:13
10. Everywhere & Everywhen 04:19
11. Arroyo 05:51
12. May Flights Of Angels Sing Him To His Rest 04:58
13. Nip It Up Choppy 04:28
14. Oneric 02:31

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