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The fine folks at Moton, that'll be Diesel and Jarvis, hook us up with something a little special this summer, slimming their usual 12" format down into three superb 7"s of edit delight, housed in a stickered box within a printed tote bag, russian doll style. The reward for working your way through the mutli-layered packaging is the audio bliss of six stunning Moton reworks, all exclusive to this boxset! From the top, the A1 goes deeper than deep with an uptempo space disco number alive with expansive synthlines, funky clavs and intergalactic fx. Next up, "Exotiq" drops down a few gears for an Eastern influenced synth trip in the true wonky cosmic style - all dub fx, off kilter melodies and chanted vocals. As we head onto the second disc, things only get better as Diesel and Jarvis pitch down some high camp, high emotion d-i-s-c-o to create a seriously trippy Balearocker that's already making the playlists of the A-list. "Man's Lifespan" follows presently, hitting us with "Never Can Say Goodbye" as we've never heard it before, thick with echoed vocals and spinetingling guitars. Unreal! E1 cut "Sister To Sister" does its thang with plenty of soul and sass, blowing our minds with far out funk, and full on frequencies. Last but not least, Diesel and Jarvis go beachcombing with the blue eyed boogie of "We Are The Sunset", a jazzed out, funked up cut ripe for early hours or end of night play.


A1. Krypto
B1. Exotiq
C1. My Guide
D1. Mans Lifespan
E1. Sister To Sister
F1. We Are The Sunset

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