W. Barthel / M. Böhm / R. Bauer

Timeless Horizons

Image of W. Barthel / M. Böhm / R. Bauer - Timeless HorizonsImage of W. Barthel / M. Böhm / R. Bauer - Timeless Horizons
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Record Label
Growing Bin Records

About this item

German musicologist, deep sonic archivist and expert record dealer Basso presents the third release on his essential Growing Bin imprint, a sublime retrospective of German trio Barthel, Böhm and Bauer. Cherry picking the exquisite highlights from their three private press LPs "Auf Der Suche" (1984), "Zeitlos" (1986) and "New Horizons" (1988), Basso delivers an immersive collection which carries you on a far flung journey through time and space. The unique amalgamation of oriental folk, percussive rock and good old blues found on "Another Rainy Day", "Drift Away" and "Tamam" will let you drift away, dream and dance into a storm. Original copies of their three albums are almost impossible to find these days and change hands for serious sums, so welcome the "Timeless Horizons"...


A1. Tamam 4:55
A2. Through Desert Plains 5:06
A3. Zeitlos 5:56
A4. Auf Der Suche 3:47
B1. Anamur / Eastern Trip 7:18
B2. Wellenreiter 5:14
B3. Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm 8:59
C1. Drift Away / Into The Storm 13:15
C2. Momo‘s Traum 7:40
D1. Interrail 8:55
D2. New Horizons 7:39
D3. Another Rainy Day 4:43

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