Róisín Murphy

Hairless Toys

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Play It Again Sam

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Róisín Murphy follows up 2014's gorgeous Italophone EP, "Mi Senti" with her first long player in 8 years and it's well worth the agonising wait. A triumph of ambition, creativity and talent, "Hairless Toys" sees Murphy and long time collaborator Eddie Stevens take us on a catwalk stroll through a kaleidoscopic range of influences and styles without ever missing that crucial turn. Although the refined beats ensure we never stray too far from the dancefloor, the LP never comes close to losing itself in a formulaic mire, switching up tempo and groove like the most forward thinking selector. The wonky cosmic swagger of "Evil Eyes" and headturning dub-not-dub of "Uninvited Guest" bring to mind previous remixer Daniele Baldelli's classic sets, while "Gone Fishing" and "Exploitation" push sleek machine funk into the psychedelic fringes of alt pop. At the centre of the album, "Exile" offers us a moment of stoned contemplation as Róisín pulls us close into the swirling fug of hazy Americana, before she brings down the curtain with the leftfield electronica of "Hairless Toys" and "Unputdownable", a sublime album closer which updates the baroque pop of Kate Bush for a new generation. Murphy's vocals are clearer, smoother and stronger than ever, soaring and swooning over the sonically adventurous production to take us to the most dizzying heights. A strong contender for the 'end of year' lists, "Hairless Toys" is a career defining best from the astounding Róisín Murphy.

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