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Why Make Sense?

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And just like that, with the sleazy sound of a robotic vocal, Hot Chip are back to defend their crown as undisputed electro-pop lotharios. Now onto their sixth album, the oddball outfit are in vintage form, hitting us with this energetic LP, which reflects all that's come before it without simply treading water. Opening track "Huarache Lights" is as well formed a pop song as you're likely to hear all year, combining breakbeats and disco samples with loose white funk, miami freestyle elements and classic Hot Chip shimmer. For those who've been down since day one, the quirky synth-funk of "Love Is The Future" and "Started Right" offer a more mature take on the sounds first heard on "Coming On Strong", while "White Wine And Fried Chicken" and "So Much Further To Go" are classic Hot Chip ballads in the same vein as "In The Privacy Of Our Love". At the top of the B-side, "Dark Night" sees the group heading into new territories, adding sweeping symphonic strings and distorted guitar to a sublime 80s styled pop groove. If you come to the record looking for the dancefloor stylings of "One Life Stand" and "In Our Heads", the synth heavy lilt of "Easy To Get" and the housed up magic of "Need You Now" should do you nicely, softening you up for the big psychedelic finish of "Why Make Sense?". And coming from one of the world's most unconventional pop acts, why indeed? 

Due to a unique and bespoke printing technique which has never been used before, the album will come in one of 501 different colours. Combined with subtle variations of the design, this means that EVERY copy of the album, on both CD and LP, will feature completely unique artwork. Visually and sonically adventurous and innovative, this is a giant leap forward for a band with plenty more to give.

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