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Richard Adams and his The Declining Winter project return to Home Assembly Music with an impressive second album for the label, ‘Home For Lost Souls’. Taking it’s name from a hostel that Syd Barrett was alleged to have stayed at in the early ‘70’s, the album’s title points to the subject matters that preoccupy Adams in his songwriting. From the cost to one’s sanity at just making it through another wearisome 9-5, to the ominous beauty of the North Pennines landscape, and love in a time of austerity. But far from being austere, the 14 songs presented here are generous, warm, deceptively simple, multi-layered compositions.

From the upbeat openers, ‘This Sadness Lacks’ and ‘Home For Lost Souls’, to whimsical instrumentals, ‘Golden Terrace’ or ‘When Things Mattered’, all the way through to the outrageously catchy ‘Hurled To The Curb’ or the melancholy introspection of ‘The Wild Girl Laughed’ and the quietly epic ‘The Right True End’. As you might expect from Adams, he wears his heart and his influences on his sleeve. At times it feels like listening to a glorious combination of Disco Inferno and Talk Talk, Robert Wyatt and even Felt, with occasional smatterings of Radiohead as well as a brief hint of PiL on the rustic, ‘The Summer Circuit’ and ‘A Field Defunct’. But really it’s none of the above. It’s Richard Adams. It’s The Declining Winter. Only it’s better this time, that’s all. The Declining Winter is the brainchild of Hood co-founder Richard Adams. ‘Home For Lost Souls’ is his fourth full length album following the earlier ‘Goodbye Minnesota’ (2008), ‘Haunt the Upper Hallways’ (2009) and ‘Lost Songs’ (2014).

Though utilising a band moniker, Adams now records alone in his North Yorkshire hideaway and describes The Declining Winter as “just the stuff that comes out of me, the sound of tinkering around and ideas forming”. He also plays in chamber folk trio Memory Drawings.

“Alongside his brother Chris as the motivating force behind English pastoral rock outfit Hood, Richard Adams extends that group’s late-period move into gentle electronica, warping and glitching minimal folk-pop melodies played on bedroom guitars and drums. The quietly resigned tenor gesturing toward emotional troubles that remain just out of focus”. UNCUT.


Side A:
This Sadness Lacks 5.00
Home For Lost Souls 2.56
Golden Terrace 2.27
It Is Intensely Sad 2.27
The Sweet Sound Of North 4.20
When Things Mattered 2.43
Fog Forming 1.44

Side B:
Hurled To The Curb 2.27
Around The Winding Roads And Hills 4.38
The Wild Girl Laughed 2.37
Summer Circuit 1.38
A Field Defunct 2.33
The Right True End 7.46
The Full Blown West 3.06

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