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Repress of this limited, 8 track double 12" serving as a 'best of' the now out of print Members Only label - Jamal Moss / Hieroglyphic Being's tribute to Ron Hardy's Music Box. 

A pivotal series for myself, the raw and primitive energy eeked out of drum boxes and basic samplers, combined with the glamous source material of disco, soul, boogie and wave music created a completely unique blueprint steeped in Chicago history but with an intergalactic, forward-looking approach. For me there is simply no better edit series available in terms of creativity, braveness and determination. 


Matt says: Now a household name, Jamal Moss' early edit series bring the flavour of his live sets to a recorded medium. These were some of his early tape-edit experiments inspired by the halcyon days on Ron Hardy and, for me, are still his best pieces of work to date.


All The Time
Shooting The Shit
Anger And Sex
Jungle Febriles
Living In The Land
Gonna Make It Now
The Hills Of Tantra
Summer Sun

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