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Wet Blankets are from Australia. Rise Of Wet Blankets is the first 12” from these Geelong whackers, packin’ 11 bangers into 18 minutes.

Wet Blankets don’t write long songs, don’t get played on JJJ (UK residents, read, XFM), don’t have a permanent guitarist on this LP, in fact, Wet Blankets don’t even have a front cover on this LP (hand stamped cardboard to protect the record!). Wet Blankets write songs about real world problems like homeless people, stealing from Coles (UK residents, read Tescos) and being late for school.

The band came together round August of 2013, when 14-year-old Zane Gardner started slammin’ chords and rippin’ solos on his brother’s guitar. By the years end, a two track 7” was recorded in the bedroom and released in February ’14 on Italian label Goodbye Boozy. A couple of months later, Rise Of Wet Blankets was born.

The record was recorded on the industrial side of West Geelong with top bloke Mark Doman on his reel-to-reel 8 track one Saturday last year, spitting out influences like the Reatards, Swell Maps, Ramones and Dead Kennedy’s to name a few. Guitarists Zak & Jake (of Hierophants fame) take turns shredding over the top of each track to give it some extra life, but what it really sounds like is a fifteen-year-old kid yellin’ his guts out about bogans stealing carrots, crummy school teachers and eating overcooked steak for breakfast.


Side 1
1. Marge Is A Wet Blanket
2. Work
3. Sleeptalker
4. Hex In The City
5. Too Much At Steak
6. No Carrots

Side 2
7. Tv Suicide
8. Hobo
9. Fridge Too Far
10. Kits
11. Dieter Caught My Bus

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