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Inspiration / Transition

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Underground Resistance

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It was Mad Mike himself who produced this amazing 12" from Detroit's most uncompromising label. "Inspiration" is the next level in the jazzy, bleepy techno tradition of "Amazon", "Ambush" and the like. It could only be UR and Mad Mike! The flipside, "Transition", is well in my top three techno records EVER (- Matt) and should be more than familiar with anyone for a penchant for Detroit or techno and is also a staple at Wet Play here in MCR. Exceptionally funky techno with an infectious, mind-altering (and life improving!) vocal part, UR's urgent pace and grit coupled with one of the most cerebral-tickling lead lines ever written. It's sheer gold and had me running around the shop in excitement when I learnt I could replace my worn out, battered copy. Who knows how long this new fresh copy will last, but so long as UR re-issue this classic once every 10 years, that should keep us all happy I reckon. Essential.


Matt says: An Underground Resistance record is for life, not just for Christmas. Better make sure it's like, one of the best techno records ever made then eh?


A. Inspiration
B. Transition

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