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Phantom Island

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In what's sure to prompt a feeding frenzy amongst our Balearic customers (mañana piranhas?) Lexx hooks us up with a super limited repress of this three tracker of Balearic brilliance on his own Phantom Island imprint. At this point it's basically a fact that the Swiss maestro never puts a foot wrong behind the desk or the decks but this beautifully presented EP takes the piss! "Turning Tides" does its best to send those baubles bouncing with the weighty combination of a solid kick and wall shaking bassline forming the perfect foil for the midtempo hi hat shuffle. As the hypno-house groove takes over, Lexx introduces echo drenched vocal snippets, scratchy disco guitar and bursts of clavinet energy, fusing all those disparate elements of a night under Adriatic stars into one sublime track. "Mahogany" follows the opener in a more subdued but no less cheery fashion, like a well mannered in-law at Christmas dinner. A sophisticated piano line rides the dubby bassline, scratchy guitar and swelling synthline, setting the scene perfectly for the gorgeous chimes to seduce all before them. On the flipside Lexx delivers the appropriately blissed out groove of "Serenity", a horizontal odyssey which glides effortlessly through exotic textures and rhythms marrying the organic and synthetic with ease. The low slung disco bassline and clipped guitar are reminiscent of early Norwegian excursions into the realm of space disco, while the exultant vocal samples and tuned percussion transport you to the swelter of a distant shore. Lexx just doesn't make bad records does he?!

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