Shore EP - Feat. Jelani Blackman And Brian Eno

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Attention to detail and labouring over those finer points in order to achieve perfection are enough to drive one close to nervousness, when you couple that with a prolific work ethic then the results can be all encompassing if not somewhat overwhelming. Sylas fulfill these traits in abundance and with that, a depth and sincerity to their sound that already feels fully-formed yet with countless avenues for exploration and experimentation.

Recorded between South London and Frankfurt, the ‘Shore’ EP is structured around layer upon layer of vocals and a number of sonic elements, those that have been meticulously constructed, revisited, put to rest and reworked back into the state that deliver their first musical offerings. ‘Hollow’ delivers a certain fractured immediacy, an example of that meticulous focus of detail and execution, whereas lead track ‘Shore’ adopts a line straight to your core, it’s steady pace given room to breath builds and flourishes, it’s as much what you leave out as you put in.

Their musical affluence has a magnetism that even before any of their output exists outside of their own hands, a chance introduction with Brian Eno resulted in a relationship that lead to the duo collaborating with Eno on a number of projects and in return, Eno featuring on the closing track of their EP.


1. Shore
2. Hollow
3. Layer Feat. Jelani Blackman And Brian Eno

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