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Paranoid London

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Hotly anticipated album from Paranoid London, after a slew of sell-out (and now rather expensive) 12"s from the last few years. Repetitive, machine bass music for DJs to play loud & dancers to freak to. Featuring vocals from Mutado Pintado (NYC), Paris Brightledge (Chicago) & DJ Genesis (Detroit). Leaning heavily on the pitch-black, dirty backroom acid vibe (not your stadium filling acid-techno-bangers), Paranoid London keeps things simple in terms of instrumentation and gear used, but pushes the classic formular deep into the darkest recesses of the club. The album sounds like its been squeezed out of some gunge-soaked hardware before being left to ferment in a LSD-filled swamp. Featuring the follow up to the cultishly adored "Paris Dub 1 and 2" with, yes you've guessed it, "Paris Dub 3", firing delicate rhythmic nuances through a plethora of sizzling hot drum machine bombardment. "Lovin U (Ahh Shit)" also needs a special mention, rolling out classic emotional Chicago house in a timeless style. Rightly hyped to be a huge album, we've been hassled loads about this already. Contortionists tackle of the highest order, this is real 'Electronic Body Music'; just don't tell beatport! Move quick…


Light Tunnel
Transmission 5
Paris Dub 3
Machines Our Coming
Lovin U (Ahh Shit)
We Ain't
Eating Glue
300 Hangovers A Year
Paris Dub 1

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