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272 page A4 book + 6 CDs (and a pack of incense).

Andy Kershaw “I attended the Deeply Vale Festival in 1978 and went on to work with some success in war zones- thank you Chris Hewitt”

Stuart Maconie “Deeply Vale- the crucible of North Lancashire’s anarchistic counter culture around the mid 70s and beyond”

Mark E Smith “Deeply Vale was great to play, It was just up the road for us. I don’t like festivals but I loved Deeply Vale”

Finally after 18 years of research, The Deeply Vale Box will be released. This beautiful book and box set will be limited to 500 copies. The 272 page A4 book is mainly colour and is housed in a box with 6 CDs and a pack of incense. Put on one of the CDs, open the book, light an incense stick to burn and transport yourself back to the mid 70s Deeply Vale Festivals, as well as the Rivington Pike Festivals and the Manchester Rock Against Racism Concerts. Deeply Vale was important as it was the first of the free festivals to open its stage to Punk & New Wave bands and it was also intertwined with the Manchester Rock Against Racism movement. Long before any other festival it crossed the hippy punk divide; its where Planet Gong/Here and Now met The Fall and hippy soundman Grant Showbiz would strike up a 35 year relationship as producer for The Fall. Here and Now would take The Fall, Danny and the Dressmakers (inc future 808 State man Graham Massey), Wilful Damage and Alternative TV on their anarchic tours after Deeply Vale. The Ruts were formed in a tent at Deeply Vale in 1977 after two members of London Funk band Hit and Run saw the The Drones perform a punk set on stage. The 1978 Festival not only included Steve Hillage, Here and Now and Nik Turner but also The Fall, Durutti Column and The Ruts.

The book features interviews with and/or written contributions from Andy Kershaw, Stuart Maconie, Andy McCluskey of OMD, Martin Coogan and Steve Cowen of the Mock Turtles, Mark E Smith of The Fall, Marc Riley, Spizz Energi, Boff Whalley from Chumbawamba, Graham Massey of 808 State, Vini Reilly, Graham Clark of Gong, Grant Showbiz, Steve Hillage , Jimi Goodwin (Doves),Ian Brown, Andy Rourke, Mark Hodkinson, Mick Middles, Luke Bainbridge and more.

Bands that have biographies/info pages in the book include Steve Hillage,The Fall,Wilful Damage, Mudanzas ,Murmo Schultz,Aspell, No Change, Danny and The Dressmakers Aqua (Inc Graham Clark of Gong), Leviathan,Nik Turner, Visitor 2035, Whitefire, Durutti Column, Body, Physical Wrecks, Cry Tough, The Ruts, Drive By Night, China St, Fast Cars, Victim, The Trend, Picture Chords,Tony Crabtree, Trigger/Childs Play, John Keegan/ Silver Hill String Band, Here and Now, SFW, Crispy Ambulance, Howard The Duck, Movement Bannned , Alchemist, Trevor Hyett, Misty in Roots, Pete Farrow, Alternative TV, Tractor, Elti Fits, Free Ride, Bashful Alley, Drones, Accident on the East Lancs, Roll up Rock, The Tunes, Victor Brox Blues Train, Rivington Spyke, Frogbox, Vibrant Thigh, Emergency / Foreign Press, Spike, The Out, Tiger Tails, Welcome, Snapper, Salford Jets, Bill Pod and The Stocks, Victor Drago, Not Sensibles, Pegasus, Distractions, Stuffed Badgers & Konstipated Poodles.

Audio contributions for the 6 CDs include Steve Hillage, Nik Turner’s Sphynx, The Fall (unreleased tracks live at Deeply Vale), Visitor 2035, Danny and The Dressmakers (full sets from the festival) , Aqua, Here and Now, Wilful Damage, The Ruts, SFW, Salford Jets, Victim, Free Ride, Durutti Column, Brenda and The Hot Dicks, Red Eyes, Aspell, Andy T, Blue Midnight feat Grant Showbiz, George Borowski, Tony Crabtree, Accident on The East Lancs, Victor Brox Blues Train, Howard The Duck, Rockslide (forerunner of the Drones) Movement Banned, Elti Fits, The Tunes, Trevor Hyett , Whitefire, Victor Drago, The Trend, Drive by Night, The Out, Fast Cars, Mudanzas, Vibrant Thigh, NotSensibles, Stuffed Badgers, Rivington Spyke, No Change, No Mystery, Murmo Schultz, Bill Pod and The Stocks, Trevor Hyett, Alchemist, The Joint Rolling Contest, & John Keegan.

Andy McCluskey (OMD) “I performed there with my early band Pegasus in 1977, there was a real all help together hippy vibe which was wonderful”

Luke Bainbridge “Most of of those who were there seem to have slightly hazy memories of events… but others like myself were inquistive 5 year olds taken to this other wordly place on our doorstep”

Boff Whalley- Chumbawamba “Deeply Vale was my first exposure to festivals. Deeply Vale was both a summer escape and an eye opener. A great place for growing up”

Bob Harris – “Deeply Vale definitely has a place in rock history, because here in the late 70s were held the best loved and silliest rock festivals of all time”

Jimi Goodwin (Doves) “My first festival was Deeply Vale, I was eight years old I was bursting with excitement”

Graham Massey (808 State) “I am always harking back to Deeply Vale as a blueprint for festivals”


Disc 1:
01. Killer Man Giro - Deeply Vale
02. Luke Bainbridge - Memories Recorded 2005 / The Joint Rolling Contest (Featuring Eddie Klejdys)
03. Murmo Schulze - Our First Number (live DV)
04. The Tunes - In The Car (live DV)
05. Ruts - It Was Cold (live DV)
06. Blue Midnight - Before (feat Grant Showbiz)
07. Body – Andromeda (live DV)
08. The Out – Hearsay
09. Aqua – Human Zoo (live DV)
10. FreeRide – Funk – 99
11. Victim – Why Are Fire Engines Red?
12. Fast Cars - Images
13. Tractor - Roll The Dice
14. The Fall – Bingo Master’s Break Out (live DV)
15. Stuffed Badgers – Gassing Badgers
16. Visitor 2035- Toefunk (live DV)
17. Tony Crabtree - The Banks Of Pontrathrain..

Disc 2:
01. Mudanzas – Ebow
02. George Borowski She Finds Me. Danny & The Dressmakers (incl Graham Massey 808 State) (live DV) Full Set From 24th July 1978
03. Danny & The Dressmakers - Ernie Bishops Dead Body
04. Danny & The Dressmakers - What Are We Doing On At A Rock Festival?
05. Danny & The Dressmakers - How Hot Is A Match?
06. Danny & The Dressmakers - Johnny Be Really Fucking Good
07. Here & Now - Strawberry (live DV)
08. Victor Brox Blues Train – Run You Off The Hill
09. Accident On The East Lancs –We Want It Legalised
10. Elti-fits – 30 Miles Per Hour In A Built Up Zone
11. Piccadilly Radio Interview Part 1
12. Steve Hillage – Getting Better (live DV)
13. The David Bacha Band - What You See Is What You Get (Foggy's Beautiful Friday Night Remix)
14. Pete Farrow - Candy Man
15. Trevor Hyett - You Just Can't Make It
16. Victor Brox Blues Train Sister Kate Dave Lunt Bass Lol Coxhill Soprano Joe Silmon Clarinet Dave Hassell Drums
17. Howard The Duck Too Late To Dance
18. Victor Drago - Black Leather Play With Fire..

Disc 3:
01. Visitor 2035 – Moving In The Direction Of Love (live DV)
02. Tony Crabtree - Little Wing
03. Rivington Spike [ Poet] - Untitled (live DV)
04. No Change - Ruin (live DV)
05. Here & Now - My Band’s Better Than Your Bong (live DV)
06. Drive By Night – Time
07. Nik Turner's Sphinx - The Awakening - Pyramid Spell (live DV)
08. Drive By Night – Look Out
09. Grant Showbiz & Blue Midnight – Goodnight
10. Pete Farrow - Daydreamer
11. John Keegan - Yearning For The Human Race To Run
12. The Fall – Brand New Cadillac (live DV)
13. No Change – Lament (live DV)
14. Rockslide [forerunner Of The Drones] – Hard On Me (live DV)
15. Murmo Schulz- The Death Pulse Live At Deeply Vale
16. Bill Pod & The Stocks Funky Mungbean…

Disc 4:
01. Accident On The East Lancs - Wasted
02. John Keegan - Me & The Green Machine
03. Piccadilly Radio Interview Part 2
04. Ruts - SUS (live DV)
05. Elti-fits - Letterbox (live DV)
06. Fast Cars - Who Loves Jimmy Anderton (live DV)
07. Howard The Duck - You Know Me (live DV)
08. Durutti Column - Boxes (live DV)
09. Aspell - Damson (live DV)
10. The Tunes - Untitled (live DV)
11. Body – Death To Those Who Believe In It (live DV)
12. SFW -True Life
13. Here & Now - Hairy Barber (live DV)
14. Not Sensibles – I Am The Bishop
15. Tractor - Lost On The Ocean
16. Vibrant Thigh - Walking Away….

Disc 5:
01. Pete Farrow - Underwater Guitarist
02. Elti-fits - Tony Wilson (live DV)
03. Trevor Hyett - There's No Such Thing As Too Much Fun
04. Steve Hillage – U.F.B (live DV)
05. Dr. Fogg’s Mistik Misfits - Valley Of Dreams (Improvisation)
06. Ruts - Jah Wars (live DV)
07. Andy T Bring What You Expect To Find
08. Nik Turner’s Sphinx –God Rock (live DV)
09. Deeply Vale 1977 Radio Interview- At A Garden In Cumberland Road Rochdale
10. Fast Cars - Tameside Girls (live DV).. Wilful Damage - Full Set Deeply Vale 25th July 1978 :
11. Wilful Damage - Living In A Prison
12. Wilful Damage - Proton Neutraliser
13. Wilful Damage - I'm Scared
14. Wilful Damage - Peace & Life
15. Wilful Damage - Vandals
16. Wilful Damage - Encore (Featuring Eddie Kledjys)
17. Bill Normal On Banjo - My Fathers Woolly (live DV)
18. The Young Banjo Player- Leaning On A Lampost (live DV)
19. Movement Banned (Wigwam/ Rev Mike Huck) Bartimaes (live DV)….

Disc 6
01. Tractor - Revolution Man
02. John Keegan - White Sand
03. Red Eyes - Deeply 96 - San Hose
04. Brenda And The Hot Dicks – Bored (live DV)
05. Tony Crabtree - Needle Of Death
06. Durutti Column – Halitosis (live DV)
07. No Mystery Feat Victor Brox - Big Boss Man
08. Whitefire - Jam Improv
09. Bob Jones - Near Enough For Jazz!!! (live DV)
10. The Trend –That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles (live DV)
11. Salford Jets – Pretty Babe
12. Salford Jets – Cadillac - Slight Return
13. Brian Eastwood And Tom Winstanley - Deeply Vale
14. Aspell – Raspberry (live DV)
15. Tractor - Bring What You Expect To Find
16. Durutti Column – I Like It / I Hate It (live DV)
17. Danny & The Dressmakers - Alfie Wimbush (live DV)
18. Danny & The Dressmakers - I Hate Julia (live DV)
19. Danny & The Dressmakers - Ernie Bishops Dead Body (Slight Return) (live DV)
20. Danny & The Dressmakers – Dynamite (live DV)
21. Alchemist - Rock Boogie

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