Farley Jackmaster Funk & Jesse Saunders Feat. Darryl Pandy

The Complete Love Can't Turn Around

About this item

Now this is how it started... "Love Can't Turn Around" is a Chicago house ANTHEM! A true classic of the genre. Universally recognized and loved, it made history as the very first house record to reach the UK singles charts in 1986 (who could forget Daryl Pandy on TOTP in electric blue sequined sweatshirt and mega rocking mullet) and continues to find new fans today.

Inspired heavily by Isaac Hayes' underground disco smash "I Can't Turn Around", a record that was very big in various Chicago clubs getting plays from DJs like Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles and more. With "Love Can't Turn Around" Farley and Jesse re-appropriated Hayes' disco vibe and updated it with drum machines, synths and of course, Mr. Darryl Pandy's unique vocal performance centering around the desperation of a lover who has been wronged. A truly influential track that opened the doors for many producers and DJs in the decades to follow.

Here, for the first time, the definitive mixes of this all time classic record are available in one place. Re-mastered and re-issued in conjunction with Trax Records this essential Chicago record lives on.


A1. Love Can't Turn Around
A2. Love Can't Turn Around (Long Mix)
B1. Love Can't Turn Around (Remix)
B2. Love Can't Turn Around (Houseapella)

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