Here it is folks! Our first official 12" chart in booklet history is unveiled! 'Single of the year Vol. 1' or SOTY001 - comes from Sheffield's favourite party technician - Crooked Man, working as Bitter End in this instance.

Read on for the full chart below.....

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1 - Bitter End

Echo Loves Narcissus / Get The Love

Crooked Man returns to Bitter End with an "Emotional Copy Only" - a double header of powerful nightclub movements. "Echo Loves Narcissus - Part 1" is the opening salvo in a sonic saga across four parts, marrying, as it does irresistibly uplifting chords and vocal ad-libs to a bassline so thick it'll rattle the windows right out of your ride and knock the tiles straight off the walls of your cerebral restroom. Once you've adequately composed yourselves, we invite you to the 11 minute monster which is "Get The Love" on the flip. This recalls the brief but genre defying 90s jams from Mundo Muzique's Revelation project: synth assisted house-nosis, buoyed by the mantric voice imploration to accept higher states of carnality atop an immersive blanket of propulsive rhythms. "Get The Love" throbs and crackles with the immense electricity contained within, a juddering outboard barrage of well sequenced synths accompanying a truly tasty electro-house beat and smooth vocal parts. A truly breathtaking and destined to be massive double tracker from Bitter End. Most recommended! 


Matt says: Storming stuff here from the Crooked Man alter-ego. Two different animals, from the throbbing low-end hypnosis of the A-side, to the electronic, robo-funk of side B. Ace.

Super limited, quite expensive (blame the weak £££ on imports..) but really quite phenomenal new cosmic music here from our friends all the way over in Japan. CitiZen of Peace remixed By two Japanese legends - Kuniyuki Takahashi (Mule Musiq) & Fukagawa Kiyotaka aka Calm. On the A-side, Fukagawa Kiyotaka's legendary & long-running Calm project greatly expands on the original, resulting in a completely natural, earthly and overwhelmingly beautiful piece which shimmers like a breeze blowing through a sun-dappled forest. Evocative piano flurries meet light and gentle percussion, strings undulate with the breeze and sampled choirs and other ethereal elements are added to the most cerebral of mix downs. Nothing short of epic this folks, and immediately worth the (unusually high) entrance fee. Onto track two and it's another reason to be cheerful (and to quickly proceed to checkout!) as a plodding, slo-mo cosmic beast leisurely unveils itself. Possessing another magically ethereal vibe, Kuniyuki Takahashi (also of Joe Claussell's Natural Resource fame) blends electronic elements with bird song, auto-tuned vox and undulating pads, smudging and blending things like a highly detailed but hazy, blurred watercolour. Seriously, two of the most beautiful and unique tracks we've had so far this year. You need! 


Patrick says: Perfect for either a Kickin' Pigeon Vision Quest or Coastin' lock in, this exquisite double header from the Land of the Rising Sun delivers sublime melodies, cascading rhythms and warm cosmic vibrations throughout. It might be a little pricey, but this is one of those beauties you'll cherish for the rest of your life. Truly sublime!

3 - Children Of Zeus

I Can't Wait

Holy shit. Winter might be fighting back like it never wants to leave but listening to 'I Can't Wait' today has drenched the shop in sun.
If this isn't on heavy radio rotation and blasting out of every car stereo this summer then we all might as well go and live in the woods. Coming in at a head nodding 70bpm, it has GOOD TIMES throbbing out of the speakers like every classic slow jam you ever heard.
Since the release of their first single 'Still Standing' (which, shamefully, we completely missed), the Manchester duo have been turning heads across the land, holding down a monthly show on NTS and playing with Soul II Soul, Mos Def and De La Soul.
This is the sexiest record you'll hear in 2017, no argument.


Millie says: Manchester based duo, Children of Zeus released what has to be the grooviest seven inch of all time, seamlessly smooth and overflowing with charm it’s one that I’ve been playing non-stop. Hip hop and soul infused beats from both singles convey an effortless vibe. Definitely check this one out!

4 - Kamasi Washington

Harmony Of Difference

    Harmony of Difference premiered as part of the Whitney Museum of American Art 2017 Biennial alongside a film by A.G. Rojas and also featuring artwork by Kamasi Washington’s sister, Amani Washington. The new music is an original six part suite that explores the philosophical possibilities of the musical technique known as “counterpoint,” which Washington defines as “the art of balancing similarity and difference to create harmony between separate melodies.” Beyond the artistic impulse to expand the possibilities within counterpoint, Washington wanted to create something that opened people’s minds to the gift of diversity.

    Each of the first five movements is its own unique composition. “Truth,” the sixth movement, fuses all five compositions into one simultaneous performance. Echoing this fusion, Amani created five paintings focused on raw shapes and colors, each inspired by one of the first five movements of the suite. Amani then combined these paintings to create a sixth: an abstract depiction of a human face.

    The film, directed by A.G. Rojas, brings the metaphoric ideas found in both the music and paintings to life. While still quite abstract, it focuses on the harmony found in people from South Central and East Los Angeles and shows the beauty in their differences.


    Sil says: If you enjoyed "The Epic", then you’re in for a treat with this EP. Washington's music is in touch with the social issues that surround our world. Watch the video for 'Truth' and you will have a taster of the message. His multilayered approach and execution of jazz and his sometimes cinematic optic hint to even greater things yet to come.

    Lace up your dancing shoes and prepare those presales kids, it's the return of Good Plus!

    Freshly rested after rocking the global dance floor with the edit excellence of G+001, Parisian party starters Les Yeux Orange are back with a trio of deeply dug gems recut for extra speaker sparkle. Lost classics, Loft classics and leftfield antics crammed into one double-o dose of Good Plus plastic!

    The crew set the gas to a sultry simmer with outer-galactic opener 'Amantes Cosmicos', lending a little looped up jump juice to a sci-fi disco favourite. Thrusting bass and sequencer sizzle speed the starship ever-onwards, approaching warp speed as the widescreen kalimba unlocks the Stargate. Soon enough you'll be lost in bright lights and wild colours, vibrating freely to the soaring, seering, FX-soaked climax of this sonic spaceflight.

    Shifting the party from the stars to the shore, LYO let loose on 'Pacifico', a polyrhythmic disco smash alive with the flavours of the Med. Coastal guitar licks and proggy synthlines wrap around the flamenco-disco rhythm like two old lovers, keeping the pulse racing and the sunset blazing from start to finish. 'The Sharm Al-Shaykh' closes the set in sleazy fashion, soundtracking the neon glow of the taxi queue with pure Gallic flair. Slurred vocals, fuzzbox guitar and walking bass come neither shaken nor stirred in this whiskey'n'wave winner, sealing the deal with a dancer for the more sordid DJs.

    Allez Les Yeux!

    Red Laser CEO Il Bosco selects four Manctalo nukes that rock the label's Manchester Party on a regular basis. The Manchester DJ and producer carefully edits these rare or ignored tracks with the help of the another well-known local who only wishes to be known as 'The Bat'.
    "Play That Song" is like The Smiths decided to have a go at boogie and creates an amazing mix of indie electro funk that shouldn't work but does.
    "A Little Happiness" has had the big Italo collectors around Europe searching frantically for the original of this lost gem since the track was aired on Red Laser's Soundcloud. Who will find it first? "Pac Manc" is an amazing dreamy slice of electro boogie ripe for the dancefloor and finishing the EP in style is the heavy drum led afro funk of "Shotgun Rules Again", with a synth bassline so big you could see it from Mars. This one will live in DJ bags for some time.
    Limited to 150. Hand stamped in textured grey card sleeves.


    Matt says: Here it is, one of the most eagerly anticipated records of the year for us. Ever since hearing Bosco drop "A Little Happiness" at Gottwood, I knew big tings were afoot. Serious, the content here is mindblowing. You won't have these tracks and you need them.

    Listen up folks! Düsseldorf’s tribal-cosmic warlock Jan Schulte and his equally gifted studio companion Tim Schumacher, team up once more for a headlong trip into the abyss. Characterized by chunky breakbeats, this release sees the pair conjure up five pieces of mettlesome majesty following previous moments of genius on VFMM's Manifest#001. Mystic-imbued slabs of solar-powered, slo-mo jungle and luminous rainforest melodies draw us deep into an enchanted area of unexplored terrain, rich in organic psychoactive flora as we venture further into this most unique of musical habitats. Put simply, this is sonic shamanry of the highest order, emboldened and galvanized by sheer breakbeat force. Nods to SVN / Dresvn and the Sued label throughout, not to mention fellow tribal space travelers Underspreche. Highly recommended and limited copies. You know what to do!

    OK. Andi Hanley. One of Manchester's Finest. Either u know or u don't.

    - AKA 'The Bat'
    - Secret 4th Body & Soul resident
    - host of NYC's loosest after hours back in the day
    - Owns a pair of fully modded Klipschorns which live in his mum's back room
    - No you can't borrow them for your party
    - Margiela shoes
    - Humblest guy in showbiz

    Look I can't be arsed explaining any further. If u don't know about Andi its your fuckin loss and no amount of googling resident advisor is gonna help u this time. Just listen to these epic island-synth-wave kutz from the edit master lovingly spread across 2 x 12"" and make a promise to yourself to DIG DEEPER

    Ruffy x


    Patrick says: Local legend, Body & Soul resident and all round gee Andi 'The Bat' Hanley touches down on Ruf Kutz with a double 12" of his most exotic edits. Insane obscurities expertly treated for maximum enjoyment. Remember folks, Hanners is the man!

    9 - Bartellow & DJ Ground

    Shiroi Uma

    Wigged out mushroom music here for fans of Tolouse Low Trax, Underspreche, Bjorn Torske, Sotofett, Dresvn etc etc. Three spiritual sonic rituals that breath in tune with the jungle. Ancient melodies soon arrive at our camp, blown over by the temperate winds or taking the voyage via river. It's a shamanic affair through and through, likely to result in the removal of clothes, monetary possessions and anything else that might interfere with the trip. Surrender yourself to the healing mycelium networks of life!

    Produced By Benedikt Brachtel / Bartellow
    Vocals By Daichi Furukawa / DJ Ground
    Artwork By Paul Putzar & Alexander Dückminor

    Special Edition comes with handfolded 24"x36" poster.


    Matt says: Breakthrough peak experience herE, guided smoothly into the alternative realms with seasoned adventurers Bartellow & DJ Ground.

    Wowing the Piccadilly massive with a trio of far out releases on Born Free and ESP Institute, Japan's Moko Shibata chucks her cosmic gear list in the shaker and serves up a double strength spectacular on Cocktail D'Amore. Previous Powder output has seen the producer pushing boundaries like a Russian despot, experimenting with unspooling clock mechanisms, zero gravity synth gurgle and odd polyrhythms. A bit cosmic, a smidge future primitive and more than a little tribal techno, Powder's releases have the kind of cross the board appeal you tend to find when someone exits stage left and opens up a sonic dimension of their very own. The serious, sirius space party starts in fine fashion with "Hip", a complex amalgam of Fulton-eqsue sci-fi jack, gravitational bass weight and nebulous synthwork which flirts with minimal techno motifs before beaming down to the surface of a sultry jungle planet somewhere in the Balearic nebula. Pattering bongos, new age keys and loon birds echo through the canopy and undergrowth, making us feel right at home as the track rolls on to a blissful conclusion. It's here we go disco on A2 offering "Heart", a madcapped hybrid of skewed vocal samples, train fx, and wriggling 303 bass complete with plenty of the ol' cowbell. Moko marries this infectious, interplanetary groove with West End synth-licks, organic percussion and some Miami Vice moments to deliver the mutant disco record of the century. If that proved a little light and frothy for the po'-faced techno fans out there, the grubby, dubby, subby and clubby "Hole" should smooth away their frown (remember, no smiling in Berghain). Offbeat synth vamps and echoing industrial idents add an immersive dub techno feel to proceedings, while the scuffed snare and menacing bassline sound like a particularly moody Marcellus Pittman cut. Maintaining her reputation for full on weirdshit, Powder chucks in deranged sequences, clattering percussion and ghostly vocal fx, sending any weak-minded soul on the dancefloor all the way west. The tough and rough stance continues with EP closer "Hair", a frequency tweaking slice of dancefloor psychedelia which sounds like a steroid infused filter disco cut experienced in the later stages of paranoid psychosis.


    Patrick says: Powder's hot streak continues with another must have batch of batshit, boundary pushing dancefloor biznizz!

    11 - Joao Donato E Donatinho

    Lei Do Amor

    Names You Can Trust teams up with spacey synth wiz Donatinho and his father, the legendary João Donato, to release an exclusive 7-inch single from the duo's fantastic new album, Sintetizamor. While the full-length is only available in Brazil, this crisp single, mastered especially for vinyl has made its way across the Atlantic just to whisper its sweet nothings in your ear.

    Included are two cuts that set modern boogie funk fans alight when they leaked out online: "Lei Do Amor," with a sophisticated slinky groove that brings to mind a Brazilian Kashif, and the talkbox feature "Surreal," a knowing nod to Herbie Hancock's classic "I Thought It Was You" with all the hip touches the Rio de Janerio Donato duo do so effortlessly.

    The single comes housed in a custom screened NYCT company sleeve with a full color postcard reproduction of the album cover art, a spectacular image crafted by Allan Jefferson of D.C. Comics.

    Alexx A-Game makes his return to Swing Ting after last year’s ‘A-Game Everyday’ & ‘Gangsters’ with the soulfully poignant ‘Braver’. The 7” is the 1st physical drop on this upcoming Manchester label (which spawns from the institutional and long-running clubnight of the same name), following the well-received "Equiknoxx" & "Madd Again!" releases in 2017. In 2015 Swing Ting’s Samrai & Platt received a tune from Alexx’s manager, "Braver" asking if they’d be able to contribute to the production on the track. Listening to the stems, it became apparent how amazing Alexx’s vocal delivery sounded stripped to just the Rhodes & bassline played by frequent A-Game collaborator & fellow Jamaican Vern Hill. After adding effects and flourishes the crew began playing the "Smooth Edit" on Swing Ting radio shows and at DJ sets around the globe. Requests to release the track followed from revered selectors, followers, and musical peers alike. The bittersweet number seemed to particularly resonate with Manchester-based DJs and crews such as Konny Kon (Children of Zeus / Broke’n’£nglish), Murlo & the Levelz family who’ve championed the tune over the last 12 months.


    Matt says: One more chance to own this certified MCR banger from last year...

    13 - Brenda Beachball Ray

    Digi Drifts EP

    Freshly dressed after a double helping of made to measure goodness, Aficionado size up another summer time smash for the sandal-wearing masses.
    Keen to capture the coastal cool of the Wirral peninsula, the label crack out the crystals and summon strange-wave sorceress Brenda Ray for another hit of her interplanetary excellence.
    Wandering from new age haze to celestial rays on this tripped out trio, our genre blending genius takes the fourth world into the fifth dimension of psychedelic sound.

    Our spiritual journey begins with the chakra cleansing 'Solartude', an out-of-body beauty which bathes us in swirling flute, dreamy chimes and shimmering tape delay before sending us off towards the Orient.
    Eastern tones and hushed vocals ride a glistening sequence as this flawless fusion of exotica and dub suggests a medicated Martin Denny stumbling out of Chinatown and into a humid mangrove.

    Next stop on the voyage of self discovery is 'Space Dustin', a lunar lullaby for lucid dreamers which sees Brenda spin Fairlight mallets, celestial keys and whispered vocals into an immersive ode to the outer rim. Floating free of space and time, perhaps you too can glimpse the excellent birds.

    Over on the flipside and the temperature begins to rise. 'Skip, Hop To Bop' sees Brenda dabbling with dub Techno, setting Basic Channel synths and stirring strings to a skittering rhythm. Dislocated and disoriented we descend into a strange subterranean world of Rothschild parties, Lynchian noir and muffled Techno.
    Surrounded by swirling voices, shuffling percussion grabs hold of you and all that remains is to sway.

    Officially Aficionado.


    Patrick says: Finally! We’ve all been waiting for this one to land for aaages. Sonic outlier and Balearic priestess Brenda Ray returns to Aficionado for a trio of ‘erb infused, outernational lullabies which even flirt with dub techno. Mega!

    Welcome to the world of Apta, a green and pleasant land of gaussian curves, computerised flowers and sequencial bliss. Public services arrive right on time, currency is nonexistant and the humble egg sits at its rightful spot at the top of the culinary ladder. This world is inhabited with beautiful people, blessed with flawless digital skin, an innate understanding of Simlish and the kind of conical appendages Core Design could only dream of. This is a happy place, these are happy people and theirs is a modular god. Far above the binary boulevards, Apta sits at peace on a cloud of peach-scented vapour, gently tweaking the dials, flipping the switches and triggering the samples which keep his universe in balance.

    Building from pinging, woody bleeps and delicate digichord, 'Incident 15' marks the stately progress of the flying trains, guiding the future commuters out of the citiscape into the pastoral paradise beyond. Cheering in arpeggiated delight, our bitmap buddies applaud their deity, drinking in the pulsating bass, soaring sine waves and snapping percussion eminating from above. 

    Wonderfully tired after another perfect day, this happy crowd relax to the moonlit melodies of "As Good A Place As Any", an electronic lullaby led by music box chimes, enriched by cinematic sequences and enhanced by intuitive rhythms.

    Sleep tight people of Apta, and let the Tamagotchi's look after you...

    Lost Property is two veteran producers who so far, have managed to hide their identities. We know they're from London, and could speculate as to their identities (I can't help think Paranoid London are involved...) but right now, let's just focus on the music. All unnamed, the first track instantly piques our attention as a super illicit warehouse acid twerker. Brief sirens, bubbling acid and intricate drum programming certain to get all the freaks pulling wierd contortions when this bad boy drops. Just wait for that ghosted vocal refrain before you really start losing your shit... Track 2 combines glitching mainframe melodies with skitty electro rhythms and another killer vocal ident ('expansion...'). It's like Kraftwerk and Juan Atkins brought up-to-date through some busted, skip-dug hardware. Finally, concentric, wigged out acid lovers are catered for with a quirky and penetrative offering which deploys menacing metallic washes to a circular 303 pattern and mechnical drum rhythms. All in all a highly enticing record for the witching hours. Recommended.

    16 - Burnt Friedman

    Dead Saints Chronicles

    Remember that amazing Kilchhofer / Hainback record from t'other month on Marionette? Well that introduced this amazing new label to us here at Piccadilly and instantly grabbed our attention, forcing us to dig further and establish contact with the label. 'Focused on sonic healing, pagan rituals, drum circles and mantras' - we were enthralled to say the least. Fast forward to now and avant-tech / glitch / leftfield pioneer Burnt Friedman drops an exclusive for the label - what a coup! Ali, the label owner's been hyping this up to us for a while - and rightfully so - this is real deal entheogenic musica folks, perfectly fitting into, whilst raising our expectation of all things shamanic, ritualistic and 'rainforest' based here at Piccadilly. If you've like Toulous Low trax, Don't DJ, Jan Schultz, Bear Bones Lay Low, Morgan Buckly etc, you're gonna love this! "Dead Saints Chronicles" is an ode to drawing fascination from Near Death Experiences (NDEs). The title for the EP is inspired by a book written by David Solomon and Antony West, involving sifting through thousands of recorded NDEs, a process similar to that which Friedman used to revive pieces from his archive of DAT tapes. Self described as 'an occult meditating ritual for the nocturnals', "Near Life" sees Friedman deploy meticulous gong therapy, supplemented by a mechanical yet sludgy beat and the occasional acid squelch, it perfectly introduces us to the esoteric world that lies before us. "Acrogagnosos" waste no time in casting its pitch black spell across our receptive head space. Held together by a rotating bass swell, there's not much else other than the sound of space winds blowing through a cavernous void; focusing our most basic primal of senses into the frequency hum and resonance of our healer. "Languish" finishes the side spellbound, as Friedman casts his black magic onto the cauldron of sounds, the deliberated sound of a master craftsman at full concentration. Side B appears instantly more transcendental and brighter. As if the magic of side A has cleansed the listener before reaching his or her aural nirvana. It's nothing but energy fields and white light from now on as "Grace" delivers delicately sprung ethnic melodies through burst of crashing cymbals. "Wentletrap" sees a suspended rhythm permeate through a cloud of mystic atmospheres before "Repentance" drops us into a heavenly plunge pool, washing away all remnants of the trip, preparing us to returns to normal life, albeit unavoidably changed for the better.


    Matt says: A tour de force of shamanic goodness! This is just what we need at Piccadilly right now! Marionette and Burnt Friedman kick Gandalf and Saruman out of Isengard and inflict their dark magik across middle earth!

    'As Earth dips below sea level, E Davd steps up with a capsule of botanical and foreign matter reminding us what lies beneath the oil spills, crust and hum of wireless routers. Cast deep into the nebula, It’s the forgotten love songs from the glacial plains, expired vitamin compounds retrieved from petri dishes and the howls of extinct animal life condensed into 25 minutes. Electronic protocol modules formerly known as 'humid funk','new age' 'astral ambient' and 'horoscope house' drifting through foreign star systems, gradually lost to the eternal vacuum of deep space.'

    Natural Sciences continue their all conquering grasp of the underground with this forward-thinking EP of house reinvention from new signing E Davd. If this is anything to go buy, we're gonna be seeing PLENTY of this cat in the future, as all four tracks here are nigh on flawless. Fitting the NS aesthetic perfectly, but injecting new life into the blueprint, there's an interstellar leaning combined with rock solid manifestation of the techno blueprint. In short, it's another sure-to-be-classic addition to the Natural Science label and a perfect introduction to this exciting new producer. Highly recommended!


    Matt says: I've been lucky enough to have this one on TP for a while now. Absolutely killer stuff from the firmly established Natural Sciences with a new signing, the skilled E Davd who drops an EP of hardware powered, neon radiance; somewhere between The Posse, Ron Trent and Linkwood. Absolutely essential!

    Ken Oath reaches its natural zenith on record no. four. The Australian label's been quietly carving out its own completely crucial groove (all three previous to this are commanding high prices already online) and on this new baby, by The Posse, the label should cement itself as buy-on-sight for lovers of antipodean sunshine music and collectors of rare house / boogie vibes alike. Recorded at the legendary Citisound and Rec Studios in Sydney, the tracks on "Season's Greetings" present the new sound of Australian dance music. Acid flecked, warm and biotic though machine driven and tipping its hat to the jack rhythms of Chicago and free-spirited energy of the UKs acid house scene. The title track is probably the heaviest delivery from the label to date, highlighted by the iconic drip of the TB-303, cheeky guitar licks and 808 rhythms jumping in and out while a fully horizontal, coastal aesthetic swamps the track like all the best Ozzy joints at the moment. "Biotic Moses" deploys lush instrumentation to a shuffled, Peckham-esque drum palette while more 303 bobs up and down in the sound pools, surrounded by these shimmering, radiant keyboard licks. "Icebergs & Bagels" concludes with a funky, frenetic number, still characterized by playful sounds but driven into the club with a fanfare of trumpets, darting synth stabs and glowing keyboard refrains. What a record by The Posse, can't recommend this one enough folks. We have a good chunk of copies but can't see it hanging around long - you know what to do! 
    Early support from Bradley Zero, Lipelis, CC Disco, Simon Caldwell


    Matt says: Australian camp Ken Oath drops some more incredibly crucial power for lovers of sunny, funny house music. This is my most anticipated record of the last few months... You need!

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