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Genre pick of the week Cover of Aladdin Sane - 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Silver Vinyl by David Bowie.

David Bowie

Aladdin Sane - 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Silver Vinyl

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    2017 saw gold vinyl versions of ‘Hunky Dory’ and ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,’ released 45 years to the day of the first issuing of Ziggy. To celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the ALADDIN SANE album; there will be a special limited edition silver vinyl version released.

    This strictly limited one run only silvery vinyl edition of ALADDIN SANE will contain Ken Scott’s approved 2013 remaster and will be released on 20th April, 2018, 45 years to the day since the original release date for the album. Previously thought to have been issued on 13th April, 1973, new evidence has come to light that proves the release date was officially the 20th, but being Good Friday in the UK the album was 'made available' on the 19th.

    Recorded in London in late 1972 and early 1973 in New York and Nashville while Bowie and the Spiders were on the Ziggy Stardust Tour and coming on the back of two top ten UK singles, ‘The Jean Genie’ and ‘Drive-In Saturday’. Aladdin Sane was described by David as "Ziggy goes to America".

    This will only be available to ‘bricks and mortar’ retail stores and not through on-line stores.

    Weird-wave leg-end and dance floor oddball Hugo Capablanca hits us with the middle leg (oi oi!) of his "Lap Top Less Dance" trilogy, inviting Lipelis, Alessandro Adriani and YPY for an international four way. Russia's alt-disco genius Lipelis opens proceedings with his Paper Sound Dub of "Lap Dance", turning out a tapey trance dance decorated with twinkling chimes, burnt out percussion loops and a whole load of wiggy fx abuse. If you chucked an Italian library LP, a NES cartridge and an ounce of Lemon Kush into a Soda Stream, you'd probably end up feeling like this sounds. Next up, Capablanca's "Track 2" gives Shit & Shine a run for his "Texan cough syrup sippin' money", blasting through some Southern States psychobilly with a tape delay pedal, pitch shifter and spring reverb. The result is a total mind-fuck that's currently got me and Kickin' Pidge going wild. From there we segue swiftly into the menacing, metronomic world of Mannequin boss Alessandro Adriani, who smears the loose psychedelia, warbled vocals and warped soundscaping all over his industrial techno groove. If you're into wall shaking bass, touch perx and disembodied vocals you're gonna love this shit. Osaka's YPY closes the set in suitably batshit fashion, flipping "Top Less" into a disorienting episode of grinding, panning distortion, molten synth blips and grumpy bass pulses. 


    Patrick says: I've been waiting for this for about three months and it's totally justified my excitement. Without a doubt the most fucked up record of the week, this is a bit like listening to normal music at the moment when the bathsalts begin to turn you into a zombie.


    The Minx Original Soundtrack

      The Minx, an intriguing soundtrack from the Cyrkle, is laden with their trademark three-part harmonies, intricate arrangements, and paisley-psychedelic sounds. Recorded in 1967—following the Cyrkle's pop chart success with Paul Simon's “Red Rubber Ball” and their own “Turn-Down Day”—and shelved until the film's release two years later, The Minx has eluded the grasp of even the most dedicated Cyrkle fan, until now. This legitimate, deluxe vinyl reissue (created from the master reels, with full participation of the band members) includes bonus tracks, extensive notes, and features a DVD with the original, outrageous film!

      The Great Electric

      The Great Electric

        The Great Electric, an Indie/kraut supergroup, was formed in the winter of 2012 by Malcolm Doherty (Guitars, FX), Rob Hyde (Drums), Darren Hayman (Synth), and Pete Gofton (Bass/Production), and released their debut EP on the ever exceptional Static Caravan label back in 2014. Alumni of bands as diverse as Hefner, Kenickie, GoKart Mozart & Mum and Dad, the band was united by a love of the classic German electronic and progressive acts of the 1970s coupled with the pop music sensibilities, hooks and production of 90s bands such as Stereolab, Quickspace and Electric Sound of Joy. Encarta - Updated early 90s post rock with added quiet storm sax and Material Girl Music & Colour - If latter day Brian Jonestown had a vocoder rather than a nutcase up front. Some tracks references : Night Music - Beach Boys “Love You” synths, American Analogue Set’s vibraphone. Features the voice of Sam Carelse. Mope - Riders On The Storm rudely segued by Blue Cheer. Top of The Tower - Originally called ‘Bruton Music’. A stab at library synth rock. Mount Nod - Harold Grosskopf, Camel and Steve Reich trade cigarettes. Fata Morgana - Cavern Of Anti Matter in two minutes. All These Worlds Are Yours - A final peek behind the curtain. Unlike the rest of the tracks, no editing of the final take, everything is played as is. A soundtrack to 2018 as the world falls into the sun


        Coloured LP Info: White Vinyl

        Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

        Finnish band Jesse makes unsentimental and innovative music. What you hear on “Fluids”, released as a picture disc album on Höga Nord Rekords, is the sounds of four creative brains’ journey into the music universe of the future. Their music is influenced by earth and space: Jesse’s astral and cosmic disco is prospective, totally boundless, and vibrant of life and blood. The production sounds luxurious and helps the psychedelic qualities to shine through the sound. Jesse, who with their first releases some ten years ago played fast and arrogant synth based music, now picks up influences from afro beat, funk and ambient but they’ve kept the electronic core of their sound - simple chord structures rest upon cool synthesized waves of sound, like a glider carried upwards on the thermals between the summits of the Andes. Soft, pliable and mighty! Jesse's music is dreamy but not unworldly and one thing that makes them special is their ability to place the listener on the edge of their safety zone. There, in the frontier, they explore the possibilities of cross over music. 

        “ of the best, perhaps the best, on the label...displays the typical Tumbleweed combination of a loose, stoned ‘Astral Flash’ vibe and a classy production.” - Patrick Lundborg, - Acid Archives

        Denver in 1971 was the right place, right time for musician Robb Kunkel. He’d just come off a year rambling around North America before settling in Colorado, landing a gig as a promotions rep for ABC-Dunhill. The weed was potent, magic was in the air, and Kunkel’s life was about to change forever.

        The San Fernando earthquake had spurred industry pals Bill Szymczyk and Larry Ray to join forces to form their own label—and get the hell out of California. The duo reached out to Kunkel who helped set up shop for their burgeoning Denver enterprise, Tumbleweed Records. Kunkel secured a headquarters, helped staff the label, and brought in talent, including Danny Holien, Pete McCabe, Dewey Terry. But Kunkel was itching to make a record of his own. Perhaps to repay him, Tumbleweed agreed.

        A longtime piano man and blues aficionado, Kunkel had the soul of a poet and the restless spirit of the jazz musicians he also worshipped. For his album, Kunkel wanted a jazz producer, and Szymczyk hired Ed Michel, then the head of Impulse Records, who brought on a string quartet and jazz legend Ray Brown and Wrecking Crew musician Jimmy Bond.

        Ostensibly a pop album at heart, _Abyss_ brings all of Kunkel’s influences together and vacillates wildly in style. From folky ditties to pensive wailers, Kunkel’s songs are often piano-driven but rarely straightforward. Tracks regularly veer off into jazz or baroque string arrangements, but there’s a raw quality—in the production and in Kunkel’s literary and at times earnest lyrics. It’s the album of a young and uninhibited musician who has realized a lifelong dream and who takes it seriously, but not too seriously. 


        Ltd LP Info: Limited edition pressing of 600 with hand numbering. Includes gatefold jacket and 8 page book with unseen photos and liner notes by Sarah Sweeney.

        Bryan MacLean


          Ethereal and exquisite songwriting from one of the forces behind the legendary band Love! Across fourteen tracks, former Love guitarist, singer, and songwriter Bryan MacLean is undeniably mesmerizing, his soaring falsetto and euphoric guitar weaving through performances that showcase his distinctive talent. Long out of print, and a must-have for fans of the legendary L.A. band, Sundazed proudly presents this essential collection on white vinyl, featuring extensive liners from David Fricke and the late MacLean himself.

          “Ifyoubelievein is, in a sense, the Love record that never was: solo demos and home recordings of fourteen original MacLean songs, all written in the earliest and most vital years of Love and all but three virtually unheard in any form since MacLean wrote them over 30 years ago. It took a lot of time for the music on ifyoubelievein to end up where it always belonged–on record, as Bryan MacLean originally wrote and envisioned it. And it has been worth the wait. Listen and be forever changed.” - David Fricke.


          Coloured LP Info: Limited white vinyl edition.

          Mark Peters


            ‘Innerland’ is the first ever solo album by Engineers co-founder/songwriter and Ulrich Schnauss collaborator Mark Peters. It was originally released as a low-key limited-edition cassette late last year, but it sold out immediately through word of mouth and the backing of BBC Radio 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne and Gideon Coe, Uncut magazine and Caught By The River, whose Robin Turner said it was “impossibly beautiful, evoking a bird’s-eye view of its own landscape, one untarnished by the blots and the palettes and the Tescos of the real world”. It has now been relandscaped into a larger-scale, eight-track album and will get a full release on vinyl, CD and digital on April 20. A collection of instrumentals, with nods to Brian Eno, Talk Talk, Richard Thompson, Vini Reilly and Felt’s Maurice Deebank, ‘Innerland’ highlights Mark’s incredible musicianship, positioning his guitar rather than his voice as the focal point of the music. It also finds him reconnecting with his youth and rediscovering a sense of place, following a move back home to northwest England in late 2016, with all the songs named after local places and landmarks. 


            Coloured LP Info: Blue vinyl version.

            A wonderful companion piece to the totemic Fed, we proudly announce the first ever vinyl edition of Korp Sole Roller by Plush. Liam Hayes' magical fourth full-length LP was previously only available on a rare Japanese import CD. Produced and arranged in 2010 by Pat Sansone (Wilco / The Autumn Defense), it finally arrives in a limited edition of 500 copies.

            The common impression of Plush is that of an underground rock myth, lent greater poignancy by the lofty vision that galvanised his music. Yet while he has long been a cult concern, clued-up celebrity fans periodically declare their profound love for Hayes' maverick genius. Indeed, after Jason Schwartzman introduced Plush to Roman Coppola, several stunning songs from Korp Sole Roller soundtracked Coppola's A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III.

            As ever with Plush, it's easy to imagine you are listening to a privately pressed rarity from the mid-late 1970s. Or one of the criminally neglected jewels from the discography of Jimmy Webb or Burt Bacharach. The sound on Korp Sole Roller does differ crucially from Fed, however. It is more streamlined. These 10 gorgeously seductive creations careen around ornate string and wind instrument arrangements and producer Sansone's deft work is likely the reason for this. Yet, brilliantly, it still possesses that sun-warped take on classic pop-rock, that Plush specialises in. That peculiar "down-lifting" phenomenon of performing upbeat songs in an enigmatically mournful way.

            Upon completion, Korp Sole Roller barely received anything resembling a release. Press coverage was zero because none of the major magazines or blogs knew of its existence. His management at the time essentially buried the album in order to concentrate on other releases. Looking back on this decision, it really made little sense. Everyone involved in its creation of these near-perfect gems is extremely proud of it. Liam himself has described it as the favourite of his albums. Pat's delicate work is astounding. Remastered especially for this special limited edition, it is presented in a sumptuous gatefold jacket with high-end art photography throughout, including full colour inner sleeves. Finally, here's your chance to own a slice of kaleidoscopic pop history.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            David says: It's very rare these days that a record's reissued that no one here at Piccadilly HQ doesn't have at least some glimmer of knowledge stored away in a dusty part of their brain. This Plush album however, is just that, a genuine bolt of lightning that's electrified all of us with it's lush, Peak Bowie orchestration and kaleidoscopic embrace of pop history. Brilliant.

            The Sound Wizard behind the name The Small Crowd is Martin H. He's been remixing, producing, arranging for other artists in Sweden for some time now - This is his solo project where he blends his heavenly, mostly instrumental mix of dancey electronical music with a classical string quartet (Rosa Kvartetten).
            Adventurous and beautiful. His influences are all over the map, but early listeners have tried to compare The Small Crowd to artists like: Nicolas Jaar, Jon Hopkins,Kornel Kovacz, Vitalic, James Holden and The Avalanches".. Album artwork by US artist Noah Lyon.

            Ugly Things

            #47 Spring 2018

              In this issue (and on the cover), a tribute to the recently departed FRED COLE and a feature story on his ‘60s era bands THE WEEDS and THE LOLLIPOP SHOPPE, including rare and unseen photos. Also, pre-teen garage combo THE LITTLE BITS, British R&B punks THE BETTERDAYS, Swedish beat rockers THE SHAMROCKS, THE BOUGALIEU (“Let’s Do Wrong”), madcap Dischord punks THE SNAKES, shady producer CHARLIE DREYER (Flat Earth Society, Shaggs, Hamlet), OMEGA RED STAR from Hungary, TERMINAL MIND, and interviews with surf vocal maestro CHUCK GIRARD, psychedelic songwriter WOLFGANG DIOS (“Black Roses”), STIV BATORS’ drummer David Quinton, NICO collaborator LUTZ ULBRICH (Agitation Free), and PAT PRIEST (Marilyn on THE MUNSTERS TV show). Not forgetting our regular PRETTY THINGS and FLAMIN’ GROOVIES columns, and of course our info-packed reissue and book review sections.

              Various Artists

              Dusty Ballroom Vol 1

                Aloha dear Aficionado - welcome to DUSTY BALLROOM!

                Blending styles ranging from 1920s Charleston, 30s Swing & Jazz thru 40s Jump Blues, 50s Rockabilly, Mambo, Cha Cha, Cumbia or Calypso to 60s Surf, Big Beat, Ska, Rocksteady, Soul, Mod, Garage, Psychedelia, early 70s Funk, Afrobeat, Boogaloo, Bollywood and the whole world of mystic Exotica .

                Enjoy this wild aural selection of many different styles that should work perfectly for both - your booty shaking needs as well as your listening pleasures!

                Feat cuts from the likes of Bill Black’s Combo, The Isley Brothers, The Shirelles, Ruth Brown, Robert Parker, Barbara George and a whole heap more.

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