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Genre pick of the week Cover of Chicago Boogie Vol.3: Set It Out by Various Artists.
Incredible new release from Star Creature who continue their to-die-for "Chicago Boogie" series. This one features some of the most sought after, rarest and frankly, most expensive gems from the late 70s and early 80s period and should have boogie aficionados salivating with anticipation...

Beginning with Conway Brothers' "Set It Out", a beefy and manly number from 1982 featuring tough synth bass, parping horns and masculine vocal part. Star Creature deploy the highly coveted 7" version here which many agree is much stronger than the LP version and often fetches over £400 second hand.

Nimbiss' "Paradise" is painfully obscure record released on Shy-Backe; one of only two 12"s from this illusive group. With a gorgeous b-line, orchestral arrangement and positive vibe it's got a strong Loft flavour. It's another highly collected 12" - going for up to £500 -which Star Creature have gifted to us at a fraction of the price!

General Lee's "Pleasure" is another highly coveted number; with Sadar Bahar famously playing two copies B2B, extending out that infectious intro. Released on Lost Weekend in 1979 it shows the Indiana-based Robert Lee in devastating futuristic effect - a metallic and space-age soul record that'll survive nuclear fallout it's that good. Originals often go for near to £1k!

Finally the criminally hard-to-acquire "Chi-C-A-G-O" by Light Touch Band. Such an inferno party track; it's geocentric lyrics make this preciously collected by Chicagoans and therefore not many outside the locale have experienced its pure and infectious spirit. Absolutely massive tune that, one again, you'd be looking at the best part of five ton to purchase an original copy!

A truly staggering compilation from Star Creature which boogie and disco aficionados can't afford to be without! Buy on sight!


Matt says: It's another highly valued treasure trunk of rare-ass boogie here from the Star Creature mob. About two grands worth I make it. And pressed to perfection. Don't leave it for the discogs sharks!


A1. Conway Brothers - Set It Out (The Version From The 7", This Mix Is Not Available On Any Of The LPs)
A2. Nimbiss - Paradise
B1. Generel Lee - Pleasure (Extended Mix)
B2. Light Touch Band - Chi - C - A - G - O

Black Bones

Nairobi Night Train / FAD

Shamanically leaning late night tribalism here from Black Bones with a unique take on afro, techno and post punk which puts the production duo firmly in the covenstead of Hoga Nord. This is their first 7" on the label but with the diecast sonic voodoo they're demonstrating here, I doubt it'll be there last display!

Black Bones use familiar components in surprising ways: electronics and loops swirl over sequenced pounding backbeats, but when the aggressive stereo bass kicks in on “Nairobi Night Train”, Kenya’s border stretches all the way up to the British Isles and a huge savannah opens its horizons just south of Belfast.

This is an alluring mix of European and African music tradition - harness by electronic wizardy and wrapped in a magic that'll tempt everyone into the dance! 


Matt says: Höga Nord Rekords continue to provide the aural spells for the witch's coven. Broomsticking into datura realms of sound and space. Only for the spiritually strong!


A. Nairobi Night Train
B. F.A.D

Make A Dance change things up for their third release, ushing in rising Yorkshire post-punk outfit Deadletter to collaborate.

"Line The Cows" is a kinda wobbly, post-punk reggae-disco jam. Like Yard Act meets ESG and Jah Wobble with lyrical direction from John Cooper Clarke. A skeletal drum machine groove supporting winding bass and Zac's deadpan, well pronounced vox cutting through like a knife and providing some clever and insightful phrases. The second track is a recording of the band doing a full live take in London’s Pony Studios showcasing just how tight this 6 piece band are.

On the flip Make A Dance get to work with the remix package with broken beats and arpeggiated baselines, turning the track into a dark twisted monster fit for a 4am bass bin workout.


Matt says: Make A Dance present rising Yorkshire firm Deadletter. The OG should appeal to fans of Yard Act and ESG whilst MAD are on hand with two wobbly, electrified disco-not-disco jams. Killer!


A1. Line The Cows
A2. Line The Cows (Live At Pony Studios)
B1: Line The Cows (Make A Dance Remix)
B2: Line The Cows (Make A Dance Dub)

E. Live

Boogie For Life

    Star Creature Legend E. Live going hard with his first solo full length. The king of the futuristic modern boogie sound delivering 6 cuts that dive deep into a funky transgenre orbital amalgamation of space funk, boogie, jazz-funk, chill wave, deep house & Brazilian booty shakers... E. Live managed to fit it all cohesively into one highly anticipated EP featuring the classic E. Live tropical shimmer - perfect for cruisin' around L.A in a soft top at 4:20PM.

    Repressed for 2022 - highly recommended! 


    A1. Boogie For Life
    A2. Sunny Side Up
    A3. Shimmering Waters
    B1. Rollin' Steady
    B2. Case Of The Shakes
    B3. Brazao


    Expansions / Everybody Loves The Sunshine

    Super limited, blink-and-you'll-miss-it Star Creature 7" from no other than David Zylberman - one of Egyptian Lovers' coveted synth men. He flips a pair of classic jazz-funk numbers, adding layers of syrupy synths to the Lonnie Smith's "Expansions" whilst adding some body-poppin', broken-beat flex to the Roy Ayers classic, "Everybody Loves The Sunshine".

    Caned by taste making DJs who received upfront copies last November, this has to be one of the most anticipated Star Creature 7"s we've had for a while. Don't sleep! 


    Matt says: Probably the most sought after and highly anticipated Star Creature 7" of the year. Upfront copies sold out in seconds, prompting an online furore and, thankfully, more copies being pressed by the label. But you'll have to be quick!


    Side 1
    1. Expansions (4:33)
    Side 2
    1. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (4:30)

    Peggy Gou

    Moment EP

    International house sensation Peggy Gou launches her own Gudu Records with the "Moment" EP, a killer double header of dance floor majesty, informed by 30 years of club music and transformed into something all of her own.
    The A-side kicks off with "Starry Night" (surely the only Radio 1 daytime play in history with a Korean vocal?) a beautiful fusion of emotional SAE melodies and proto house elements. The pinging bassline and punchy piano could come straight from a Prelude classic, while the sweet synth strings are totally AZN, providing an infectious and energetic backdrop for Peggy's fierce vocal. Top. On the flip "Han Pan" hits us with glassy / metallic synth melodies, a stepping rhythm and hints of island life in the lead line, once again topped by a choice vocal from Peggy. Timeless, anthemic and totally irresistible, this is another essential release from the latest house superstar.


    Patrick says: How does she do it? Peggy Gou distils Prelude boogie, proto house and bubblegum style groove into a glorious two track 12" on her new Gudu Records. Featuring her bilingual vocals once again, along with a perfect combination of bump and melody. A true summer anthem!


    A. Starry Night
    B. Han Pan

    The 4-track "Lex On The Beach" is a balearic funk-soul EP by the Estonian group. In favor of a fresh flavor, we see Lexsoul drop the Dancemachine for a moment. To come up with these soulful, jazzy and R&B jams, the 6-piece channeled yacht rock and silky Miami Vice scenery. Pirouetting away from making people dance, Lexsoul manifests visions of summer. As your close personal advisors, we suggest you use this music in your slow living, dog days' playlist.

    "Lex On The Beach" doesn't only treat the listener with the sweet and smooth aural experience produced by Solid Gold Sound. It also appeals to the visual senses courtesy of digital painter Estookin. We saw her aesthetics on the band's previous "Lexplosion II" LP. She returns with artworks that accompany the EP released digitally and on vinyl.


    Matt says: Heavy hammock funk, tailor made to make your cocktail taste better and the sun to feel even nicer on your flesh. A truly Pikes-flavoured offering from this Balearic wonderkid.


    1. Pigeon Pit
    2. Lazy Breeze
    3. Relax Your Mind (feat. Jim Hart)
    4. Sweet Life

    Jamal Moss keeps up the momentum on his resurrected Members Only series, bringing forth two more volumes this week. Volume 3 kicks us off with a frenzied percussive disco jam, "Sweet Back - those wild congas, cowbells and clavs combining into a frothing, dizzying mess that'll cause dancer's feet to spark ignition against the wooden dancefloor - forest fire alert!

    "Journey Into Ur Feelings" is equally rampant, pots and pans drums flailing out of control against female whoops and intermissive bass trills before Jamal lets all the tape heads loose against one of those gigantium Philly disco joints he keeps to himself that's like a pressure cooker about to pop! Dynamic disco explosion here folks - stand well back unless you want to be smothered in disco ball destruction!

    "Restart The Flame" takes a tempting disco drum loop that's just outta my current radar range and atomizes it against the chorus of Dan Hartman's "Relight My Fire" - resulting in a discombobulating push-push whirlpool that gathers a concentric building energy ready for skilled DJs to utilize like radioactive isotopes in the nightclub reactor.

    A truly combustible 12" from the master editor and Ron Hardy advocate - highly recommended! 


    Matt says: Two more from the hallowed Members Only vaults. Exclusive edits for the more risk-taking audio collagers that pursue that authentic Muzic Box flavour.


    A1. Sweet Back & Pound Cake
    A2. Journey Into Ur Feelings
    B1. Restart The Flame
    B2. Binary Disfunction

    Members Only

    The Worst Edits Vol 4

    Jamal Moss continues the much welcomed return to his Members Only series. After gifting us "The Worst Edits 1 & 2" a couple of weeks ago we get another pair this week, 3 & 4 (logically).

    As usually it's high grade, VHS frazzled, sherm-disco; taking source material from the vast annals of disco history and recklessly blending them with Ron Hardy-esque editing techniques, spoken word mash-ups and lysergic percussion workouts. This, volume 4 is a special one: A1's precursor escapes me, but the alchemical explosion of hi-nrg electro-disco thrust is a spectacular and quintessentially Members Only end product that'll heat up any dancefloor. A2 snips up some John Cooper Clark dialogue (Jamal LOVES Manchester by the way! - Ed) over an experimental industrial noise jam; drawing attention to 'housing prima-donnas found within us'. This'll twist melons deep into the late night sessions!

    Only side B and we get another strew out, highly narcotic blend of disco, tribal drums and Muzic Box energy; a totally indecipherable, FGTH-styled propulsion of almost orgasmic electricity; strap in tight! Finally, The Dell's "No Way Back", already the subject for both DJ Harvey and Theo Parrish edits, gets thoroughly PCP'd through Jamal's space-age hardware arrays, tearing it across dimensions and firing it down our ear's with maximum proton-thrust.

    For edits that are totally off-grid and spontaneously gratifying, the Members Only series is one of the best there is. Stunning stuff from the Chicago legend. 


    Matt says: Two more from the hallowed Members Only vaults. Exclusive edits for the more risk-taking audio collagers that pursue that authentic Muzic Box flavour.



    The gift that keeps on giving, Purple Disco Machines' 'Exotica (Deluxe Album)' is being treated to some epic remixes of your favourite songs now available on vinyl.

    Highlighted here, a remix of 'Dopamine' by current heavy hitter John Summit and a Club Dub mix of 'I Remember'.


    A1. Dopamine (Feat. Eyelar) - John Summit Remix
    B1. I Remember - Club Dub Mix

    Bienvenue Recordings presents the first recordings of Secret Witness. Created in winter 2020, the band brings together producers Gabriel Rei and Gene Tellem, singer/songwriter Laroie and drummer Pascal Deaudelin. ‘Volume I’ is presented as the fruit of this reunion, an ideal pairing for seekers of dancefloor influenced reflection. Night tunes to best capture the driving and soulful essence of deep house, with lyrical play to help you imagine. Recorded between Saint-Sauveur and Montreal, this six track mini-album reaches for sophistication, playfulness and romance... we can all agree that it is a useful triptych to base a theme...


    Matt says: High fidelity, DSP production, sun blushed aesthetic, deep soulful vocals and a house music mindset make this the surprise late summer winner. RIYL: Andras Fox, Lou Hayter, Ruf Dug, Ron Trent & Larry Heard.


    A1. Endless Nights
    A2. Secret Witness
    A3. Refuge
    B1. Influence
    B2. My Love Is Dark (Everlasting Fight)
    B3. More For Us

    It's been almost 3 years since the first volume of Dancefloor Detonators enhanced our nocturnal revelries, so it's a welcome treat to see a second volume has now made an appearance.

    As with the first release, Volume 2 follows a similar principle, namely to put on vinyl some of the most popular tracks from the label's digital catalogue alongside some exclusive new cuts, appearing here for the first time to keep things 100% fresh. The resultant 5-tracker is nothing short of sublime.

    Label regulars Secret Circuit, Sordid Sound System and Bal5000 appear alongside Optimo Music regular Feon and newcomer Wanda Krak.

    Molusc-dance, drug-chug, shamanic house tribalism, whatever you wanna call it - Invisible Inc. provide the freaky shit for ur dance! 


    Matt says: Molusc dance originators Invisible, Inc. return with some new signings for a incapsulating lesson in drug-chug. With mushroom season just round the corner it's good to stock up on some psilocybin friendly sonics...


    A1. Secret Circuit - Orchid Chips
    A2. Bal5000 - Neutra
    A3. Wanda Krak - Spectral Beasts
    AA1. Feon - Round Earther
    AA2. Sordid Sound System - Vuelta 

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