A-Sun Amissa

Ceremony In The Stillness

    For its fourth full-length, A-Sun Amissa plunges deeper than before. Guitars come to the fore. Heavy, distorted chords are present from the off, complemented by desolate ambient passages of sound. The claustrophobic atmospheres remain but combine with a new density and sonic experimentation to present a huge leap forward in structure and composition.

    Ceremony in the Stillness hints at themes from the previous three outings while very much pushing the project into new territories. The intricate nuances and lulling melodies from Desperate in Her Heavy Sleep (2012) reappear while the billowing guitars of You Stood Up For Victory, We Stood up For Less (2013) are referenced throughout. In comparison to 2017’s The Gatherer it’s clear there is a firmer direction in the song-writing as the album weaves through elements of doom, dark ambient and post-rock, placing its very own unique mark firmly into the ears of the listener.

    A-Sun Amissa is the project of Richard Knox (founder of Gizeh Records and member of The Rustle of the Stars, Shield Patterns and Glissando) and while Knox takes the central role on Ceremony in the Stillness , again we see several collaborators contributing to the record.

    As album opener The Black Path unfurls, the cello of Jo Quail creeps through the thick wall of guitar to offer a moment of calm before the song comes to life with the introduction of drums (from Archelon’s TJ Fairfax) for the first time on a A-Sun Amissa record. Alongside a dense and hypnotically repetitive riff, it’s A-Sun Amissa’s heaviest moment to date as the song collapses under its own weight to leave a crumbling and uneasy passage of cello and guitar drone. Intertwining guitars take centre stage on the melancholic With Wearied Eyes as the atmosphere harks back to the debut album, before the hefty guitar riffs return on To the Ashes . The Skulk eminisces on The Gatherer as David McLean’s saxophone unravels around the ondes Martenot of Christine Ott amongst a shifting tide of oscillators and drones. The record then takes a turn as No Perception of Light ’s soporific opening gives way to a mesmerising beat and bassline, developing into a wall of crunching guitars and electronics. The closer, Remembrancer , features chiming guitars, conversing over bowed strings, the melancholy returning again as an enveloping, haunting orchestral outro brings the record to a conclusion.

    Whether Ceremony in the Stillness represents a permanent shift in direction for A-Sun Amissa remains to be seen. What’s clear is that Knox is comfortable being on the outside looking in, and on expanding A-Sun Amissa’s palette of sounds even further it only adds to the intrigue of what comes next.


    Ltd LP Info: All LP sleeves are individually silkscreen-printed, packed and numbered by hand at SmilingPaperGhosts.

    What's left to be said about Richard James? One of the most spectacular and critically lauded producers in the world, a divisive musician and Delphic artist, nearing his thirtieth year in 'the biz' and his sound continues to innovate, experiment and enthrall. The David Bowie of electronic music - for some there is simply no parallel and every last artifact is to be feverishly collected and treasured.

    A new EP that somehow extended and builds on his idiosyncratic and highly flamboyant style, the first duo of tracks, "T69 Collapse" and "1st 44" are at once playful and majestic. The first exploring the typically smiley-Cornish-acid-tekno genre with aplomb while the second implores deep subs and his galloping drum sequences to create a wobbly and cerebral track that plunges effortlessly into modern 'half-time' business, merging the best bits of techno, glitch, footwork and IDM in a truly Aphex flavoured broth.

    Flip the disc and "MT1 T29r2" explores the darker and deranged sides of his persona - utilizing the Kork's MS-20 filter to maximum devastation while more peppery, skitting drum flurries explode out of the recesses of the mix. Finally, "Abundance10edit[2 R8's, FZ20m & A 909]" (phew!) sees James showing off with his world beating drum programming. Can anyone sequence beats better than AFX? No way hosay - as this final tracks sends us tumbling, flailing and spiraling into the speaker stacks like no-one else can. Still the king of electronic music? Youbetcha! Another essential addition from this acid overlord. 


    Matt says: Every time there's a new Aphex release I'm convinced I've grown out of him and won't like it. Time and time again I've proved wrong as this producer par excellence continues to be ten steps ahead of the pack.


    Ltd 12" Info: 12” in paper inner in Procédé Heliophore silver foil sleeve. First pressing only. DL card insert (includes bonus track pthex)

    12" Info: 12” in printed inner in printed outer sleeve. DL card insert (includes bonus track pthex).

    CD Info: CD in 4 panel wallet.

    Sven is perhaps the most original funk artist going right now. His atmospheric grooves take you to far away places. His bass playing and compositions are unmatched in the modern funk genre.

    "Man Oh Man, I’ve been waiting for this for sometime. Right in time for summer! Sven is perhaps the most original funk artist going right now. His atmospheric grooves take you to far away places. His bass playing and compositions are unmatched in the modern funk genre. Gonna crank this one all weekend and for many weekends to come. Thanks Sven." -Moonmadness

    Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

    The Serpent's Mouth

    Following up on the massive worldwide success of their debut album "55", Bacao Rhythm & Steel band is back with another heavy duty offering. Picking up where they left off and incorporating a ton of new recording techniques they take a huge step forward with "The Serpent’s Mouth". Named after the eight-mile strait between the island of Trinidad and the coast of Venezuela, "The Serpent’s Mouth" is a journey through both originals and covers, combining classic elements that wide-eared music fans already know, and mashing them up in new and unique ways. Take “1 Thing” – on it, the group attacks the galloping, chopped Amerie smash hit, with singing pans that follow the R & B vocal.

    The sound is crisp and up-front, arguably more muscular than the 2005 original. On “Great To Be Here,” they take on the Jackson 5 B-Boy favorite (which stretches back to the Zulu Nation / Bronx block party days) – uncoincidentally, the original version featured a guitar lick that emulated a steel pan run. Here, it gets an even more pulsating groove, adding open-drums breaks throughout, to get DJs salivating. The group veers through more inventively-constructed covers as the album’s sequence continues, including Gang Starr’s “All For The Cash”; Mary J. Blige’s “I Love You”; and the recently unleashed first single, “XXplosive” and “Burn,” paying tribute to both Dr. Dre and Mobb Deep for a bi-coastal funk party. And, as band leader Bjorn Wagner states, 'My favorite cover on the album is probably "Crockett Theme", which is the theme to ‘Miami Vice.’ I always loved the melody, and the cosmic vibe of the song, and I was honestly surprised that it worked without synthesizers.”

    This time around the group’s originals are even stronger, as evidenced by cuts like the flute-fueled break-fest of “Hoola Hoop”; the slow and spacey “Touchdown”; and the album’s title track, the future-epic-adventure-movie-soundtrack cut “The Serpent’s Mouth.” Wagner explains, 'I wrote the song with Bernhard Hummer as an instrumental fantasy story – think of pirates, smugglers and a dangerously beautiful sea passage towards the island. It became an allegory for our mind travels into the world of the steel pan.' "The Serpent’s Mouth" is sure to please past fans and newly-minted ones alike. It seems like a new era for Steel Drum music is upon us, and Bacao is firmly leading the way into the hearts of music fans around the world.

    Global poster boy for this thing we call 'COSMIC', Daniele Baldelli's ambitious career continues to produce a rich spread of musical fruits. His "Cosmic Temple" series, comprised of six chapters, saw the Italian stallion drop about twenty new tracks last year - all to great reception and becoming sought after artefacts from the producer / DJ's vast archive. 

    He now returns to Mondo Groove with a hand picked roster of remixers, inviting a who's who of modern dance, disco & cosmic music a chance to get down and dirty with the plethora of source material. 

    Just look at that track list! - from established L-E-Gs such as Eric Duncan, to the newly hyed DJ Tennis and including fellow countryman Marco Diongi and DJ Ralf - there's so much to love! 

    Limited copies - move quick! 

    The Beta Band

    The Best Of The Beta Band

      2CD edition in 3-panel digipack with a 16-page poster booklet.

      Arguably one of the most acclaimed and loved bands of the past 20 years, by both fans and their musical peers alike, The Beta Band formed in St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1996.

      Innovative and singular, their unique musical and aesthetic approach to everything they did set them far apart from their musical contemporaries. Together for a relatively short period of time, the three albums and three EPs they released between 1996 and 2004 would nonetheless help define them as one of the most exciting and cherished bands of their generation.

      After acquiring the Beta Band’s catalogue last year, Because Music will reissue their releases, starting on September 14th with a double CD Best-Of compiling all their best hits and a live show recorded at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire (London) in 2004.

      Because Music will also celebrate at the same time the 20th anniversary of their 1998 compilation ‘The Three EPs’ by releasing a deluxe vinyl edition gathering in a slipcase the EPs ‘Champion Versions’, ‘The Patty Patty Sound’ and ‘Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos’ with remastered tracks and coloured vinyls. 

      The Beta Band

      The Three EPs - 20th Anniversary Remaster (Deluxe Edition)

        Arguably one of the most acclaimed and loved bands of the past 20 years, by both fans and their musical peers alike, The Beta Band formed in St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1996. Innovative and singular, their unique musical and aesthetic approach to everything they did set them far apart from their musical contemporaries. Together for a relatively short period of time, the three albums and three EPs they released between 1996 and 2004 would nonetheless help define them as one of the most exciting and cherished bands of their generation.

        After acquiring the Beta Band’s catalogue last year, Because Music will reissue their releases, starting on September 14th with a deluxe vinyl edition gathering in a slipcase the EPs ‘Champion Versions’, ‘The Patty Patty Sound’ and ‘Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos’ with remastered tracks and coloured vinyls, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1998 compilation. Because Music will release at the same time a double CD Best-Of compiling all their best hits and a live show recorded at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire (London) in 2004. 


        Ltd Box Set Info: 4x12” EP + CD.
        NUMBERED SLIPCASE featuring ‘Champion Versions’ EP (red vinyl 12” in single sleeve), ‘The Patty Patty Sound’ EP (double yellow 12” vinyl ) and ‘Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos’ EP (blue 12” vinyl in single sleeve).
        CD included in clear plastic sleeve with flap (includes all tracks)

        Dennis Brown

        King Jammy Presents: Dennis Brown Tracks Of Life

        Now ain't this summat spesh.... A re-vamped selection of Dennis Brown songs recorded and produced at Jammy's and now remixed and remastered with a selection of new vocalists, deejays and toasters adding ad-libed lines and improvisations to the original compositions!

        The A-list selection of vocalists includes Protoje, Dre Island, Alborosie, Romain Virgo, Agent Sasco and more (no Chronix though?! - ed). Some of Dennis Brown’s finest performances for King Jammys, remixed and refreshed with 21st century flavor, the album also includes a newly remastered solo feature for Dennis Brown, “You Satisfy My Soul” (a King Jammy personal favorite). The vinyl LP includes the special bonus addition of the Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley feature "Can’t Keep (A Good Man Down)" backed with "Can’t Keep Version".

        King Jammy is one of reggae’s most prolific and innovative producers, with "Tracks Of Life" he shows himself strong once again. Part tribute and part greatest hits, this album will win new listeners and inspire fans to dig into the original songs. The album is a blend of raw and vibrant vocal performances revisiting vintage Dennis Brown from the King Jammy catalogue.


        Matt says: One of my favourite reggae producers of the 80's, maybe ever, shines a light on the incredible vocal talent currently spearheading Jamaica's roots n culture renaissance.

        A surefire Afro-Funk classic, long treasured by collectors across the globe, the fantastic self-titled LP from Ghanaian singing/percussion sensation Sidiku Buari nevertheless remains a criminally hard-to find gem. We're honoured to present the first ever officially licensed vinyl reissue of this undoubted masterpiece. Limited to just 500 copies.

        Originally released on RCA in 1975, this is, quite simply, a ridiculous record. This super-rare album boasts an all-star cast of top funk instrumentalists playing alongside Buari as he blends heavy African rhythms with American soul-funk grooves. The arrangements and the playing are incredibly tight and the album is stacked with killer tracks including "Advice From Father" (sampled brilliantly by Kenny Dope) and "Ku Ka Maria", with its intense, neck-snapping breaks and funky drumming from legend Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie. Purdie is in the pocket for the entirety of this stunning LP - the drumming is just straight out of hand; so varied yet so precise.

        It's not hard to fathom why these tracks have always been huge on the b-boy/breaking scene. Other standouts include the wonderful disco-tinged afro monsters "Karam Bani" and "Iro Le Pa" plus the cool laidback groove of "Them Yebtheyet".

        With access to the original analogue tape transfers, Simon Francis' stellar mastering elevates the sound throughout and, as ever, it has been pressed at a reassuringly weighty 180g.


        David says: Beautifully repackaged and remastered. Buari is a genuine, bonafide Afro disco classic that NO home should be without, unmissable.

        Capital Punishment


          If I were to tell you that a band of NYC teenagers who met in 1979 decided to form a band influenced by Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Eno, Chrome and released a privately pressed record, it would be enough to pique your interest. When you find out the band consisted of a future Supreme Court Justice for Arizona, a Professor of Slavic Studies, a Musician/Documentarian whose family built the Brooklyn Bridge, and an A-list world-famous actor the story goes from being about another rare, privately pressed recording that’s been re-discovered, into something that’s pretty incredible.

          Captured Tracks is thrilled to announce the reissue of Capital Punishment’s 1982 sole LP Roadkill. For a band of high school weirdos who actually got their shit together enough to make a completely uncommercial album with no means to sell it shows a lot of determination, persistence and perhaps insanity. But it’s always those kinds of weirdos who go on to do great things – just ask Judge Peter Swann, Professor Peter Zusi, Kriss Roebling and Ben Stiller


          Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

          After introducing us to a wealth of lost archival material from Greek's electronic underground, the mighty Into the Light launches a parallel series focussed on limted releases of contemporary material from both Greek and international artists. First stop is the album "Postclub Prism" by German producer Cass. who explores emotive ambience with ten gorgeous pieces about light and romance.
          Since 2012, Niklas Rehme-Schlüter aka Cass. has released albums of varying styles, from the rather organic and loop based ambient pieces on 'Loops & Farewell Sketches’ and the 'Red Atlantic' EP on Throne of Blood in 2017, influenced by 80’s pop sonics, to the more Balearic and percussive recordings on 'The Sound of Glades' together with Wolf Müller in 2016. On his new record 'Postclub Prism’ Cass. captures the exhausted euphoria of a Sunday sunrise, the previous night's narcotics still working through your bloodstream as you melt into the nearest cushioned surface. Delicate melodies shimmer through fuzzy drones, comforting any ringing ears and catching your over-active senses in ASMR tingle. Hazy and heartfelt, this ambient love letter deserves a place in your life.


          Patrick says: Branching out from their faultless series of archival reissues of Greek electronics, Into The Light launches an offshoot for contemporary material from Greek and beyond. This inaugural release comes from German producer Cass., who creates a breathtaking set of emotive ambient. It's morning music for the night people...

          The latest postcard from The Chills’ epic journey is an album about “consolidation, re-grouping, acceptance and mortality,” claims the chief Chill. “Hopefully a kind of Carole King ‘Tapestry’ for ageing punks.”

          Wow! Are rock bands allowed to grow old gracefully and assess the world’s and their shortcomings in the process? Is it possible to swerve the obvious and make something that’s bittersweet in tone but harmonious on the ear? Of course it is.

          On ‘Snow Bound’ lost heroes are lamented, relationships are re-evaluated, atonement is sought, mortality is mulled over and fake news is undercut. It’s serious stuff, the thoughts of a dysfunctional 50-something wrestling with maturity and discovering that their post-punk DIY beliefs still have a real voice that resonates between the fans of their early years and which can now pass down to the next generation.

          Casting our minds back, we can recall that The Guardian mused, “They sound almost like the musical embodiment of autumn,” when confronted with ‘Silver Bullets’. Three years on, ‘Snow Bound’ nestles heartily in its own winter of discontent. And all this with a humalong melodic verve, Phillipps’ gift for the tempered dalliance of verse and chorus and those gorgeous euphoric organ fills. Let the soul-searching commence…


          Barry says: There's a certain sound that comes with a band that have been working together for a long time, and The Chills definitely have it. Not afraid to hark back to the heyday of indie, but with a sophistication that only experience can bring, The Chills have crafted an absorbing and alluring collection of melodic stormers.


          Coloured LP Info: Clear with white Splatter Vinyl is for Indie stores only.

          Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

          Fresh from starting his own label Insult To Injury, Timothy Clerkin returns to taste making label and blog Ransom Note with the "Knife Edge Heart" EP. Three tracks of stirring, emotional techno for dark basements and warm hearts.

          The MVP here is "Knife Edge Heart", an unabashed pop song whose shimmering exterior is cut through with flashes of steely darkness. Frequent collaborator Natalie Reiss’ glacial voice is held at the perfect level of remove, while Timothy allows his love of shoegaze to blossom with a guitar line that seems to extend like a ladder to the stars.

          "With You" bridges Timothy’s opposing impulses, balancing sparkling synths and a celestial vocal sample with churning low-end, while "Divisive" is paranoid warehouse techno at its very best. With his debut solo album out soon on Phantasy, Gabe Gurnsey of Factory Floor stops by for a lurching, seasick remix of "Knife Edge Heart" that sounds like the onset of the robot apocalypse we’ve all been promised for so long.

          After cutting his teeth as one half of Eskimo Twins, Timothy launched his solo career in 2014 under the now-retired Heretic moniker. He’s since released on labels including Throne of Blood, Hard Fist and Days of Being Wild. Timothy’s last release on R$N was the 'Serenade' EP, which brought us plenty of special moments last year - most memorably Andrew Weatherall closing out his Houghton quarry set with "Execute". 


          Matt says: Cutting edge and tastemaking blog / label / party Random Note continue to pervey they're own blend of electronic party tracks and enlist Tim Clerkin in for record no. 2 on the label.


          Edits EP 2

          For the 5th in the Ele Records catalogue esteemed producer Cottam brings two killer edits to the table. The A side sees a joyous disco rework, extending and expanding elements to really hone in on that exuberant bassline and string section.

          Flip it over and 'Jigsaw' delivers a dusty mixture of afro rhythms and stirring spoken words to entrance any audience it is played for. 

          Cottam has been doing edits for a while now. Slowly but surely he is earning his place among the best editors out there. He digs deep to unearth great songs that are not that well known and makes them dancefloor friendly without being tacky or vulgar. We salute you Cottam. Keep them coming!


          Sil says: Serious disco bomb edit on 'Affair' (A side) full of happiness and positive vibes (killer break, my friends - that bassline!) and to finish it all off a full B side ('Jigsaw')with plenty of afro beat rhythms with almost jarring vocals on top... this is my fave here. Timeless piece. Cottam does it yet again. His carefully selected tracks and carefully crafted edits deserve a place in your collection.

          Michael Cutting


          North UK-based tape musician Michael Cutting makes his album debut with STILLS on Salford’s beloved imprint Ono. Relish- ing in the lo-fi, analogue textures offered by the pairing of fender rhodes piano and reel to reel tape machines, the album’s seven tracks act as vignettes; tempting with loop-induced isorhythms of warping, disintegrating harmonies. An extended re- working of Cutting’s live set for the same instruments, STILLS heavily retains the sense of live process, evoking precariously balanced loops between tape machines and thermoflasks, with the distinctive clicks and clunks of the reel to reels’ buttons and levers an intrinsic element to the sonic discourse.

          Cutting’s use of melody — plaintive, jaunty, occasionally drifting off-key — perfectly suits the nature of his tape-based ‘instruments’, with their inherent flaws, uncertainties, and means of making sound [...] STILLS is full of such attractive contrasts of melody, harmony, and rhythm, made all the more compelling by the ways in which they incorporate the material nature of the machines and processes that produce them

          Recorded in St. Petersburg over the course of 2015, this first release on Glasgow based imprint 12th Isle is a collaborative effort between Dices & ??? ????-?????? (aka Flaty/Dada Ques), affiliates of the Udacha and Gost Zvuk record labels. Titled '??????????' (Thoughtstream), the LP eschews trend in favour of meaningful sonic discovery, and in doing so offers as much to the adventurous DJ as it does the attentive home listener. Side A encompasses ambient synth textures reminiscent of ‘70s-era library music, established upon rhythms that evoke turn of the century Detroit house. At once melancholic and playfully optimistic, the six tracks range from rhythmic experiments to sketch-like beatless vignettes. The flip side sets off in a slightly darker tone that is succeeded with pace and persistence in the drum patterns and winding arpeggiated bassline of “Caleidoscope”. Alongside the heavily swung “Hologram”, these tracks are very club considerate; a function that in no way offsets the records assured narrative purpose.

          Across both A and B the music maintains this singular intent, channeling aspects of early sequence-based electronics and vintage space rock around a diverse and playful compendium of rhythms.

          Comes with screen-printed sleeve, labels and insert.


          Ltd LP Info: Screen printed sleeve, labels & insert

          **RE-PRESS of this now cult 12th Isle debut release. New colour scheme on the sreen print!

          Dorian Concept

          The Nature Of Imitation

          Dorian Concept - the insanely gifted keyboardist, producer and collaborator with Flying Lotus, Thundercat and The Cinematic Orchestra - makes his debut on Brainfeeder and the result is refreshingly unpretentious: dizzying swells, cacophonous breakdowns and formidable rhythms are both expert and childlike, hyperactive and hyper-focused. It's a multi-coloured and multi-textured affair which both nods to, and distances itself from fellow luminaries, with the most obvious comparison somewhere between the the luminous and full frequency sounds of Lone and Hudson Mohawke. Fans of Machine Drum, Floating Points and Cid Rim will also find much to enjoy; as will, I'm sure, anyone into the new Peckham jazz / electronics scene and the modern day whizz kids of LA mentioned above. 


          LP includes MP3 Download Code.

          A year after his debut outing on the label, Max Essa makes a welcome return to Hell Yeah with the "Han zon Roc EP", a horizontal triptych boasting more of his impossibly laidback offerings.
          Essa is of course the long time UK talent whose releases on labels like Aficionado, Music for Dreams, and his own Jansen Jardin have cemented his place in the Balearic mafia. 
          Opener 'Han zon Roc (Midori Coup)' is an epic 12 minute adventure that slowly awakens your spirit with new age guitar plucks and heavenly ambience before organic drums slowly being to drift into earshot. They grow ever larger as synths start to spray about the mix, hand drums pitter patter and big chords bring the soul-shine. It's like the soundtrack to an afternoon boat party all condensed into one brilliant cut.
          ‘How You Showed Me Everything' then gets super chill with lazy drum tumbles, bendy guitar lines and scattered hits. Withering cosmic chords colour the airwaves and its a track that will slow your heartbeat to nothing.
          Last of all, 'Rain Bird's Alfalfa Jam' is a analogue drum work out with early 90s hip hop influences and diving basslines. It's light and airy, nimble and playful and of course filled with the sort of tropical rays that make all of Essa works so brilliantly escapist.


          Patrick says: Extending the usual Hell Yeah hospitality and warmth, label boss Peedoo once again coaxes the very best out of man in Japan Max Essa, who raises the bar with his second release on the label. Simple and subtle rhythms play freely beneath the endless string of irresistible melodies, while the expansive arrangements conjure stunning visions of coastal vistas. Max Essa, at his best on one of the best labels around - class!

          Appian Sounds return to the Piccadilly shelves with this brand new EP by up and coming Spanish talent Estrato Aurora. Hailing from Valencia, and with a phenomenal array of hardware at his disposal, Estrato Aurora has dreamt up a beautiful deep Techno EP titled "Excavation And Survey". 4 tracks that can be played during sub-heavy warm-up duties, deep into the night for a heads-down foggy vibe or early in the morning for something a bit warmer, tripping and uplifting. Timeless cuts to suit all intimate dance floors.


          Sil says: Minimal techno and a bit of electro at its best. On the dubby, hypnotic, atmospheric side of things. This is not a cheap copy of the Basic Channel productions. This is rather futuristic and intense. Yet warm and groovy Loving it, in particular the electro acid number on 'Valencia Affair'. Hypnotic and relaxing.

          Evil Blizzard

          The Worst Show On Earth

            When Evil Blizzard emerged from the bowels of Lancashire with their debut album 5 years ago it is fair to say they caused a stir. Put on the front cover of The Guardian, and championed by Mark E. Smith (who gave the band the money to record their debut album out of his own pocket) their gruesome mix of four bass players blending Psyche, Krautrock, Post Punk and an unmistakable image saw them launched onto magazines and websites world-wide. Their new album 'The Worst Show On Earth' (on their own newly-founded Crackedankles Records label) presents a logical progression from the previous two, a third stepping stone on the journey into their peculiar sonic dream- or nightmare? -scape.

            Heavy, grinding, yet commercially viable, this release sees the band truly shake off the ‘gimmick’ tag of the past and stride forward into new musical dimensions. Yes, there’s still 4 basses. But also piano, cello, samples and a general disregard for the basic concept of a ‘pop song,’ with 2 tracks hitting the 10 minute mark. The introduction of keyboards into their live onslaught (you have seen them live, right? Right?!?) has developed their sound to incorporate techno and industrial elements, with recent single ‘Fast Forward Rewind’ hitting the nation’s airwaves aided by its freak show video shot illegally in an abandoned Victorian music hall.

            The album title came from a less than impressed reviewer. The band, ever self-deprecating, take great pleasure in antagonising their crowd to the point that their dedicated following greet live performances with booing rather than applause. One fan, who has the band logo tattooed on his arm, made his own ‘I Hate Evil Blizzard’ t-shirts. ‘People pay money to hate us. Win/Win.’ 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: I've listened to this, and despite the name, I have a feeling that the nativity we did in primary school might be considerably worse. This is pretty good, and unlike my nativity, nobody is being sick.


            Coloured LP Info: Blood splattered vinyl.

            Picture Disc Info: Limited edition picture disc edition.

            First Aid Kit

            Tender Offerings EP

              In January of this year, Swedish sisters Klara & Johanna, released their fourth studio album, the Tucker Martine produced "Ruins". They now release this four track 10" single featuring four previously unreleased tracks recorded during the album sessions.

              The Flaming Lips

              Death Trippin’ At Sunrise: Rarities, B-Sides & Flexi-Discs 1986-1990

                Death Trippin’ At Sunrise: Rarities, B-Sides & Flexi-discs is a new rarities collection, packed with the music originally released on singles, flexis and various compilations. It includes their Sub Pop single “Drug Machine In Heaven”, “Stychnine/Peace, Love And Understanding” and a cover of “After The Gold Rush” from a 1989 Neil Young tribute album. A number of the tracks on the rarities compilation are making their first appearance on vinyl.

                All of the music on vinyl has been remastered from original sources by the band’s longtime musical foil and producer, David Fridmann, with help from the Lips’ Wayne Coyne and Michael Ivins, with lacquers cut at Sterling Sound. Additionally, the studio albums – which have been out of print for years – have been restored to their original cover art.

                The Flaming Lips

                In A Priest Driven Ambulance (With Silver Sunshine Stares)

                  In A Priest Driven Ambulance (With Silver Sunshine Stares) is a concept album surrounding Wayne Coyne’s fascination with religion, and was released in 1990.

                  All of the music on vinyl has been remastered from original sources by the band’s longtime musical foil and producer, David Fridmann, with help from the Lips’ Wayne Coyne and Michael Ivins, with lacquers cut at Sterling Sound. Additionally, the studio albums – which have been out of print for years – have been restored to their original cover art.

                  Gazelle Twin

                  I Feel Blood / Exorcise (ACE 236 Series)

                  Gazelle Twin were originally invited as part of the Supersonic Festival 2015 curation of the Moog Sound Lab satellite sessions at Birmingham City University.

                  The twin returned to the lab during it’s residency later that year at London’s Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. for a consecutive six day session in August, invited artists mooged, wined, dined, slept and dreamt in room 236. on tap 24/7 - the entire Moog Sound Lab, along with a Brion Gysin ‘Dream Machine” & a small library of associated books & user manuals. Here Gazelle Twin re-made/re-modeled, recorded & filmed new versions of two of their favourite tracks on the wall-to-wall moogs.

                  "I Feel Blood" is a brutalist and abstract workout; tearing and reversed synth shards rotating against a synthesized deep rumble and spring-reverberated smash. The perfect atmosphere to impart doom and destructionist ideals onto its audience.

                  "Exorcise" is quick fire, rotary acid. Comprised of multi concentric arps rotating just slightly out of sync to create movement and fluctuation. Moog-synthesized drums supply a percolated, bubbling rhythm before warbled vox complete the 'song' like element of the structure.

                  Easily one of the best of the series so far! Recommended.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Barry says: The Moog Recordings Library series has been an eye-opening and fascinating look into the working practices of well-known musicians (very interesting for me), and a damn good listen (very interesting for everyone else). This outing is one of the best of the bunch, with Bernholz's skill as a sound sculptor coming to the fore through a variety of hardware processes.

                  Bristol-based pair Giant Swan have built a much-deserved fanbase seemingly overnight thanks to their hybrid sound (drawing on noise, dub, pop etc etc), DIY approach and emotionally-charged live shows. Tasker: “I came across their music after receiving their 2016 EP ‘Earn’ on FuckPunk by mistake. RWDFWD clearly decided it was better than whatever thing I’d tried to order – and I’m glad they did."

                  The sleeve incorporates 1:1 scale floral embroidery design with a hi-vis metallic silver back. 

                  But, excuse me sir, what the heck am I getting If I take the plunge and I purchase this 12''?  You will get some serious hard hitting techno joints and chaotic mayhem but in a good way! And as described above, you get a beautiful sleeve too. 
                  Will tots get a response from zombies in clubs / terraces / basements and disconfort among your family and neighbours. Control the bass knob please!
                  Great as a soundtrack for when escaping killers and looters when the end of the world strikes. Make sure you have a decent car sound system to handle the bass! You have been warned.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Sil says: Chillingly good no nonsense techno killers on this one. Not for everyone but the vocals make it slightly more poppy and acceptable, I guess. You will not hear this on mainstream radio or in dross-ridden bars and clubs. And that is a good thing!

                  The Goon Sax are James Harrison, Louis Forster and Riley Jones from Brisbane, Australia. Still in high school when they made their first album Up To Anything in 2016, their brand of awkwardly transcendent teenage guitar pop took earned them wide-spread critical acclaim.

                  For album number two, they flew to Melbourne to record with James Cecil and Cameron Bird, respectively former/current members of Architecture In Helsinki, and 'We're Not Talking' shows how much can change between the ages of 17 and 19. It's a record that takes the enthusiasms of youth and twists them into darker, more sophisticated shapes. Relationships are now laced with hesitation, remorse, misunderstanding and ultimately compassion.

                  Drummer Riley Jones really comes to the fore here, joining Louis and James in singing lead and writing songs for the first time, making the band the musical equivalent of an equilateral triangle (the strongest shape in physics).

                  Delivering brilliantly human and brutally honest vignettes of adolescent angst, The Goon Sax brim with personality, charm and heart-wrenching honesty. 'We’re Not Talking' is a record made by restless artists, defying expectations as if hardly noticing, and its complexity makes 'We're Not Talking' even more of a marvel.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Barry says: 'Up To Anything' was a revelation when it came in, brilliantly clever and melodic, but gritty and poetic at the same time. 'Were Not Talking' continues that legacy but with a bit more of a world-wise tilt, swapping out some of the major key melodies and psychedelic progressions for more solemn interludes, focused more on the nuances of songmanship than the youthful power of the debut. A brilliant progression from this Australian trio, and yet another reason why we'll continue to love The Goon Sax.

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                  Colleen Green

                  Casey's Tape / Harmontown Loops

                    Here it comes - AGAIN! Many moons ago, Infinity Cat released an EP from LAs own Colleen Green. Referred to by Green as Ramones-Core, this concise collection evoked the spirit of old-fashioned rock n roll, applying a heavy layer of classic punk influence to the songwriters well-known pop confections.

                    The limited edition tape sold out immediately, and after years of emails, tweets, and letters, Infinity Cat is proud to present Casey’s Tape on vinyl for the first time! Featuring newly recorded versions of the OG cassette on side A and never-before-released tracks created for feral audios Harmontown podcast on side B! Allow yourself to be taken back to a simpler time when the Brill Building bustled and teen punks hustled; when pop music was more about craft than commercialism. Greens penchant for parlaying inspiration into her own distinctive sound is well documented across her discography, but perhaps never as well as on this offering from Infinity Cat Records.

                    Analog synthesizers give tangible life to the works of Guerilla Toss. Whether it be the sound of a rocket ship, a kitten-with-a-wah, distorted dolphins, or a clavichord made of honey-baked ham, the band consistently find new ways to bring together the many ideas that combine to shape each new batch of art-rock puzzle pieces.

                    "Twisted Crystal", Guerilla Toss’ new album, feels more personal than ever for the band. Angular yet irresistibly catchy, this collection of pop songs pulls influence from powerful groups like The Slits, ESG, Gina X and early Madonna, with sing-speak vocals from Kassie Carlson nodding to legendary artists like Laurie Anderson, Grace Jones, and Lizzy Mercier Descloux - combining this all into a twisted, crystalline concoction.

                    Oracles and enigmatic egos are common lyrical themes but charismatic instrumentality springs the listener back to extraterrestrial comfort. Old favourite sounds ring true from the trusty Sequential Circuits Six Track Synthesizer and Clavia drum machine. New, more refined sounds are moulded and polished by drummer/producer Peter Negroponte, whose passion for perfection and creation goes far beyond an all-consuming Tetris effect. Peter has truly excelled on this new recording, creating a complex network of beats and sound that become easily intertwined with the rhythmic fabric of life.

                    In albums past, vocalist Kassie Carlson’s performances resembled more of a manic, possessed high priestess; humming at the gates of hell, hacking telepathy and tugging the strings of every audience member. "Twisted Crystal" goes beyond this familiar darkness, leading us into a rhythmically calming charm with deep wisdom, serenity, and understanding.

                    At times the listener wanders through mazes of dizzying, alternately pulsing time signatures, but the roads always bounce, meet and magically snap back together. That meditative groove, both live and in the studio, has become signature for Guerilla Toss, drawing deep influence from 70s krautrock and experimental rock music like Tom Tom Club, Talking Heads, Brian Eno, Neu!, Cluster, Todd Rundgren and La Dusseldorf.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: A perfect balance between off-kilter experimental electronics, synth-led ambience and good old-fashioned songs, Guerilla Toss have managed to craft a monolith, clever and deep but without being too intimidating for the uninitiated. A synth-lover's dream.

                    Harmony Rockets With Special Guest Peter Walker

                    Lachesis / Clotho / Atropos

                      ".this small town (Woodstock), housing as it did so many maverick talents, fostered a scene of damage and dysfunction that endures to this day. It pulled in all manner of wannabes and hangers-on, alcoholic philanderers, dealers in heroin and cocaine, and left at least one generation of messed-up children with no direction home." - from 'Small Town Talk' by Barney Hoskyns.

                      Longtime Woodstock resident, guitarist Peter Walker recorded two albums for the Vanguard label in the late Sixties in a style best described as American folk-raga. He studied with Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan, and was Dr. Timothy Leary's musical director, organizing music for the LSD advocate's "celebrations." He was also a close friend of fellow Woodstock resident, the late folksinger Karen Dalton, and helped produce 'Remembering Mountains : Unheard Songs by Karen Dalton' (Tompkins Square), which features unrecorded Dalton compositions brought to life by Sharon Van Etten, Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams and others.

                      Rediscovered by Tompkins Square in 2006 after decades out of sight, Walker has remained active into his 8th decade, recording for Jack White's Third Man label, and now, collaborating anew with fellow Upstaters, Harmony Rockets. Joined in a mighty super-session with Harmony Rockets (Mercury Rev), Martin Keith, Nels Cline (Wilco), and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), 'Lachesis/Clotho/Atropos' is a mind-melting inter-generational collaboration that could only have coalesced around the wool-sweaters, warm teacups and moldering bookstores of "Old Old Woodstock", both the real and mythologized versions.

                      Jedi Mind Tricks

                      The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness

                      Jedi Mind Tricks is currently one of the hottest underground hip-hop groups in the United States. Their sophomore album, Violent By Design, has sold over 85,000 copies and is regarded by many as one of the best independent hip-hop albums ever recorded. Babygrande Records is proud to present The Psycho-Social... LP which is the cult classic prequel to Violent by Design. Described by the Source Magazine as “ahead of its time” and by CMJ as “A must own for anyone who cares about hiphop culture,” The Psycho-Social was originally released only in limited pressings on vinyl 1997.

                      The vinyl edition sells frequently on Ebay for upwards of $100. That is until now... In 2002, prior to obtaining national distribution, Babygrande released the CD version to independent retailers nationwide and scanned over 40,000 copies. Now, Babygrande has opened its vaults to re-release the the vinyl edition of The Psycho- Social in its entirety on collectible edition red vinyl (and for the first time ever in limited quantities on clear vinyl). Thanks to digital remastering, listeners can obtain the album Jedi Mind Tricks originally released in 1997, exactly as the artist intended. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Millie says: Look no further for your new favourite hip hop record, Jedi Mind Tricks providing the slickest beats for miles bringing it back to life from 1997… if you’re into the likes of Outkast or Run DMC then this one is for you.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      2xColoured LP Info: Randomly picked Red / clear vinyl.

                      New album from Jungle which follows on from 2014's award winning and acclaimed debut album. Jungle highlighted the aspirational sound of young London at a turbulent time in the city's history. Shunning the dark, claustrophobic sound of grime, or the frenetic, inhuman electronics of (ironically) jungle or its many mutations; for a much sunnier, dare-I-say friendlier sound, indebted to soul and pop music.

                      Masterminded by Josh 'J' Lloyd-Watson and Tom 'T' McFarland, a production and multi-instrumentalist duo who never expected to leave their bedroom studios, far less become the core of a talent-filled seven-strong collective that morphed into a killer live outfit. "Jungle" garnered rave reviews, untold amounts of hype and a Mercury Music Prize nomination; Noel Gallagher declared the album 'fucking amazing' and it achieved half a million sales.

                      "For Ever" follows up with a lot of prove. Less dreamy and more direct, it's 'inspired by real life experiences of places they've always dreamed of'. Swapping Shepherds Bush for the Hollywood Hills, J and T set up camp in Los Angeles to write and record the album. Over time however, their romanticization of The Californian Dream clashed with the reality of actually living it, the feeling of being adrift on the West Coast compounded by the collapse of long-term relationships. Returning home to London, they teamed up with highly regarded young producer Inflo where they sought to create a 'post-apocalyptic radio station playing break up songs', whittling down loads of ideas this concept spawned into the core 13 tracks you have before you. "For Ever" is for real, deeper and higher, more intimate and more expansive, feel-good and, just occasionally, feel-bad. It is, then, a proper second album and solidify Jungle as a true UK talent to cherish.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Barry says: It's been four long years since Jungle's debut sent you all into a frenzy, and here we get the culmination of the interim years spent honing their craft and perfecting their slightly forlorn, minor-key soul and propulsive electronic grooves. This second outing is just as addictive as the first, and the progression is clear to see.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Coloured LP Info: Limited Yellow LP.

                      Knife Knights were born of the love of mystery. From the start of Shabazz Palaces – the groundbreaking project launched in 2009 by former-Digable Planets leader Ishmael Butler – confidentiality seemed essential: Butler wanted Shabazz Palaces to stand on its own strength, not his outsized reputation, so he adopted a nom de plume for himself. As the project’s network expanded, though, he needed new monikers for his partnerships. Knife Knights is the name he gave to his work with Seattle engineer, producer, songwriter, and film composer Erik Blood, a vital force in the Shabazz Palaces universe.

                      Now, after more than a decade of collaboration and the development of a rich friendship, Butler and Blood have made a proper full-length record together as Knife Knights: 1 Time Mirage, an eleven-track odyssey that finds the pair and a cast of their friends weaving together a singular world of soul and shoegaze, hip-hop and lush noise, bass and bedlam. 1 Time Mirage represents a playground for Butler and Blood, a free space for unfettered exploration, and a radically adventurous start to something much more than a mere production duo or side project.

                      Recorded in three fertile sessions interrupted by Shabazz Palaces tours and Blood’s recording projects, 1 Time Mirage is a profound fulfilment of the partnership, realized at the crossroads of Butler’s and Blood’s mutual enthusiasms. Their shared interests have been split into pieces and fused together with enviable imagination. In the decade since Butler launched Shabazz Palaces and first christened his partnership with Blood as Knife Knights, much of the external mystery has, of course, fallen away. And 1 Time Mirage is a very public step forward for the pair. The early sense of secrecy has given way to a spirit of friendship and creative candor, to the doors of experimentation being thrown open by old pals thrilled by the prospect of testing new ideas.

                      Still, these eleven songs retain a core of intrigue and, indeed, mystery; each listen reveals yet another connection between infinite and interlocking pieces. To wit, Robert Beatty’s brilliant cover for 1 Time Mirage depicts a futuristic vehicle, being coolly steered with one hand into some great, mildly ominous unknown. That’s how these songs feel, too—confident conquests of the dark that unlock sounds and spaces you have yet to imagine.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Barry says: From dystopian dub to harsh static and crisp electronica, Knife Knights are an entity like no other. Saturation and unease permeate the sound, leaving the more direct melodies with an added layer of mystery underneath. A fascinating and enthralling listen, and an entirely different side from Butler's previous work.

                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                      Coloured LP Info: Limited 'Loser' Edition blue vinyl LP.

                      Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                      All the way from Sweden, chef Kool DJ Dust makes a special guest appearance on Take Away with a three course meal that includes plenty of spice and aroma...

                      You are already familiar with the Take Away label. They are the ones behind the mega popular Soul Reductions 'Got To Be Loved' edits... yes, those filter house dancefloor bombs that we keep ordering again and again from our dance distro. 

                      This time Kool DJ Dust turns things down a notch and he takes the steamy soulful disco avenue producing three beautiful edits. 'Really Love You' is an energetic, full of life and happy tune with a ridiculously gorgeous vocals and a piano ridden melody, and all of it ridden by a relenteless rich rhythm section. In 'The Teacher' you are given a lesson on what love is and repercussions - very sensual tune, folks. 'Summer Night' is classic disco with an incredibly good break. A great tune to open your summer gigs!

                      A great package on a great label. Grab it whilst you can. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Sil says: Take Away strikes again and the quality is still there. This time a bit more chilled - less housy, more discoid. 'Really Love You' is my choice here with that elegant piano and strong vocals. Get one, this one is brilliant!

                      "Joy, Ease, Lightness" is the new EP from the Rhythm Section camp. A 4 track label debut from Dan Kye aimed squarely at the dancefloor, with a meditative awareness and rhythmic sensibility that reaches far beyond the club. "Change" opens proceedings with a quick paced beatdown house track, full of soulfoul vocal stylings, frenetic percussion and a bumpety, basement house approach. "Like You Wanna" rolls out guitar licks and smooth vocal snips over occasional piano flurries, funky bass and very Moodymann-esque drums. It's worth noting that the whole EP has that smoky, sexy vibe that the aforementioned Detroit DJ would often feature in his DJ sets. Onto side B and "Toile" features infectious, summery bass, pulsing synth and more tumbling drum beats. It's deep house at its finest and most organically pleasing; perfect for dancing away the sunset hours. Finally, "Ligo" teases the speaker stacks with thick wooden bass fragments, rattling the subs as another sensuous deep house lick ripples out the speakers with lashings of soul. Yet another stellar release from the Rhythm Section International Crew, grab it while you can.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Another week, another Rhythm Section record makes it into our best-of list. The Peckham camp continue to cement their unique sound with a plethora of new exciting artists at their core.

                      The full-length debut by Julie Carpenter’s Joshua Tree, California ambient orchestral project Less Bells, emerges from the drama and desolation of its high desert origins.

                      She cites certain compositions as being 'specifically inspired by August monsoons rolling in over the mountains, others by clear, starry nights.' Utilizing an array of electronic and acoustic instruments, including cello, Optigan, violin, voice, and modular synth, "Solifuge" conflates not only the solitude and refuge of its title but also intimacy and grandeur, fragility and force, 'building from austerity to wild overgrowth.'

                      She speaks of a creative process involving cut-ups and rearranging, mapping a melody for strings only to transpose it to synth, or refashioning a rigid classical piece as stream of consciousness soundscape. Carpenter’s versatility and embrace of flux fills these songs with a living, breathing quality, restrained but responsive, adapting to shifting conditions and emotions beneath the surface. 

                      Jeffrey & Jack Lewis

                      City & Eastern Songs

                        The classic third album from Jeffrey Lewis, originally released on CD by Rough Trade Records in 2005, appearing on vinyl for the first time, fully remastered and with bonus material inserts!

                        Produced by NYC indie-rock mad genius Kramer (Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, Low) this album, the first studio production in the Jeffrey Lewis discography, established Jeffrey Lewis (and his co-credited brother Jack) as an undeniable force to be reckoned with. The perfect mash-up between Jeffrey’s previous lofi songwriting efforts and later full-band releases, this album features all-time fan-favorite tracks like “Don’t Be Upset” and “Anxiety Attack”. Not to mention the jaw-dropping shaggy-dog “Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror”, the closest thing the 21st Century hipster generation has ever had to boasting their own generation-defining Alice’s Restaurant Massacre.

                        The rock songs rock and the folk songs dazzle. Black vinyl with 4 page artwork/ lyric sheet + additional replica insert of original “Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror” lyric Scrawl + Download code for album & 5 bonus tracks. Don’t miss it!

                        One of Firecracker’s founding fathers returns once more, this time shoving two fingers up to current DJ conventions smashing out a 150 BPM electrofunk hybrid. On the flip, two deeper cuts traversing ambient wormholes and reflecting that classic Linkwood sound.

                        Linkwood's productions have always permeated class and sophistication whether he's turning his house to downbeat, house, techno or weirdo instrumental hip-hop. This excursion into faster tempo is as impressive as it is seductive, and has us all here at the shop itchy to here it played out loud and direct.

                        Meanwhile, the trippy wash of "Solar Panel" reflects time spent with label mate and luminary, Vakula as it flutters delicate synthesizes textures, pads and atmospherics over an evocative soundscape of bird song and wavering chords. "Another Late Night" concludes in vintage Linkwood form - a bouncy, squelchy, deeeep house affair with pricks, pokes and teases and the mind and body through Linkwood's advanced and highly proficient sound design.

                        Another tour de force from this UK legend. Most recommended. 

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Matt says: Firecracker co-founder and darling of UK dance music shows us a less displayed side to his persona - a 150bpm electro-funk banger that'll wriggle its way into most of Mancunia's record boxes...

                        In 2018, Low will turn twenty-five. Since 1993, Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker—the married couple whose heaven-and-earth harmonies have always held the band’s center—have pioneered a subgenre, shrugged off its strictures, recorded a Christmas classic, become a magnetic onstage force, and emerged as one of music’s most steadfast and vital vehicles for pulling light from our darkest emotional recesses. But Low will not commemorate its first quarter-century with mawkish nostalgia or safe runs through songbook favorites. Instead, in faithfully defiant fashion, Low will release its most brazen, abrasive (and, paradoxically, most empowering) album ever: Double Negative, an unflinching eleven-song quest through snarling static and shattering beats that somehow culminates in the brightest pop song of Low’s career.

                        To make Double Negative, Low reenlisted B.J. Burton, the quietly energetic and adventurous producer who has made records with James Blake, Sylvan Esso, and The Tallest Man on Earth in recent years while working as one of the go-to figures at Bon Iver’s home studio, April Base. Burton recorded Low’s last album, 2015’s Ones and Sixes, at April Base, adding might to many of its beats and squelch and frisson beneath many of its melodies.

                        This time, though, Sparhawk, Parker, and bassist Steve Garrington knew they wanted to go further with Burton and his palette of sounds, to see what someone who is, as Sparhawk puts it, “a hip-hop guy” could truly do to their music. Rather than obsessively write and rehearse at home in Duluth, Minnesota, they would often head southeast to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, arriving with sketches and ideas that they would work on for days with Burton. Band and producer became collaborative cowriters, building the pieces up and breaking them down and building them again until their purpose and force felt clear. As the world outside seemed to slide deeper into instability, Low repeated this process for the better part of two years, pondering the results during tours and breaks at home. They considered not only how the fragments fit together but also how, in the United States of 2018, they functioned as statements and salves.

                        Double Negative is, indeed, a record perfectly and painfully suited for our time. Loud and contentious and commanding, Low fights for the world by fighting against it. It begins in pure bedlam, with a beat built from a loop of ruptured noise waging war against the paired voices of Sparhawk and Parker the moment they begin to sing during the massive “Quorum.” For forty minutes, they indulge the battle, trying to be heard amid the noisy grain, sometimes winning and sometimes being tossed toward oblivion. In spite of the mounting noise, Sparhawk and Parker still sing. Or maybe they sing because of the noise. For Low, has there ever really been a difference?

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Barry says: Never one to shy away from a new direction, the ridiculously superb Low return with their most shadowy electronic affair yet. Bathed in distortion and rich, saturated ambience, it's a testament to their skill as songwriters and their overwhelmingly familiar 'Sound' that this still comes across as one of the best releases of their career. Mindblowing stuff.

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        Coloured LP Info: Very limited crystal clear vinyl in an embossed jacket with custom dust sleeve.

                        Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                        LP Info: Gatefold digipak with embossed cover.

                        LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                        CD Info: Embossed jacket with custom dust sleeve.

                        CD includes MP3 Download Code.

                        Cassette Info: Four-panel J-card in clear case.

                        After a string of killer reissues covering everything from Township synthpop, through Afro-disco essentials to Kwaito killers, Okapi's Afrosynth turn their attention to the comtemporary sound of Cape Town with this glorious set of deep jazz from bassist Shane Cooper. A central part of the new wave of young voices in the South African jazz scene, Shane has spent the last few years as a prolific sideman, award-winning acoustic jazz artist, and rogue operator in South Africa’s leftfield dance scene under the alias Card On Spokes. Here the composer and producer takes the his place at the head of the ensemble, leading us through smooth and spiritual cuts, at once inspired by the cosmic sonics of Sanders and Lonnie Liston Smith but also bearing the rim rattling beat and rolling bass of hip hop. Featuring contributions from Shabaka Hutchings, Buddy Wells and Reza Khota, "Welcome To This World" is a rich and heady hit of contemporary jazz, perfect for fans of Gondwana, Ezra Collective and Sons Of Kemet.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Millie says: Essential listening with this fresh album from Mabuta, taking contemporary jazz to a whole new level with the combinations of afro-disco and electronic spiritual tones. Truly stunning.

                        The Maghreban

                        Monster VIP - Inc. Batu Remix

                        R&S The Maghreban returns to R&S for a new single following his dark debut album 01DEAS, perhaps with an icier sound.
                        Monster VIP is a reworking of a double time rap track from The Maghreban's Strange U side project; he added breaks and rolled it out. End level bosses lurk. Beware of the monster. Rave navel-gazing back to his roots: his first ever release was a jungle 12” in 1994. Early support from Ben UFO.
                        On the flip, Batu (Timedance/XL) offers up crisp percussion and ominous sound design in his energetic 140 remix of album opener “Eddies”.
                        Then the EP is closes out with “Carpet Bombing”, the title of which references the producer adding more and more notes to the main percussive motif as it builds and builds.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Sil says: One for the open minds out there. Including me! It is icy cold, industrial, broken, with acidic threats here and there and all of it with killer bass for the bad boy and girls out there! R&S does not let down its clientele.

                        Marcus Marr shares his "Familiar Five: Remixed EP" The remixed tracks first appeared on the UK producer’s "Familiar Five EP", released earlier this year. The record features remixes from Justin Van Der Volgen, Prosumer, Gerd Janson and Ara Koufax.

                        Marr is no stranger to collaboration, working with Australian musician Chet Faker on 2015’s ""Work EP". "Work" yielded two hit singles, “Birthday Card” (Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 first play, #1 Hype Machine) and “The Trouble with Us” (#1 Hype Machine). The "Familiar Five EP", however, shows him in his individual element, an artist and performer who understands just how to make superb music for both man and machine.

                        A regular at Berlin’s famed nightclub Berghain / Panorama Bar since 2014, Marcus Marr recently performed a string of single launch dates in North America with The Juan Maclean. He has previously toured with the likes of Hot Chip, Floating Points, Jacques Greene and Optimo, and has performed at the highly regarded MoMa PS1 Warm Up series, Day For Night Festival and Art Basel Miami. Marcus has also contributed mixes to Beats in Space and Boiler Room.

                        Bob Moses

                        Battle Lines

                          ‘Battle Lines’, the new album from Grammywinning duo Bob Moses, is set for release on Domino.

                          ‘Battle Lines’ follows the band’s acclaimed debut album, ‘Days Gone By’, which featured their worldwide hit ‘Tearing Me Up’. The band recorded the new album in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon, after writing and testing out new material on the road. Inspired by their time playing raves and rock clubs all over the globe since the release of ‘Days Gone By’, Battle Lines takes a harder look at the world in which they find themselves.

                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                          2xColoured LP Info: Indies exclusive transparent vinyl.

                          Glaswegian sound wizards MR TC and Lo Kindre step up for the next Neubau EP and deliver two dubbed out slow jams for backwards dancers, day trippers and glue sniffers. Both original tracks make up a super hypnotic listening experience with exactly the right amount of bass impact! A-side cut "The Storm" makes spaced out use of ring modulation and tape delay, coating the solid foundation of simple drum programming and pulsating bass with all manner of spectral goop. Slow AF, acid tinged oddness with a few disembodied vocals chucked in for good measure. Next up "The Waving Bridge" works through slo-mo b-lines, shoulder rolling percussion and all manner of outlandish fx, kinda like Sordid Sound System at his slowest and strangest. For the B-side label boss Heap comes through with a stripped back, psyched out remix of "Storm" which could easily soundtrack a visual sequence depicting your idea of time travel. 

                          STAFF COMMENTS

                          Patrick says: Put your hands up for Glasgow! Scottish troublemakers Mr TC and Lo Kindre join the Neubau ranks with a pair of slo-mo, psyched out synth jams found floating just outside the New Beat quadrant. Neabau boss Heap takes the controls for the B-side, stripping things back and spacing them out for a mind altering remix.

                          Night Shop

                          In The Break

                            Night Shop is the songwriting project of Justin Sullivan. Sullivan has worked as a touring drummer for the past twenty years with a half dozen DIY punk bands, including Ringers and an early incarnation of Worriers. In 2009, he joined The Babies alongside Kevin Morby and Cassie Ramone. When the band went on hiatus in 2013, Sullivan moved to Los Angeles with Morby and continued working with him as a staple of the live band and playing on all of Morby’s studio albums. In the meantime, Sullivan also formed the fuzz punk outfit Flat Worms, with Tim Hellman of Oh Sees and Will Ivy. But in the middle of a tour in August of 2016, Sullivan realized the rigors of the road had grown to be too much. He made the decision to take a full calendar year away from touring and focus, for the first time, on writing his own music.

                            Like most of Sullivan’s projects, the album is a family affair. His former touring and recording partner in the Kevin Morby band, Meg Duffy (Hand Habits) plays bass on several of the songs and sings backup vocals on a few as well. Flat Worms cohort Will Ivy plays lead guitar on some, while Mare labelmate and soon-to-be touring partner Anna St. Louis sings backup on two songs. The album was engineered by Jarvis Taveniere of Woods and mixed by Drew Fischer who previously worked with Sullivan on Morby’s first two records and The Babies second album Our House On The Hill.

                            “When I think about this record, a lyric from A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, comes to mind. It’s the line where Dylan sings, ‘I’ll know my song, well before I starting singing.’ In The Break is the product of someone who has had a lot to say and has waited for the perfect moment to say it.” - Kevin Morby.

                            Digging deep into the Chicago vaults, Dark Entires re-issue the debut EP from Billy Nightmare aka 'Mystic Bill' Torres. Growing up in Miami, Bill was involved in various parts of the music industry, from working at Flamingo Record Pool, to playing guitar for the band Life In Sodom (80’s synth / goth band). His interest in both house & industrial music inspired him to make his move to the Windy City. Bill quickly became involved in the night scene with residencies at clubs like Shelter, Crobar, & Smart Bar. His studio work began with a remix of Kay Ladrae's “Lack Of Love” with Vince Lawrence, followed by a string of releases, including an LP on Trax Records. He has recently relaunched two record labels and several releases and remixes out each year.

                            "Reality Check" was released in 1996 on Woody McBride’s label Sounds. Originally the project was to be titled "Billy's Nightmare", but to avoid being jinxed for life, Torres decided to switch it to Billy Nightmare. He put the Mystic Bill alias aside, got a haircut, changed his sound and became this new persona. "Reality Check" consists of 4 tracks, recorded at Mirage Studios in Chicago in 1996. Two tracks on the A-side are dark thumpers and will haunt your head for days. Side B has 2 versions of the same song, lighter and funkier in mood both show the diversity Mystic Bill is capable of producing. All songs have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. Each EP is housed in a custom designed jacket by Eloise Leigh featuring a 90s photo of Billy Nightmare staring into TV static and includes a postcard with notes. A truly amazing record lovingly restored and re-presented by the good folks at Dark Entries. 

                            Mannequin Records complete their trilogy of reissues from the avantgarde Italian-born producer Doris Norton, with her 1985 work "Artificial Intellingence".
                            Apple's first music "endorsement" (later IBM consultant) and early Roland affiliate, Doris Norton is one of the most important women pioneer in the use of synths and in the early electro / computer music.
                            While the beat-oriented style of Norton’s music aligns her with such global fellow-travelers as Yellow Magic Orchestra and Kraftwerk, her championing of the personal computer as a tool for self-sufficient musical creativity also connects her to more artsy musicians such as Pietro Grossi, Laurie Spiegel, and the League of Automatic Music Composers. Norton’s predilection for the bright, glossy timbres of early digital instruments also recalls Hubert Bognermayr and Harald Zuschrader’s bizarre 1982 one-off Erdenklang.

                            1 year after "Personal Computer", Doris Norton released 'Artificial Intelligence' (previous title: 'From Art-Physiol to Artificial Intelligence', changed before publishing) in 1985, setting a step up in her deep electronic music research and innovation.
                            "The whole album was composed and programmed only with the alfanumerical keyboard of the computer. The total of the notes and coded events takes to the number 124.648: of these 123.827 were coded with 'step time' procedure and the rest with real time procedure.
                            Having done reduced the keyboard Doris Norton used only an hexaphonic JX.8P with memory processed by her and interfaced to the computer.
                            No drums were used, neither electronic nor much less acoustic. All the rhythmics were obtained by A.D.A. conversions and processing of wave ranges and with the use of expanders with a very special handling of envelopes, frequency, resonance, noise
                            Doris Norton fed the computer the parameters of vowels and consonants of her own voice, like A, O, U, E, D, N, through an A.D.A conversion card; by processing these values and assembling them in phoneme in hundreds of different combination, various compressed resolutions she was able to make the computer sing a complete song in a totally human way (with the voice of Doris).
                            Many other yxith sounds resulting from A.D.A. conversions are present in this new album 'Artificial Intelligence', amongst these: pipe organ, plate, electric discharge, iron beat, birds, dog, harp, woods ...... all sampled and handled by the computer.

                            After a barnstorming live reunion which saw them play to ecstatic audiences across Europe throughout 2017, Britain’s giants of electronic music Orbital are back for good - with new music and an upgrade of the legendary live show that transformed festivals across the world.

                            Throughout 2018 they played a string of high-profile festival dates and headline shows, featuring new material alongside classics like "Chime", "Belfast" and "Impact". This surge of creativity shows how reunited brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll have rebuilt one of electronic music’s best-loved partnerships after Orbital’s surprisingly bitter break-up in 2012. They’ve been onstage with Stephen Hawking at the Paralympics, in front of the whole world. They’ve remixed Madonna. They’ve played Glastonbury many times and travelled the world - yet were driven apart by music’s strange and infamous brother-vs-brother dynamic (that I'm sure the brothers Gallagher know absolutely nothing about... - ed). But now the brothers have a pact: whatever happens, Orbital does not stop. They’ve learned to talk and accept each other. As Paul says, 'If we were both the same, then it wouldn’t be Orbital.'

                            Anyway, forget all that, the most important thing to note here is that mother fu**iiiing Brian Cox is all up in the area! Today's spokesperson for all things Science, the ex-D-Ream keyboardist graces "There Will Come A Time" with the kind of gentle, enthusiastic and wonder-struck delivery that only he is really capable of. Ellie Wyatt and Philipa Alexander provide a good chunk of voice on tracks "Monsters Exist", The Raid" and "The End Is Nigh" also.

                            But will it cut the mustard with old school and cult fans? The simple answer is - yes! More than proficient at writing hits that transcend the dancefloor into general consciousness, the trancelike and sprawling arrangements of the nineties have been tightened up somewhat for current audiences; and with a sharper, more direct sound palette to boot. The kicks in particularly hit hard, and there's a full-frequency aesthetic to most of the tracks - making them as suitable for main stage stadium play as much as they'll be soundtracking midnight drives down motorways, freeways and autobahns across the world. Orbital are back and we love it! 

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            2xLP Info: Download card and full-colour insert included.

                            After signing a record deal with Dirty Hit in 2017, Manchester’s Pale Waves released their debut single "There's a Honey", followed by "Television Romance". The following year, the band were ranked fifth in the BBC Sound of 2018 poll and won the NME Under the Radar Award at the NME Awards. They now return with their debut album which features the singles ‘There’s A Honey’, ‘Television Romance, ‘Kiss’, ‘Eighteen’ and new single ‘Black’.

                            Pale Waves are Heather (vocals, guitar), Ciara (drums), Hugo (guitar) and Charlie (bass).

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Barry says: Brilliantly effervescent synthlines, huge percussion and heaps of reverb sit below Heather's beautiful 80's vox. 'My Mind Makes Noises' perfectly toes the line between melodic indie and swooning synth-pop. Much like Kristin Kontrol's LP a couple years ago, I can see this one sticking in my mind and not letting go. Killer.

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            Coloured LP Info: Indies exclusive clear vinyl edition.

                            Claremont 56 boss Paul Murphy fell in love with Pan Electric's 2004 cut "Sweet as Rain" after hearing it in Japan a few years ago. Since it has never previously been released on vinyl, he decided to license it from its creator, veteran producer Matt Coldrick. As sublime piece of next-level downtempo bliss rich in Marimba style melodies, calming acoustic guitars and traditional Ethiopian vocals, "Sweet as Rain" is near perfect in every way. Brilliantly, Coldrick has also provided a recently reworked "Album version" which stretches out enticingly for 10 minutes across all of side B. Slower to build and laden with mesmerizing musical elements, it's even better than the magical original mix.

                            Piccadilly Records

                            Logo T-Shirt - Summer 18: Burgundy / Vanilla

                              New for Summer 2018, this shirt features a vanilla print on a burgundy Gildan Softstyle Rinspun t-shirt.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              S Info: To fit chest 28"/30".

                              M Info: To fit chest 32"/34".

                              L Info: To fit chest 36"/38".

                              XL Info: To fit chest 40""/42".

                              Robert Pollard

                              Waved Out

                                Robert Pollard’s Waved Out gets the 20th anniversary reissue treatment with newly re-mastered audio and a beautiful blue vinyl pressing. The Guided By Voices captain’s second solo album from 1998 captures the more eclectic side of his songwriting. Here, he brilliantly compresses prog, psych, and post-punk ideas into magnificent two-minute pop songs. Wire, early Genesis, Nilsson Schmilsson, Lennon’s White Album songs, Blue Öyster Cult, XTC, and Captain Beefheart: it’s all here, condensed into brilliant songs like “Subspace Biographies” and “Whiskey Ships.”

                                A lot’s been made of Pollard’s spontaneous and prolific songwriting methods, and most of that’s true, though he works much harder on his songs than even he likes to admit. With Waved Out, he seemed to grow more comfortable and ambitious in formal studio-type settings, so that anyone who carps about “unfinished arrangements” and “shitty production values” ought to be pretty happy with this record. This doesn’t apply to “Caught Waves Again,” where he sings into a boombox over a tape of GBV guitarist Doug Gillard’s noodling. Nor does it apply to a touching song about tragedies in Pollard’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio, called “People Are Leaving,” where he puts two separate melodies over instruments by collaborator Stephanie Sayers. In addition to Gillard, a few other GBV personalties appear on the record, Jim Pollard, Tobin Sprout and Jim MacPherson, then of The Breeders. But the bulk of the record, including a fair bit of the drumming, is all Robert Pollard.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                                First of two unbelievably rare 1982 West Coast electro-rap 12” singles. Originally released on Raina Records out of Phoenix, Arizona. Vocal and killer dubbed out instrumental arranged and conducted by the legendary Rich Cason.

                                An original copy recently sold for over £1000 on Discogs.

                                Very limited one-off pressing of 500 copies worldwide on Soul Jazz Records.

                                "Anform" is propably the highlight for me on this killer EP.  With old school hi-hats, spacey synths and a thumpy cushy beat. The bassline is magic too. 

                                Project Pablo goes dubby with his take on 'Anform'. Sorry folks, but the Rhythm & Sound spirit is well alive and kickin here. Not a bad thing when done right and Pablo nails it. Respect.
                                'Flow Systems' is a bit darker with its owerpowering synths and noisy dub emerging when least expected. It is what I call 'gentle techno', appropriate for both club and home. 
                                'Leveler' is definetely the most dancefloor oriented track in this great 12''. Flirtatious tonalities with acid are always a good thing in my book. The beat is relentless and old school. This is dance stuff at its best. Again, respect. 

                                This is definetely the techno 12" of the week. Get it, you will not regret it

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Sil says: This is a 12" I will play over and over. Quality all around. Super good techno vibes for home and the outside world. Great package with Pablo delivering a dubby techno diamond. Truly good, only for you.

                                Yes, it's the bonafide Scottish 80's funk machine that is Jesse Rae. The man, the myth, the legend. Back in the 80s Jesse Rae, along with Roger Troutman and Bernie Worrell, was part of the P-Funk movement that was hugely influential to Detroit’s early electronic experiments. Lesser known is that the enigmatic Scot-funk warrior later produced underground electronic tracks in the 90s.

                                The inaugural release on Glasgow label Southside Shufflers presents two of Jesse’s Shufflers on vinyl for the first time. "Global 95 EP" - a sampler from his pioneering 1995 album "Compression" features two unbelievably crafted tracks. One, a cybernetic electro-funk / cosmic hybrid which has to be heard to be believed; the other, an out-there, esoteric house jam conceived twenty three years before the current torrent of rainforest / shamanic business! Ever the innovator, Jesse recorded the album collaboratively using live ISDN technology spanning three continents, with the resultant tracks fusing African, US electro-funk and old Scots influences. 23 years later, Jesse’s under the radar Shufflers sound more relevant than ever.

                                Southside Shufflers are a record label and sports collective based in Glasgow with outposts in London and Amsterdam. 

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Where the fux this come from?! Glasgow continues to make an impact on the global stage withe a new label excavating this cosmic-electro Scotch bonnet - massive!

                                Jacques Renault


                                Everyone loves a cheeky edit, and they don't come much cheekier than this latest DJ disc from the fine folks at Stamp. The reliable firm do it again, enlisting the production talents of renowned edit maestro Jacques Renault, who dusts off his wedding box, pulls out a surefire floor filler and flips it into something frisky, fun and club friendly. Working the looper and filters into overdrive, Jacques smashes out a BIG extension of Lionel Rich Tea's fromage fantasy "All Night Long". Focussing his attention on the tropical lilt of the "Eyyy jambo jambo" break, the producer utileses plenty o' party noise, a little additional percussion and a new and improved bassline to turn out a peak time edit powerhouse. Over on the flip we find an extended version for those who just can't get enough, providing the perfect anecdote to a tiring dance floor. If you dig on Late Nite Tuff Guy, Greg Wilson and those killer Todd Terje edits, you're gonna be all over this one. 

                                Old school house style done today and made with class. In 'Universe of Love' you get luscious landscapes and 'clean' melodies. It is fun and sunny on this track. 'Mellow' is mellower than the former but not that chilled. Its menacing bassline still rocks it enough to make this a great track on your house set. The piano line has a whale of a time on this one. 
                                On B side we have 'Mystical Ambience'. Tropical, rythmic, a bit rushed on the bpms but as with the rest of this EP, melody is at the center stage and joins all the pieces together. Bassline bassline and more bassline. Always omnipresent and groovy. 'Essenve' is perhaps the darkest sheep here with its metallic beat and brutalist bassline. Yet the beat is more chilled so it keeps things under control. Definetely a builder this one. 
                                Pretty solid 4 tracker with italo and techno as main influences. Will not bore you and should be shortlisted on your... list!

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Sil says: So yes, this is a mixture of italo and techno that does not deceive. It is done well and punchy enough to be included in any house set out there. Do shortlist this one as it is pretty decent.

                                With an arsenal of releases on labels like NDATL, PPU, Black Catalogue, 2MR, and Harsh Riddims, Atlanta artist Stefan Ringer presents the first release on his own imprint FWM Entertainment.

                                This contribution contains a fluid spectrum of sounds. “Southside”, is a squelchy, leftfield house cut that brings to mind T.O.M Project on Sound Signature. “Great Beat” follows up in a similar vein; jazzy, mellow, upbeat... and oh so Detroitian in nature.

                                Meanwhile “Wanna Be Bad” is, apparently, a freaky skating rink inspired track. I can believe it with the rich culture of skate dance around Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit and this one delivers a stadium-tickling electro-funk beat with provocative vox and atmospheric pads. “Got Me 123” is a hypnotic 2-step groove that switches tact before “FR Shawty” rounds off the EP with a pitched down broken house jam that's somewhere between Sound Signature meets Dego & Khali meets Amp Fiddler. A nicely diverse, well assembled EP here from this under-the-radar superstar. Recommended. 

                                Jack Roland pulls apart the control mechanisms of the club environment and the way this living and breathing installation can be a tool of elevation or suppression. Using club sounds as instruments for this idea, "Control / Applications" is a split release born out of Amsterdam's warehouse scene, fusing together electro matrix rhythms, IDM, with warped hums and breaks used by dancers and performers heading up the rave. With a track on our Future Works III comp last year, this is his debut record on the label: a release challenging superstructures buried among the sweat particles of the floor.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Got blessed with a USB full of unreleased NS tackle from label head Alex and this was one of the crowning glories. Now available for all to enjoy - rock solid factory line mechanizes and wrecking ball techno for the up-all-nite cru.

                                The cover to Emma Ruth Rundle’s fourth solo record, On Dark Horses, bears a blurry photo of the songwriter obscuring her face with a large toy horse with broken legs. The photo suggests something candid but also hidden, graceful but also fractured—a fitting portrait for an artist who has established a career by vacillating between shrouding herself in mystery and exposing her wounds to the world. The first peek behind the curtain came with her Sargent House debut Some Heavy Ocean, where layers of distortion were excised in favor of acoustic guitar and Rundle’s beguiling vocals. There was a distinct difference by the time Rundle released Marked For Death, a stark and deeply personal meditation on mortality and self-destructive behavior.

                                Her entire musical trajectory—from the cinematic instrumentals of Red Sparowes to the lush haze of Marriages and onward through her solo career—seems like a gradual disclosure of intimate secrets. With On Dark Horses, Rundle doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable realities or retreat into a private world, but it does capture an artist who has survived their personal nadir and come out stronger on the other side. Taking the full arrangements of Marked For Death on the road demanded a backing band, which Rundle pieced together from tour companions—first Dylan Nadon from Wovenhand and Git Some and later Evan Patterson and Todd Cook from Jaye Jayle. Rundle’s budding romance with Patterson prompted a move to Louisville, Kentucky, which not only amplified the equestrian themes of the record but also yielded a new writing process. 

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Barry says: I've followed Rundle since her days in the ridiculously brilliant Red Sparowes, through Marriages (band name, not holy unions) and finally, and most satisfyingly onto her solo work. Brilliantly nuanced post-rock passages, immersive singer-songwritery and Rundle's spellbinding voice all mix together into a wonderfully hypnotic and spellbinding listen. This one will be on the stereo for some time, i'm sure.

                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                Coloured LP Info: Indies only translucent purple LP.

                                Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                                Uber-cool Dutch venue BAR Rotterdam make their transition from club to label this week, opening their account with help of two of their favourite guests Sacha Mambo and Fader. Given the same musical freedom on the record as they enjoy in the colourful club space, Sacha and Fader cook up trippy acid jams and futuristic trance dance respectively, setting the label up with the perfect debut.
                                French label boss Sacha Mambo takes the reins on the A-side working his wonked out magic with a pair of perfect metal dancers. "Black Summer" starts the party with loose percussion, limber synth bass and lysergic acid, all laying the foundations for echo drenched sax skronks, detuned guitar licks and tribal whoops. It's a little like stumbling into a James Chance gig on a heroic dose and losing yourself in the oil projections. Next up "Beaubar" (in its Acid Psychedelic form) stomps and snarls through tough new beat drums, buzzing synths and crunchy industrial idents, applying maximum pressure to your brainstem. Flip it and we're locked in the groove with Borneo producer Fader, who flips our lids with the ecstatic vamps and gurgling bassline of "Mode 500", a gently jacking dose of dream house with just a touch of Kwaito roll in the percussion. After that we wooze out with the morphine mist of "Denox", a particularly hazy piece of club science with delicate chime melodies, full bodied bass and intricate drum programming. I've never been to BAR, but it seems I need to book my flight!

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Patrick says: Mega leftfield dancers here from Sacha Mambo and Fader on the newly minted BAR imprint. On the B-side Borneo's Fader brings it with two unorthodox house cuts, perfectly balancing light and dark, while Sacha steals the show on the A-side with the metal dance masterpiece "Black Summer", a tripped out fusion of cosmic, post punk and acid - buy on sight!

                                Swedish synth botherer and established purveyor of the 'smooth-groove' revival returns with another brilliantly realised and effortlessly enticing EP for the ever-essential Fasaan. The evident fascination with the early 80's audio palette is present and correct, but this is homage done with a knowing 20th century something, which means this extended player distills things into a perfectly chilled glass of cocktail and beach bar delights as pastel slacked Donald Fagen hangs with Jan Hammer, who both buy a round for Loose Ends, while house-band Level 42 tune up across the bay. A little late for Summer maybe, but no doubt these will still be at the front of the Balearic record bag next year too !

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Patrick says: Since its original (criminally limited) release in 2016, Sasaac's Balearic boogie masterpiece has shot to the top of everyone's wantlist. Thankfully Fasaan have taken pity and provided a fresh pressing for 2016. Cocktail coolers and coastal groovers of the finest AOR disco vintage.

                                Sin Falta

                                Diamonds EP

                                Andy Lister's Youth imprint continues in earnest following a sell-out smash from MCR's own Fumu.

                                Sin Falta fills in the blanks between Kassem Mosse, Ossia and the whole fervent UK electronix scene. "Diamonds" is a squelchy and discordant, slo-mo robotic dance featuring malfunctioning analogue elements and a primordial beat. "Noh Mas" is smudged and dubby, surely paying tribute to the moody and captivating meandyou nights the label head once founded.

                                "I,I" concludes with a tumbling slow breakbeat garnished with soulful vocal chops and more blurred aesthetics. More in tune with the wind-down and after session than the dancefloor energy required for the middle of the night but equally arresting when placed in its correct context.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Matt says: Follow up to the incredible Fumu Cd from t'other week and it's onwards and upwards for Lister's Youth label. TIP!

                                Siouxsie & The Banshees

                                A Kiss In The Dreamhouse - 2018 Reissue

                                  A Kiss in the Dreamhouse brought with it a new musical direction, with the addition of strings and rampant guitarist John McGeoch the Banshees were able to exploit the potential of the studio to full effect.

                                  Remastered from the original ¼” tapes and cut at half speed at Abbey Road studios, London. Both artwork and audio have personally been overseen and orchestrated by Siouxsie Sioux and Steven Severin.

                                  Siouxsie & The Banshees

                                  Superstition - 2018 Reissue

                                    The tenth studio album from the Banshees only reinforced the belief that nothing outside of their world was of real concern. Produced by Stephen Hague, one might say an odd choice, given that grunge was soon to be thrust into the mainstream. Forever evolving and experimenting - Superstition would become yet another offering of unique songs to treasure.

                                    Remastered from the original ¼” tapes and cut at half speed at Abbey Road studios, London. Superstition has been expanded and cut over three sides for the first time with a special Vinyl etching on Side Four. Both artwork and audio have personally been overseen and orchestrated by Siouxsie Sioux and Steven Severin.

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    2xLtd LP Info: Double LP with etched side D.

                                    Siouxsie & The Banshees

                                    The Scream - 2018 Reissue

                                      Siouxsie And The Banshees – The Scream debuted in November 1978 born out of part sweet suburbia and part grey Orwellian uber state. The Scream was unlike anything else released that year.

                                      Remastered from the original ¼” tapes and cut at half speed at Abbey Road studios, London. Both artwork and audio have personally been overseen and orchestrated by Siouxsie Sioux and Steven Severin.

                                      This is the band’s first new music since last year’s top 15 album “English Tapas” The EP was recorded in Spring 2018 in Nottingham, and features five new tracks including lead track “Stick in a Five & Go”. The band are confirmed to play two nights at London’s Roundhouse on September 21st & 22nd 2018 and also their biggest hometown show at Nottingham’s Concert Hall on September 30th. They also play their biggest Paris show too at Le Triannon on 26th Sept, some Scottish dates in November with shows in Copenhagen and Amsterdam planned for November too.

                                      The band are currently in the studio in Nottingham working on tracks for a new album planned for March 2019.

                                      Jason Williamson says about the new songs “the lead tracks are mostly full of violent tendencies that only transpire through imagination. People are powerless under the political monster and the intense anger and frustration morphs into illusions of attacking each other through the bravado of social media, depression and paranoia.”


                                      The Pact

                                        Slothrust is principal songwriter, guitar player and unrepentant aesthete Leah Wellbaum, with drummer Will Gorin and bassist Kyle Bann. On their fourth full-length album The Pact, Slothrust constructs a luscious, ethereal cosmos perforated with wormy portals and magic wardrobes, demonstrating more clearly than ever the band’s deft shaping of contrasting sonic elements to forge a muscular sound that’s uniquely their own. Bizarre and mundane, tender and confident. The awkward duality of the forever outsider, rightly reclaimed as power. This is The Pact. Produced and engineered by Billy Bush in Los Angeles (the band’s new home base), Slothrust’s new album is a confident journey across 12 songs that oscillate between a quietly reflective tenderness and a slick, sleek confidence; balancing playful innocence with ballsy swagger. “This is the most fun I’ve ever had making a record,” Wellbaum confirms. “We were able to take risks. I’m saying yes more than no these days.”

                                        For fans of Pixes, Pj Harvey, Smashing Pumpkins.. 

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Barry says: Instantly reminiscent of the grunge heyday of the 90's (my absolute favourite heyday as it goes), Slothrust have the huge guitar sound of The Smashing Pumpkins, the irreverent snotty lyricism and spine-chilling delivery of Courtney Love (before she got all.. 'I found the plane etc') and the quiet-loud dissonance of NIN. It might seem reductive to put out so many comparisons to twenty years ago, but it's a nod to their skills that people have been trying and failing for twenty years to sound like THIS. Ace.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        Coloured LP Info: Indies exclusive translucent gold vinyl.

                                        In feels like we've been waiting all year for this! Sent to press in Spring, test pressings were approved, dished out to some select DJ's and since then the anticipation's been building fast! Fast forward some six months and the post-RSD bottleneck has cleared somewhat, meaning we're due another glut of independent, low-run dance releases before the year's out - including this fine specimen.

                                        Sonic Insomniac is, to all intents and purposes, D. Ball - the 'other' groundbreaking and cult adored artist on Manchester / Salford label Ourtime. However, Dave put the alias aside some fourteen years ago following a string of releases on New Religion, so kick starting it again this year has caused excitement to reach fever pitch.

                                        Whereas under his own moniker Dave makes forward propelled, mainly 4/4 techno; Sonic Insomniac allows him to explore darker and more sci-fi tinged realms of his persona. Slower tempos, strange rhythms and a cinematic, space-aligned approach characterize the album, with dancefloor techno politely taking its turn behind vintage electro soundscapes and dreamy, home tuned electronix.

                                        There is however, a couple of crucial dancefloor eruptions. The aptly named "Dunk's Track" opens side B with a club ready glider that'll get most of MCR's underground movers huffing poppers straight out of the mighty label head's (and most excitable staffer of Vinyl Exchange...) own hands while "Time Has Come" sees that end-of-night dystopia punctuated with a tasty old skool beat and tense musical passages that'll keep aircraft hangers and warehouses gyrating till sunrise. I can't help but mention "Cosmic Drfit" - possibly Dave's most skilled display of sound design and synthesis to date while "Starlight" sees the gravity-less planes of the outer planets rendered crisply and sonically on a slice of electronic downbeat abandon.

                                        A massive achievement reigniting this alias and still keeping true and concise to the original sound whilst also unloading up our receptive ears and headspace one of the best techno and electro albums of 2018. Mr. Ball we love you! Totally recommended.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Matt says: Finally, I thought it wer never gonna arrive! My most played album of the year is now available to one, all, Royals and peasantry alike. The universal language!

                                        Following the 7” revisiting Candi Staton’s much-loved gospel anthem, this Glitterbox Recordings 12” features four diverse remixes of ‘Hallelujah Anyway’, three of which are new to vinyl. Kicking off with Larse’s Vocal mix, touching deeper territory with a mid-tempo house rendition, Dr Packer’s indulgent piano-littered mix is next, picking up the energy and re-introducing the disco beat. Italian producer Moplen delivers a 90s-influenced Classic Club Vibe mix, maximising Candi’s uplifting vocal. Finally is FK’s Director’s Cut Signature Praise 12” Edit, a Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper production which is available here on vinyl for the very first time. Picking up the pace with soaring synths and a grooving beat, the mix takes the anthem firmly back to the dancefloor, compelled by the original song’s call for jubilation. Four must-hear mixes from Glitterbox, breathing fresh energy into this timeless record.


                                        Swedish Cobra

                                          The Stockholm based quintet Sudakistan return with their second album Swedish Cobra, again fusing their own brand of psychedelia infused rock with latino rhythms. It’s the follow-up to their acclaimed debut LP from 2015, Caballo Negro, which was hailed as a mixture of Thee Oh Sees and Death From Above 1979, and released to rave reviews from the likes of Classic Rock, Uncut, The Line of Best Fit and KEXP. Recording live in studio, Swedish Cobra captures the band’s chaotic but focused live shows, showcasing a broader and more mature sound while losing none of the urgency.

                                          A really special re-issue here from Running Back's archival imprint, Super Sound Singles. "Music" by Syncbeat is one of the crowning glories of the UK electro / street sounds scene. Pioneers by Greg Wilson (who stated: 'The track that received the best response was “Music” by Syncbeat, which was full of good vibes... when discussing the underground legacy of UK electro). It also found favour with our European friends in Hamburg - at Stockhausen and Dlugosch's seminal Front Club.

                                          Originally released in 1984 via Street Sounds resp. Streetwave and later licensed to German omnivore Zyx Records. The project was a joint venture between Greg Wilson alongside Manchester musicians Martin Jackson & Andy Connell. It combines a frenetic and jubulent sound palette that could blow the roof of both the Hacienda and Tony Humphries Zanzibar; the gated electro-bass, incessant hand claps and tribal chant could, as Greg Wilson stated, gone onto be recreated as a legendary house track, but this proto blueprint from the mid 80's was all a B-boy or club kid would need to start pulling moves.

                                          Reissued with fresh mixes from Boris Dlugosch who played a large part in ignirting Running Back's interest in the track, it comes with four (count 'em!) different versions plus some bonus materieal such as the tribal refrain or stripped back beats.

                                          Already causing a fuss here in store, and it's not properly out till 2moz (!!) this could well be one of the big anthems across the locale and beyond for the next season or two. Get in on the action early by grabbing your copy pronto!

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: One of those record's that's so large you can't believe you haven't heard it before. Well, I fear all that's about to change proceeding this tasty re-ish from the good folks Running Back.

                                          The Secret Seapony (feat. Afrahis JJ, Tom Ace & Ulli)

                                          The Secret Seapony E.P

                                          Norwegian Seapony Power! Must have for fans of Sex Tags, Sued, Major Problems and Workshop.

                                          The Secret Seapony's debut EP with 4 pieces of varied cuts. Joined by Hillevåg dwellers: Afrahis JJ, Tom Ace & Ulli. Introduced with scattered morse codes pumped into deep turquoise oceans from the acidic dubmarine. Chiming lost triangles of Bermuda-trance w/ solid squared TB 303-bubbles and deep MS10 waves.

                                          B-side greets nature with an uplifting melodic percussion session lead by JJ´s solid DX´ing and playful muranidaes. Last cut comes with full blesselse and merges into a bliss trip w/ Tom Ace & Ulli.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Matt says: More shamanic house business for our ever expanding section!

                                          Ralph Thomas

                                          Eastern Standard Time

                                          Following hard on the heels of BBE delving into the archives of Detroit’s Strata Records and delivering their widely acclaimed and hugely in-demand exploration of J-Jazz, comes another crate digger’s delight- Ralph Thomas’ ‘Eastern Standard Time’, which dropped the USA back in 1980, on the obscure Zebra Jazz imprint. The self-produced ‘Eastern Standard Time’ features Thomas on baritone, alto and tenor saxophones as well as flute and percussion. He describes himself as a practicing ethnomusicologist whose musical vision evolved during the Sixties and it’s Thomas’ multifaceted, global approach that gives the music on Eastern Standard Time’ an engaging and distinct flavour.
                                          In 1974, he moved to Los Angeles and was employed as a session player with both 20th Century Fox and Motown – where he recorded with Marvin Gaye, Jermaine Jackson, Smokey Robinson and Rick James. In the early Eighties he was working for Quincy Jones Productions appearing on the soundtrack of Roots and The Color Purple but a passion for reggae music led him to Jamaica where he recorded with producer Jack Ruby and artists like Augustus Pablo and Gregory Isaacs. In ’86 he moved to NYC where he collaborated with Boogaloo legend Johnny Colon and played with like-minded musical explorers Sun Ra, Don Cherry and Olatunji. However, by 1993 his restless spirit carried him to Paris where studied Ethnomusicology and performed with trumpeter Mra Oma and film-maker Ranaivo-Rajaona Hery. There were also gigs with percussionist Trilok Gurtu as well as drummer Sunny Murray and saxophone legend Archie Shepp. Upon moving to the South of France Thomas ran an art gallery and initiated his MusArt project – which has since toured in the US, Canada and Japan.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Millie says: Immerse your soul with some beautiful Jazz provided by Ralph Thomas, loud and impacting, I’m very glad this album has been reissued for all to hear.

                                          Richard Thompson

                                          13 Rivers

                                            The 13-song set is the Grammy nominated artist’s first self-produced album in over a decade and was recorded 100% analogue in just ten days. It was engineered by Clay Blair (The War On Drugs) and features Thompson’s regular accompanists Michael Jerome (drums, percussion), Taras Prodaniuk (bass), and Bobby Eichorn (guitar).

                                            13 Rivers is a bare-bones, emotionally direct album that speaks from the heart with no filters. “There are 13 songs on the record, and each one is like a river,” Thompson explains. “Some flow faster than others. Some follow a slow and winding current. They all culminate on this one body of work.”

                                            A high water mark in an overwhelmingly impressive career, 13 Rivers was recorded at the famed Boulevard Recording Studio in Los Angeles. Previously known as The Production Workshop, which was owned by Liberace and his manager, the locale served as the site for seminal classics by Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Ringo Starr, and hosted the mixing sessions for Pink Floyd’s legendary The Wall.

                                            Of the album, Thompson says, “The songs are a surprise in a good way. They came to me as a surprise in a dark time. They reflected my emotions in an oblique manner that I’ll never truly understand. It’s as if they’d been channelled from somewhere else. You find deeper meaning in the best records as time goes on. The reward comes later.” He continues, “I don’t know how the creative process works. I suppose it is some kind of bizarre parallel existence to my own life. I often look at a finished song and wonder what the hell is going on inside me. We sequenced the weird stuff at the front of the record, and the tracks to grind your soul into submission at the back.”

                                            Throbbing Gristle

                                            Heathen Earth

                                              ‘Heathen Earth’: A live document of a performance by TG to a small and invited audience on 16 February 1980. Uses re-mastering from 2011. Neither an insight into TG’s recording process nor private live show, ‘Heathen Earth’ is its own entity and exists as a document and testament to a group of people at the height of their creative powers, recorded just over a year before they disbanded and terminated the mission.

                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                              Coloured LP Info: Blue vinyl in gatefold sleeve, echoing the first pressing of the album from 1980, of which there were only 750 copies pressed. Subsequent pressings have all been on black vinyl. Also contains an 8 page 12” booklet entitled ‘Industrial News’. Vinyl format also contains a high definition download code for the tracks featured on the 2CD set’s second disc.

                                              Throbbing Gristle

                                              Journey Through A Body

                                                ‘Journey Through A Body’: Recorded as a piece of art for and in the studios of Italian National Radio RAI in Rome March 1981. Remastered. On the recommendation of Robert Wyatt, RAI originally commissioned Cosey Fanni Tutti to create a sound work based on the theme of ‘A Journey Through The Body’. It became a Throbbing Gristle project which was later broadcast by RAI. This was the last studio recording by Throbbing Gristle. It was recorded in five days, a day per body section. No tracks were re-recorded or added to after their day. Each track was mixed immediately after recording. No tracks were pre-planned; all tracks were invented directly to tape.

                                                FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                Coloured LP Info: Unavailable on vinyl since 1983 and now repressed
                                                on silver vinyl with foil blocked cover and featuring photos from the session.

                                                Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                                                Throbbing Gristle

                                                Mission Of Dead Souls

                                                  ‘Mission Of Dead Souls’: The final performance of Throbbing Gristle before their initial breakup, at the Kezar Pavillion, San Francisco on 29 May 1981. Remastered. Following the release of this album and public statement by Throbbing Gristle of ‘This Mission Is Terminated’ the legend of the band began and influence upon generations started to be felt.

                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                  Coloured LP Info: Unavailable on vinyl since the early 1990s, pressed here on white vinyl, recreating the original sleeve and using a silver ink with a new inner sleeve with photos and a passage by Jon Savage.

                                                  Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.


                                                  The Willo / Energy

                                                    Since 2010, Toy have earned a reputation as a band of integrity, virtuosity and taste, with Tom, Maxim, Dominic, Charlie and (joining in 2015) Max creating a sound that is embedded in the underground tradition, yet distinctly their own. Now here comes a two-track twelve-inch on Tough Love, a foretaste of a forthcoming album in January 2019, which marks a new dawn for this most singular of bands.

                                                    ‘The Willo’ is a dreamlike, seven-minute glide, redolent of a forest at sunset and just as pretty, but not without hints of malevolence. Maxim's fingerpicking acoustic melds with electric twang from Dominic, and a whirling organ from Max Oscarnold gives this elegant creation an extra layer of disorientation and depth. “People appear to have seen Will-o’-the-wisp, a mysterious green-blue light, over the centuries. It generally means something ominous is about to happen", says Tom.

                                                    Then there is ‘Energy’, which lives up to its name with thunderously metronomic drums from Charlie Salvidge and a ferocious guitar from Dominic O’Dair. The lyrics, culled from a story written by Max about a nighttime ritual, are obscured by the barrage-like forward momentum of the music.

                                                    The twelve-inch, recorded and mixed by the band between Oscarnold’s Stoke Newington flat and a south London studio, is the first release for Toy on their new label Tough Love, representing the latest stage in the evolution of the band. Since their inception, they have released the acclaimed albums Toy (2012), Join The Dots (2013) and Clear Shot (2016), and toured everywhere from Serbia to China, while holding onto that youthful, magical moment of discovering strange new worlds of innocence and experience.

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Mine says: Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of TOY. The band return with "The Willo", a dreamy, innocent sounding song that quickly develops into the soundtrack to a ride through a magical forest, and "Energy", which with its pounding drums, driving bass and post punk-y, occasionally chaotic guitars could hardly sound more different. Two interesting songs that leave us excited for the new album!

                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                    Ltd 12" Info: Indies store exclusive - limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.

                                                    With an average age of 19 when the album was released, TriForce is a jazz-infused band coming out of a vibrant London live music scene. Dominic Canning, Ricco Komolafe and Benjamin Appiah came together at Middlesex University finding a common interest in the music of Thundercat, J Dilla, Austin Peralta and Frankie Knuckles.

                                                    The exciting guitarist, Mansur Brown (who featured heavily on Yussef Kamaal's debut album 'Black Focus'), completes the band line-up that has already made themselves within London's alternative jazz community, due in no small part to their raw youthful energy.

                                                    In their own words, "The driving force behind TriForce are the values we take into our everyday lives. Creativity, innovation and empowerment...people have done Hip Hop...swing...RnB, it's time for it to go somewhere else. It's time for it to be elevated....It's now the UK's turn to show what we have to offer."

                                                    This vinyl LP contains an exclusive remix of the opening track Mikayoko by Kaidi Tatham, not available on the CD or digital download versions.

                                                    Trope's musical influences stretch much further afield and pull together a heady mix of jazz, soul, electronic dance music and Hip Hop that highlights their talent for sophisticated writing with complex melodies and harmonies.

                                                    "Here, harmonies interchange and tempos flip as each track takes you on a journey to an unknown destination. It's a delightful adventure. ...Trope 5ive rewards listeners with fresh details on every spin, such as the subtle strings accompanying The Drop or the plaintive piano-led interlude on Your Truth." - Commercial Break 2017

                                                    After three stand out eps over the last three years for L.I.E.S. Tzusing delivers his debut lp for the forward thinking New York label. Here we get seven tracks of precison crafted electronics, unmistakenly taking the artists signature industrial fueled sound and opening it up to a new dimension far beyond the typical metal beat clang. Emotional, dark and powerful, the album title taken literally means "Invincible East" based on a character (a swordsman) in a Jin Yong novel who must make the ultimate sacrifice to attain knowledge and transform. The narrative goes in hand with the artists observations living and travelling throughout Asia and provides a haunting soundtrack for a bleak future where few dare to subvert the power structures at hand.

                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                    Patrick says: I'm all for a bit of Tzusing, and the producer's latest offering takes his trademark crunching electronics and clanging beats into a new realm of dark and dystopian sound design.

                                                    Glenn Underground

                                                    Escuchame / Hi Tech Soul

                                                    Big big big BIG choon here from Glenn Underground. Originally released in 2009, so later on in the Chi-town legend's career, but none the less arresting it takes cues from Glenn's pivotal 1995 piece - "Beyond", with its galloping mini-arps and non-uniform drum programming. "Escuchame" is jarring, elbow-out, strobe light on, Chicago JACK. A nondescript vocal refrain repeats 'future...' over taut synth arps and swirling, disorientating drums. When that, on-the-one snare-kick pattern hits you'll be marching straight to the podium in order to get down.

                                                    "Hi Tech Soul" also possesses galloping synth work, and supplements it with twangy leads, crisp hats and added perc. It's slightly more Detroitian in nature, veering deliciously into Delando Smith's territory whilst still being 100% Glenn!

                                                    Official reissue thru Groovin Recordings 2018 & published by Strictly Jaz Unit Music. TIP!

                                                    Unearth Noise & Dreamspeak

                                                    And The Light Beams Will Guide The Way

                                                    After two years Unearth Noise returns with a second dosage on LFI. "And The Light Beams will Guide The way" arrives as a double LP with one disc from Unearth Noise and the other from his collaboration with vocalist Myrh, under their collaborative guise Dreamspeak.

                                                    Unearth Noise's solo works delve into familiar territory. At times reminiscent of his debut on the label "Prayer and Resonance" his signature, dense and mesmerizing sound world develops on this second outing, harnessing a frenetic energy that dissolves like devil dust. Dreamspeak create a transcendental experience that beguiles listeners – one that is equally as haunting as it is enchanting.

                                                    Unknown Mortal Orchestra

                                                    Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Reissue)

                                                      Unknown Mortal Orchestra (U.M.O.) was conceived as a home recording project by Ruban Nielson after spending years playing and touring in an award-winning New Zealand punk band (on the legendary Flying Nun label). The band broke up after re-locating to Portland, OR and Ruban was ready to move away from his nomadic past. His recordings as U.M.O., mainly created for his personal amusement, have now taken on a life of their own. 

                                                      Ruban’s vision of creating “junkshop record collector pop” culminated in the creation of sprawling Beatles-esque guitar melodies over hammered out break-beats, spliced with an individual touch of gentle weirdness. The results deliver a surprisingly unified fusion of several influential elements - classic psychedelic rock, Krautrock rhythms and proto-hip hop beats – all interacting to create a cohesive album. 

                                                      Though the songs were never intended to be performed live, the last six months has seen the project gather pace behind a wave of critical acclaim. A sold-out limited edition EP lead Ruban to construct a live band consisting of skilled producer Jake Portrait on bass and a brilliant teenage drummer named Julien Ehrlich.

                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                      Coloured LP Info: Independent record store exclusive on Sky Blue vinyl. Limited to 1,500 units worldwide.

                                                      Tom Waits

                                                      Heartattack And Vine - Remastered

                                                        Released in 1980, Heartattack and Vine was Waits’ final album on Elektra Asylum and it built on the raw blues approach of Blue Valentine with the incendiary title track, the funky, organ driven “Downtown” and the stomping NOLA blues of “Mr. Siegal”. This album also contains some of Waits most popular ballads, including “Jersey Girl” which was famously a hit for Bruce Springsteen. “On the Nickle” is a moving song about the homeless people who lived on 5th street in downtown LA, and “Ruby’s Arms” is a beautiful song with a lovely Bach-like melody.

                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                        Coloured LP Info: RSD stores exclusive clear vinyl edition.

                                                        We Were Promised Jetpacks

                                                        The More I Sleep The Less I Dream

                                                          The More I Sleep The Less I Dream marks a new chapter in We Were Promised Jetpacks’ career. It’s about going back to the heart of who they are, a high school band that never stopped. It’s about four people who have grown up together, making a conscious choice to keep writing music and seeing where that takes them. Sometimes you have to go back to basics in order to find yourself again. But once you have, then what? It’s one thing to say you want to take a step forward, it’s a much more daunting prospect actually doing so. The More I Sleep The Less I Dream contains the essence of what the band have grown into, both as artists and as people. They’ve taken their experiences, both from their ten years as a touring band and from the changes in their personal lives, and forged them into an album that represents a new phase for the band.

                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                          Barry says: Swooning shoegazey melodies, throbbing bass guitar and those unmistakeable vox, We Were Promised Jetpacks provide a thrilling and multi-faceted listen, dynamic and exciting but eminently listenable. Brilliant stuff.

                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                          Coloured LP Info: Indies exclusive clear/purple splattered vinyl.

                                                          After their sensational debut LP "Oracle" last year (2017) , the German jazz - supergroup Web Web successive with an amazing new album. “Dance Of The Demons” is a furious dance with the demons – from positive spirit soul jazz "Land Of The Arum Flower", while the melody reminding to Ethopian Jazz of the Sixties, to the mad, outstanding "Sandia", or beautiful weird "Safar" WEB WEB have had an intense year, they’ve played dozens of live concerts, where they proved their professionalism, closeness, power and spirituality once more.

                                                          As a nice but ideal step, Web Web could thrill the well-known singer and Gembri-player Majid Bekkas from Rabat, Morocco, who joined the group into the studio. Tony Lakatos was working with Majid and Joachim Kühn in the last years, also Roberto Di Gioia played with Majid and Klaus Doldinger. This brilliant musician with his north-african roots enriches the rough and bluntly concept of Web Web jazz. In „Maroc Blues“, a solo performance by Majid Bekkas, you can hear the warm vibrant Gembri, an instrument like an upright.bass or lute with three strings. Majid’s marvelous voice, which, reflecting the centuries-old tradition of the Berber tribes, perfectly underpins the great improvisation and spirituality of Web Web.

                                                          Majid Bekkas is one of the most famous musician and representative of Gnawa-Music, which has its domicile in the south of Sahara. Majid Bekkas studied at the Conservatory For Music & Dance in Rabat, while playing since 1975 classical acoustic guitar and oud. For example, he played with Archie Shepp, Louis Sclavis, Peter Brötzmann, Hamid Drake and lot of others in the world of jazz and world music.

                                                          "Dance Of The Demons" (as well as the debut "Oracle") was recorded live in Munich, engineered by Jan Krause (Beanfield, Poets Of Rhythm), produced by Roberto Di Gioia and Michael Reinboth. The next, third Web Web album recording session are already scheduled for November 2018 with an outstanding famous guest musician, too.

                                                          Paul Weller

                                                          True Meanings

                                                            Paul Weller releases his fourteenth solo album in September, the twenty sixth studio album of his entire career. ‘True Meanings’ is a record unlike any he has ever made before. It is not “a departure”, in the sense that soul bearing, melancholic songs have always been an important part of what he does: from ‘English Rose’, to ‘Brand New Start’, right up to ‘The Ballad Of Jimmy McCabe’ from last year’s ‘Jawbone’ soundtrack. But never, ever before has he allowed himself an entire album to exhibit this side of his song-writing, or presented them quite like this.

                                                            ‘True Meanings’ is an album characterised by grandiose-yet-delicate, lush orchestration: an aesthetic to which Paul’s better-than-ever voice, singing some of his most nakedly honest words, is perfectly suited. It is both an album that a lot of his faithful audience have been wanting him to make for a long time, and an album that many new people outside of that audience will relate to.

                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                            2xLtd LP Info: 2LP Double heavyweight black vinyl LP, housed in a gatefold ‘tip-on’ sleeve, with 8-page booklet fixed inside the sleeve, plus a download card. The tip-on sleeve is limited to initial orders only.

                                                            Frits Wentink

                                                            Two Bar House Music & Chord Stuff Vol.3

                                                            The third and final instalment in Frits' 'Two Bar House Music & Chord Stuff' sees him continue to showcase his distinct style of lo-fi, wonky house - both quirky & unconventional, yet instantly endearing in the same breath.

                                                            Served up first in Frits' melting pot, 'Theme 09' kicks things off with a shuffling, UKG esque rhythm and RnB flexed vocal snippets, alongside floaty arps and that 'chord stuff' that swells and stabs in the mix. Throw in a weighty bass and Frits' trademark analogue wonkiness and you've got a prime example of a Wentink wobbler. Next up, 'Theme 10' hits you with an organ melody reminiscent of a warped Crystal Waters, before twisting and turning into an edgy off-kilter house track. A glitchy synth line, bouncing bass and dreamy pads will hook you till the end.

                                                            Flip it and 'Theme 11' offers up a chuggier affair where glistening arps are interspersed with squelchy and sustained synths. Elements and effects are combined throughout, mesmerising you with a glimpse into the wonky world of the Frits'. Closing it out Wentink leaves you with a quirky club stomper, coupling a gritty bassline, saturated loops and off kilter, lo-fi stabs all tied together with a driving kick.

                                                            Across this 3-part series Frits' has left the fancy titles at the door, letting the music do the talking and demonstrating his penchant for making interesting, engaging and distinctive house music…. not your average two bar house music and chord stuff.

                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                            Sil says: Frits Wentink is back and that can only be a good thing. It is! Bubbly, forward thinking, imaginative and playful dancefloor oriented deep house at its finest. Try to ignore the title of this series and focus on the music. It is plainly speaking, outstanding!

                                                            James White And The Blacks

                                                            Sax Maniac (Redux)

                                                            The New York No Wave legend returns to record store shelves everywhere! Long out of print, it’s only right James Chance (White) was back where he belongs, this time it is in the shape of a lovingly packaged reissue of one of his masterpieces - 1982’s Sax Maniac LP.

                                                            Currently at the forefront of the popular music conciousness, fresh from a guest performance with Franz Ferdinand on prime time US televisions ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’, this fantastic Redux version of one of JAMES’ most revered records showcases his anarchic saxophone and deconstructionist approach to rock ‘n’ roll through avant garde arrangements and a blending of contemporary jazz with a true punk ethos.

                                                            To go alongside the music are four incredible photographic prints of JAMES CHANCE and Anya Philips by Edo Bertolgio, the director of the now classic movie Downtown 81, which starred Jean-Michel Basquiet and a memorable performance by the James White And The Blacks era band heard here on this record. Drenched in an infinite cool, Sax Maniac is a true document of downtown New Yorks’ underground music and art scene in the early 80’s.

                                                            This limited edition Redux version of this incredible LP is remastered and contains a bonus track featuring fellow no-wave legend Arto Lindsay (DNA, The Lounge Lizards). It comes on heavy 180g limited coloured vinyl with free download. The record is encased in a clear PVC sleeve with the logo printed on the font, inside it contains 4 x photographic prints of images by the great Edo Bertoglio (Downtown 81, Jean-Michel Basquiet) allowing you to use whichever image you desire as the front cover! It also boasts newly written liner notes by the legendary James Chance himself. So get yourself a slice of hot sax - only while stocks last.

                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                            Coloured LP Info: LP is pressed on 180g ‘Downtown Dusk’ coloured vinyl (Clear Marbled with Orange and black).

                                                            Wolves In The Throne Room

                                                            Black Cascade (Reissue)

                                                              The mesmerizing second album in the Southern Lord trilogy from Wolves in the Throne Room.

                                                              Transcending the limitations of Black Metal to be reborn as an entity entirely unto themselves.

                                                              Wolves In The Throne Room

                                                              Celestial Lineage (Reissue)

                                                                The entrancing, hypnotic third album in the Southern Lord trilogy from Wolves In The Throne Room.

                                                                Celestial Lineage opened Black Metal into entirely new dimensions.

                                                                Wolves In The Throne Room

                                                                Two Hunters (Reissue)

                                                                  Long awaited repress of the first album in the Southern Lord trilogy by  Wolves In The Throne Room.

                                                                  A monumental, genre-defining release. Contains one entirely exclusive bonus track: "To Reveal" and an extendedversion of “Cleansing.”

                                                                  Adrian Younge’s acclaimed collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, re-issued for the first time on Linear Labs! The sounds of classic 36 Chambers-era RZA meld with Portishead and the Italian film music of Ennio Morricone on 12 Reasons To Die, the first ever collaboration between Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge. A daring, full-length Crime/Horror concept album, 12 Reasons’ executive producer and Ghostface’s longtime Wu-Tang Clan collaborator The RZA, referred to the album as “groundbreaking” in the hip-hop genre.

                                                                  Ghostface Killah’s prominence in hip hop has grown steadily over his 20-plus year career – including high-profile appearances on Kanye West’s Cruel Summer, RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack and 36 Seasons, his recent collaboration with The Revelations – 12 Reasons catches the gifted MC at the height of his lyrical prowess. Composer/producer/instrumentalist Adrian Younge represents the next generation of black music producers. His aim is an organic re-appropriation of hip-hop circa the mid-90s. His previous releases, the "Black Dynamite" soundtrack album (2009) "Something About April" (2011), and "There Is Only Now" plus his collaboration with Souls Of Mischief (2012), touched on psychedelia, blaxploitation, and the cinematic soul of the 1970s. "12 Reasons" was Adrian’s first project in which he’s immersed himself in the world of hip-hop. 

                                                                  Continuing their relentless pace, RNT keeps the pressure on the dance floor with a four-tracker of solid heat from seasoned French producer Yuksek. Whether flipping an underground disco darling in 'How I Love To Dance,' working a percussive DJ tool to perfection with 'The Beat' swinging the low-slung funk of 'Think of You' or paying homage to an icon of French disco kitsch with 'Dance In Disco,' this 12 has a little something for every dancer and time of night. Allez France!

                                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                  Sil says: The Razor N Tape domination on the edits world is non-debatable. 12" after 12" they show us that quality does not decrease. And I believe the reason for such caliber is variety and eclecticism. The four tracks on this installment share a common denominator... dancefloor-centred breaks. The four cuts are almost peak time material. They are all that good, folks. Do not sleep.

                                                                  "People of the Dawn" is the debut album from Spencer Zahn - a bassist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. He has spent the last several years as an in-demand sideman and collaborator, touring and recording with artists from across a wide musical spectrum. While traveling as a bassist and keyboard player, Zahn started recording synthesizer experiments in his off time. These experiments - musical snapshots of cities all over the world - became the foundation of "People of the Dawn", an album that seeks to merge the chaotic wisdom of jazz improvisation with the warm pulse of electronica.

                                                                  "People of the Dawn" sees Zahn step away from the stage and into the studio with his own boundary pushing ideas. The record centers around the bass as a sound and instrument of melodic expression. Using the bass as an anchor for spectral synth textures, Zahn weaves the acoustic and electronic together. Throughout the record there's a dialogue between experimental electronics and contemporary jazz motifs that feels like uncharted territory. The result is a strange new map that casts Zahn as both cartographer and explorer of the sound. "...Dawn" was recorded in Brooklyn in collaboration with producer Dave Harrington, virtuoso guitarist and member of electronic duo, Darkside. The album features Zahn in conversation with Harrington’s electronic processing, manipulating acoustic instruments in real-time, the two longtime collaborators searching for, and creating, new forms for improvising. "People of the Dawn" was made in the spirit of a jazz album with the tools of contemporary electronic music.

                                                                  Various Artists

                                                                  Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground

                                                                    Who do we become when we live our dreams? It’s all here—the high hairdos, the dreams and schemes, the tender camp, the wedding bell fantasias and chaste tragedies. Sister acts, studio receptionists, classmates, angelic voices of the 1960s; some legendary, many hidden in the basement of expired rainbows. Gathered on this deluxe double LP (or CD) are 28 (56 on the compact disc!) foiled escape attempts, now free to soar in girl group heaven.

                                                                    Charlie Bone's 'Do!! You!!!' breakfast show is one of NTS' flagship shows, highlighting the station's exploratove, non-corporate ethos and championing of new, under-appreciated, strange and deep musics.

                                                                    'The Do!! You!!' show mixes comedy skits with conversation, music and Charlie’s new gambit of ad libbing via the NTS chat room stream to create a show that is thought provoking, opinionated and entertaining.

                                                                    Humble and self-deprecating, yet somewhat larger-than-life, Charlie Bones’ honest appraisal of life and its banality creates a breakfast show, the likes of which you’ll not likely to hear on commercial airwaves.'

                                                                    Here we have the first release / compilation, curated and authorized by Charlie himself and, I think, pressed with the help of the good peeps at Rubadub. Spanning three different styles, but keeping the 'hard joy' and 'warmth but with teeth' ideals he holds true; Bruce Hackford reviists '79-era disco with "You Get High In NYC" - a jubulent and uptempo disco tune full of strings and congas and informed by Salfoul Orchestra's cinematic escapades. Dog & Fox is a woozy, abstract downbeat hip-hop jam that epitomizes the sound of post-millenium London with its intricate sound design and head-nodding drums. 

                                                                    All three tracks, no matter what their tempo, seem to have this energizing and optimistic glow which makes them perfect for the morning and dmonstrate Charlie B as a skilled and stylish curator, DJ and artist. Look at for plenty more from this cat in the pipeline!

                                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                    Matt says: Charlie Bones has become a household name amongst the fervent and exploratory music lovers of today. Now launching a new label off the back of his globally adored breakfast show, Do!! You!!! opens the day with a shine!

                                                                    After last year's excellent discoveries from Volume 1, another batch of ‘lost’ and unreleased Dutch (cassette) material is coming back to the future. For this sequel Knekelhuis dug deep into the Dutch lowlands and again found some independent music that’s still relevant today. In the process we met even more amazing musicians and heard great stories from a distant-not-so-distant past. Expect a wide palette of DIY and experimental sounds by artists from Groningen, Zwolle, Arnhem, The Hague, Rotterdam, Tilburg and Deurne. Volume 2 also features a beautifully designed inlay with liner notes in Dutch and English.Mastered by Wouter Brandenburg, designed by Steele Bonus and compiled by Mark van de Maat. 

                                                                    Various Artists

                                                                    Soul Jazz Records Presents - Studio One Freedom Sounds: Studio One In The 1960s

                                                                    "Studio One Freedom Sounds" is the new collection from the nation's favourite one-stop shop, focusing on the intense period in the second half of the 1960s when Studio One’s vast and unbeatable output of ska, soul, rock steady and reggae made it literally one of the hottest musical empires in the world.

                                                                    During this highly successful period, Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd released hundreds and hundreds of superlative singles seemingly on an almost daily basis, in the process making huge stars out of Jamaican singers such as Alton Ellis, Delroy Wilson, The Wailers, Slim Smith, Jackie Opel and many more.

                                                                    Powered by the finest in-house musicians working in Jamaica, whether it was The Skatalites, Jackie Mittoo’s Soul Brothers, The Sounds Dimension or The Soul Vendors, Studio One functioned as hit factory on the scale of Motown in the USA, shaping and defining reggae music for decades to come.

                                                                    Singlehandedly Studio One’s founder Clement Dodd was able to create the most successful vertically-integrated record company that Jamaica had ever known with pressing plant, printers, studio, shops and sound systems all running at once, with over 50 employees and hundreds of artists working with Studio One during this time.

                                                                    "Studio One Freedom Sounds" tells the story of Studio One in the 1960s with a stunning set of ska, soul, rock steady and reggae killer tunes as well as informative sleevenotes and track-by-track info by Noel Hawks.

                                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                    2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

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