48 Cameras was the brainchild and life project of self-proclaimed non-musician Jean-Marie Mathoul († 04/07/2018), a social worker born and raised in Huy who carefully conducted 48C towards cult status. After hearing an album of William S. Burroughs reciting poetry, J-M decided to put poems and spoken word to music. He was a poet in his own right, having already published a.o. Une cure au cancer (A cure for cancer), a book of poems which at times was wrongly sold alongside medical books. At a literary event in Liège, Belgium, he met UK-based writer Paul Buck (author of the novel The Honeymoon Killers) and the two of them decided to collaborate and thus formed 48 Cameras. The name of the collective references photographer Eadweard Muybridge and a poem by Jim Morrison.

It is important to note that 48C is somewhat of a non-band. The musicians and collaborators never actually recorded together, and to this day some haven’t even met each other. Before starting the recording process, J-M built an album in his mind: choice of album and song titles, who was to collaborate, even the artwork was clear long before the first note was played, leaving little room for surprises. All of this was carefully collected in decently structured Atoma notebooks full of polaroids, annotations and cut-out photos of paintings and advertisements of cigarettes. An avid smoker himself (as long time collaborator Calo recalls: ‘sometimes he was smoking three cigarettes at a time, he’d forget he had already lit one or two’), the notebook papers slowly transformed into nicotine colored archives of a project that often feels like the musical masterpiece of a recluse puppet master, overviewing and directing things from his attic home studio, aptly referred to as “the Observatory”.

Throughout the years collaborators sent their parts by snail mail on tape, DAT or even MiniDisc, and with the arrival of the internet some began to upload their contributions. Never, however, was the collective present together in the attic studio.


Patrick says: Stroom keep it esoteric, ambient and kinda cryptic with their latest archival offering, welcoming us into the ethereal plane inhabited by Jean-Marie Mathoul and his revolving band of collaborators. As we drift through the LP, the sounds form into an uncanny dreamscape where otherwordly sounds sit beneath spoken poetry.

Following up on their debut full length release, 79.5 drops a new and revamped version of their dance floor classic "Terrorize My Heart (Disco Dub)". A tune that leaves no room for gray and finds the ladies of 79.5 walking the line between vulnerability and forthrightness. Setting out with admonishments of love and infatuation that are quickly checked by the bluntness of women who’ve lived in the Big Apple for years, “is it her or is it me, that’s how it’s gotta be”. Remixed and remastered with a new intro for the DJs, producer Leon Michels and engineer Jens Jungkurth managed to take an already smash of a tune to a higher level. For the B side we enlisted one of underground hip hop’s brightest stars, Tall Black Guy. His “Bounce Remix” of “Terrorize My Heart” is just that. The Detroit producer takes the tune to a different level and turns it into a monster of a head-nodder. Loose drums and chord stabs provide backing track while vocal samples through out keep the track super hype. An easy dancefloor killer for the Hip Hop / R&B jocks!

Berlin-based collective African Acid Is The Future inaugurates its new label partnership with The Vinyl Factory by releasing the first in a three-part 2×12″ series "Ambiance".

The first installment, "Ambiance I", captures two extraordinary live performances in Berlin, backed by remixes from AAITF members Dauwd and Wolfonacid on the second 12″.

The live performances feature Kenyan dodo singer Ogoya Mengo & The Dodo Women, and the woman once described as Zimbabwe’s mbira queen Stella Chiweshe. The former was recorded live in Romain’s Azzaro apartment, while Chiweshe’s performance was captured in front of an enraptured crowd at Berlin’s iconic Funkhaus venue.

* Featuring Kenyan singer Ogoya Nengo and “the queen of mbira” Stella Chiweshe
* 2 x 12″ 180g heavyweight vinyl includes in a gatefold sleeve
* Includes printed inner and outer sleeves and an African Acid Is The Future booklet
* Artwork by Louis Vignat
* Vinyl edition of 500

Olli Ahvenlahti & The Stance Brothers

Minor Minor

Finnish jazz legend Olli Ahvenlahti presents his grade-A cooker "Minor Minor" from the LP "Thinking, Whistling" on 7". On the AA side, drummer-producer Teppo Mäkynen's celebrated alias The Stance Brothers presents first new music in 10 years with a tasty remake of the Ahvenlahti tune. The Stance version has a groove galore with the lead played on vibraphone adding levels upon levels to the operation, in signature "Teddy Rok" style.


Millie says: Mellow, classic jazz vibes on this seven inch from the We Jazz label, groovy piano with lots of sax thrown in for good measure is what makes this so so good.

Estonian pioneer Raul Saaramets exists in many parallel musical universes and this is reflected in his stellar output as Ajukaja, mining a rich furrow of stand out, oddball yet eminently danceable, groovy house and beat experiments. As the program co-director for Estonia's national radio station Raadio 2, he's given his country unprecedented access to some of the hottest music on this planet. He's also made some of the finest underground dance records over the last few years including 'Stranger', 'Benga Benga' and "Rare Birds' (made with long time production partner Andrevski) which were hammered by the scene's elite. His Bergerac debut has been a long time coming but well worth the wait.

Mhmhmh is a super vibey late night burner which quite obviously gets its title from the faintly Germanic, sleazy vocal sample which goes 'um hum um hum'. 'Sklad' trips you out even more with a mangled, ecstasy tinged fading in(tro) which gives you 'that' feeling. Flip this naughty fella over and you are met by 'Ekleeer' -  a super danceable disco cut rolls out until the vocals drop in and you realise that no other than David Lynch is on the studio! Last cut in thi s mega 12" is for 'Walk',  which previously saw light as a tape only track but it is playful scuffed-up jiggery pokery cried out for a vinyl release so here it is for your full enjoyment. Top draw 12" which can easy reach number one of our dance table here at the Piccadilly Towers Influencers department. 


Sil says: Easily record of the week for me. A surprisingly playful yet stubbornly dancefloor friendly cuts for those in need of alternative, off the beaten track ammunition to entertain your audiences. Majestic.


Slave To The Grave

    Alastor hearken to the days when heavy rock was the music of the rebel, the occult adherent and lurker in the shadows, not hipster bros. Theirs is the doom sound for those who discovered it on the edge of town, in the cold rain, perhaps, as an escape from the squares who’ll never understand.
    Alastor is heavy doom rock for the wicked and depraved. Drenched in heavy, distorted darkness and steeped in occult horror that will make your skin crawl and ears cry sweet tears of blood, Slave To The Grave pulls no punches in the Swedish band’s unabashedly bleak themes.
    "It’s an album that circles around the concept of death,” explains lead guitarist Lucy Ferian. “It’s about death in both its spiritual and personal meaning — how death is a part of our everyday life. How it affects our thoughts and actions. How some of us spend our entire life in fear of death, while some seek it. But no matter how you live your life and no matter what you achieve here on this earth. You are still just a slave to the grave."
    Alastor formed under a bad moon in 2016, consisting of Dharma Gheddon (vocals, bass, acoustic guitar and organ), Lucy Ferian on lead & acoustic guitar and organ, Terry Fying on guitar and Levi Athan on drums. Yes, those are their given birth names, why do you ask?

    The quartet released its epic 3-song debut album Black Magic in early 2017 via Twin Earth Records, followed by the 2-track “Blood On Satan’s Claw” EP on Halloween the same year. Joining forces with RidingEasy Records in 2018, Alastor hunkered down to summon the 7-track hateful gospel Slave To The Grave with engineer Magnus Sörensen.

    The album opens with the dramatic spoken intro “I döden är vi alla lika” (In death we are all equal) backed by rolling thunder and a clanging church bell to set the stage for the rumbling dirge “Your Lives Are Worthless.” Forlorn vocals and drop-tuned guitars seep like murky syrup as the song slowly morphs through varying riffs across the nearly 10-minute song as it builds to an epic crescendo of squealing guitar notes and pummeling half-tempo drums. “Drawn To The Abyss” is a swinging anthem punctuated by haunting backing vocals and scraping wah-wah guitar sounds leading into a powerful double-time outro. “N.W. 588” is the hook-laden melodic centerpiece sounding like an apparent nod to Technical Ecstasy leading into the flamenco-themed acoustic ballad “Gone.” The anthemic album title track rings out with pliant lead guitar notes countering the dark lyrics and behemoth, propulsive rhythms that can only foreshadow the heft of 17-minute album closer “Spider of My Love” which brings the album to a fittingly massive and funereal close. Perfect. 

    The latest unmissible edition of the Bahnsteig 23 series lands in store, bringing us the return of  elite Swedish digger and edit expert Albion Venables. The set kicks off with the frothy cosmic of "Poupee Mecanique", a swirling, camp and vampy synth popper finished off with stage make up. Though I'm sure my French homies must be screaming the I.D. at me, for us ignoramuses (?) this sounds a bit like a cybernetic cabaret cover of "Like A Virgin" (well, it doesn't but it kind of does). Next up "Balearo" switches the mood up with what could well be an inspired mash-up of sorts. Taking a bossa-ish disco drum track and murky post punk bassline, Albion unleashes the chorus-coated guitar, dreamy chimes and mournful vocals of a forgotten goth-pop number to create something truly Balearic in the most unexpected way. On the flipside "In Coherence" comes out of the blocks like a disco-tinged soft rocker with an infectious instrumental break laced with daytime TV overtones. Camp cosmic here we come! Finally "O.V.N.I." brings the jazzy synth licks, militaristic percussion and intergalactic chord progressions, progging us into the far future.


    Patrick says: Underestimate Albion at your peril! The Swedish digger, Camp Cosmic chief and edit don drops a quartet of quirked up chuggers, Balearic dreamers and leftfield cuts. Ace!

    Ayers, Cale, Eno, Nico

    1st June, 1974

      June 1, 1974 was originally released by Island Records the same year in which it was recorded. The idea for the concert came from Richard Williams (Island’s A&R), who suggested that the reunion of all of these Island artists would help generate interest in the label (which had up to then been primarily associated with reggae).

      Brian Eno performs two songs from his debut solo album Here Come the Warm Jets (1973), while former Velvet Underground chanteuse Nico delivers a stunning version of The Doors “The End”. Fellow former Velvet John Cale curdles the blood with his alarming take on Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel”.

      Kevin Ayers journeyed from his secluded lifestyle in France to appear and his performances take up the remainder of the album The personnel is completed with Ayer’s extraordinary touring band The Soporifics – featuring guitarist Ollie Halsall (Patto, Timebox), exceptionally reinforced by Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine) and Mike Oldfield.


      LP Info: A one off pressing of this island records classic!
      Limited to 1000 worldwide.
      Just 200 in uk!!!


      Time Tourist - Reissue

      New edition of the second B12 album, originally released by Warp in 1996. It continues the sleek, Detroit-inspired sci-fi techno moves of their "Electro-Soma" era, but ties the tracks to a playful concept in which the tracks are presented as an educational soundtrack designed by the 22nd-century company B12 Systems. Housed in an evocative Designer’s Republic sleeve based on a classic Trevor Webb airbrush painting, the sleevenotes riff on a dystopian future society looking back at the primitive past and includes references to such genre touchstones as Blade Runner, Philip K. Dick and Star Wars. For the new vinyl edition the original 'B12 technology times' sleevenote has been re-designed as a standalone booklet insert, and there is an A5 sticker sheet of future corporate logos from the Time Tourist universe. The download card includes 4 previously unheard alternate versions of tracks from the album.


      Matt says: UK space-techno enthusiasts B12 return with more of their indelible sound. Existing in the same star cluster as Martin Bond's Reel By Real project, "Time Tourist" nails that serene, interstella atmosphere perfectly; elevating all listeners into the stars and onboard the spacecraft.


      2xColoured LP Info: Comes with booklet, sticker sheet and d/l card including 4 previously unheard alternate versions.

      2xColoured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

      Best Records revive an all time Balearic classic for their latest reissue, bringing us the brilliance Bolognian winner from 1983, Band Aid's marvellous "A Tour In Italy". A bona fide White Isle play for Alfredo, Leo et al, this buoyant blast of sunblushed boogie gets full marks from every single member of the Balearic mafia - so you need to get on it. Checking all the boxes that matter (feelgood chug, funky AF bass, Chic-style guitars and delicate chimes) the O.G. whispers sweet and surreal nothings in at least two languages - what more could you want for a Balearic release? Well, maybe a dub - and it's the dub, with its reverb swathed drums, echo laced horns and flipped arrangement which has remained a staple for all these years. Good job it's on here really. This 2018 reissue also boasts an ace brucey bonus, the unreleased "Mediterranean Version", mixed and overdubbed by Pellegrino from Early Sounds Recordings. The Neapolitan hero brings the mallets to the fore, twists the synth sounds and transforms the track into a percussion party on a disco-not-disco tip.


      Patrick says: Best treat us to a great reissue of an all time classic here, the carefree and cool "A Tour In Italy" by Bologna's Band Aid. This new version offers up the OG, uber-Balearic dub and a brilliant alternative mix from Early Sounds man Pellegrino. Too good.

      Back in 2015 George Thompson AKA Black Merlin started a deep love affair with the remote island of Papua New Guinea. After his first album ‘Hipnotik Tradisi’, released on Island Of The Gods; George was intrigued to find a place drenched in culture and untouched by the western world.
      In 2016 George planned his first solo expedition, venturing out to meet the Kosua Tribe. Over the course of the next two years George would record the sounds of the Kosua people, from their daily lives, ancient dance customs and wildlife. During one of these trips he spent 14 days alone in the jungle, getting in and out of the Mount Bosavi crater and further 3 days inside recording and filming his experience. These recordings and experiences formed the basis of his second album, "Kosua". 


      Patrick says: Taking a leaf out of David Toop's book, Black Merlin took an ethno-musicological expedition to Papua New Guinea, entwining the sounds of the Kosua tribe with his dystopic synthwork for an eerie LP.

      Bohren & Der Club Of Gore


        ‘Beileid’ is the seventh album by the jazz/ambient band Bohren & Der Club Of Gore (the slowest band in the world), initially released on CD in 2011. The album is now being released on vinyl for the first time ever.

        ‘Beileid’ features a cover of the song ‘Catch My Heart’ by German heavy metal band Warlock. This cover is also the band’s first track to feature vocals, delivered here in fine style by Mike Patton (Faith No More).

        David Bowie

        Breaking Glass E.P (40th Anniversary)

          The new extended version of the E.P. features three previously unreleased live versions of the original E.P. tracks plus the addition of an unreleased live version of ‘Hang On To Yourself’.

          The E.P. now features ‘BREAKING GLASS’, ‘ART DECADE’, ‘HANG ON TO YOURSELF’ and ‘ZIGGY STARDUST’ live from Earls Court in London during the Isolar II tour of 1978. These four tracks are alternative performances to the ones that recently appeared on the critically acclaimed live album WELCOME TO THE BLACKOUT (LIVE LONDON ’78), and none were featured on the original 1978 E.P..

          Initially released in the UK in January 1977 on the groundbreaking LOW album, ‘BREAKING GLASS’ was co-written by Bowie, bassist George Murray and drummer Dennis Davis. A longer, reworked version of the song was a staple of the Isolar II Tour, and a live version from that tour was used as the lead track on the original live 7" E.P. to promote Bowie's second live album, STAGE in 1978.

          Continuing the Cape Verde series Mar & Sol bring this fantastic masterpiece of an LP ”Nha D’stine” from the legendary singer Américo Brito and his band Djarama. Originally recorded in 1983 and released on a private press by Américo Brito, this masterpiece of sunkissed groove and uplifting energy has been long out of press, so props to Mar & Sol for bringing it back into reach for us minions!

          Characterized by explosive keyboards, limber basslines, those irresistible rhythms unique to Cabo Verde and Américo Brito's infectious vocals, this is a a sunshine stunner you will undoubtedly cherish now and in 20 years. 


          Sil says: Soulful as they come. This is blissful world music that radiates warmth and positive energy without the bloody patchouli essential oil being rubbed all over your face. Seriously essential repress for those of you who know!


          LP Info: Includes insert.

          Brown Sugar

          I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks: Brown Sugar And The Birth Of Lovers Rock 1977-80

          Soul Jazz Records release this first ever collection of the pioneering British reggae Lovers Rock group Brown Sugar including rare singles, dubs and extended mixes. The album comes with extensive sleevenotes and interviews with Dennis Bovell, Pauline Catlin, John Kpiaye and Winston Edwards (Studio 16).

          Brown Sugar were formed by three young teenage girls - Pauline Catlin, Caron Wheeler and Carol Simms in South London in 1976. In the short period of time 1976-1980, the group - working with Dennis Bovell on the mixing desk and John Kpiaye (‘Brownie T) in the studio - recorded barely a handful of singles on the new Lovers Rock label, a number of which went to the top of the UK reggae charts. But success stopped there and with no album release and no industry support the group broke up in the early 1980s.

          Following their split Caron Wheeler became the lead vocalist for the hugely successful group Soul II Soul, Carol Simms launched a solo career as Kofi (re-making a number of Brown Sugar songs with producer Mad Professor) and Pauline Catlin returned to education.

          Despite their relatively low-key mainstream public exposure Brown Sugar (and the label on which their first records appeared) announced to the world a new genre of reggae music, Lovers Rock, which spoke for the first time with the sensibility of a new segment of British society; that of first generation-born Black British female youth.

          And while Lovers Rock became synonymous with sweet love songs, Brown Sugar’s music in fact expressed far more; a righteous pride and consciousness in being Black and British, a political stance more often associated with UK roots groups like Black Slate, Aswad, Misty In Roots and other British reggae acts in the late 1970s. Brown Sugar were in fact their own genre of ‘conscious lovers rock’ - an expression of ideological black cultural pride.

          Brown Sugar’s handful of three-minute love songs (often plus extended dubs) somehow manage to encapsulate all the complexities of identity, sexual politics and youthful righteousness of Afro-Caribbean youth living in Britain in the 1970s. Songs such as ‘I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks’, ‘Our Reggae Music’, ‘Black Pride’ and ‘Dreaming Of Zion’ spoke with a straightforward righteousness and consciousness that few roots groups could hope to match. The fact that they were all teenagers is even more striking.

          Dennis Bovell comments, “For Lovers Rock we needed a pulpit, a way of saying ‘this is the style’. Sound systems were already saying ‘this is lovers,’ brandishing it in the dance. Our intention was to create a style of music that my generation could identify with - one that had a beat, and you could dance to with your partner in a sound system setting.”

          Dennis Bovell’s mixes for the group gave a further dimension to Brown Sugar records - a sound system mentality, adding sound effects and dub elements. ‘I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks’ was the debut release for both Brown Sugar and the Lovers Rock label, a fitting calling card for both. The record was a hit on many sound systems across the UK, reaching the top of the reggae charts.

          Although the career of Brown Sugar was short-lived, their legacy and influence remains significant and now, 40 years on from these first records, all of the members are still involved in music. Pauline Catlin has recently re-launched her career under a new moniker, Shezekiel; Carol Simms, aka Kofi, remains a successful solo artist, one of the queens of Lovers Rock; Caron Wheeler, after leaving Soul II Soul at the end of the 1980s, embarked on a solo career, before re-joining the soul super-group which she continues to front to this day.


          Matt says: Lovers rock was a distinctly UK-JA hybrid, and Brown Sugar were one of the catalysts of this homegrown, offshoot movement and were huge here in Manchester, as well as London & Birmingham.

          Apollo Brown's made quite the impact here at Piccadilly this year, and tops off a wonderful year with this album together with Joell Ortiz - a New York rapper formerly signed to Dre's Aftermath and one quarter of the supergroup Slaughterhouse.

          Fans of Brown's traditional, MPC-based production should be familiar with his infectious hooks and boom-bap beats by now; and the smattering of grooves and hooks is unquestionably high. Ortiz delivers complex, full bars without fuss and follows the great NY heritage of catchy choruses and succinct rhymes.

          If you've enjoyed AB's collaborations with Ugly Heroes and Locksmith, then you're most certainly gonna get down to this. It also serves addition to Joell Ortiz's explosive catalogue. Most recommended. 


          Matt says: Another great rapper combines with Apollo Brown's deft and magical production for a quality album of OG boom-bap business, topping off another great year for Mello and this Detroit superstar.

          Kate Bush

          Hounds Of Love (Remastered Edition)

            The legendary and unimitable Kate Bush is proud to announce the breakout release of some of her most Iconic work as part of her massively anticipated 2018 reissue campaign. This includes the breakout re-release of her fifth, and arguably most commercially successful studio album ‘Hounds of Love’. The album includes the lead single and number on hit ‘Running up that Hill’, and also other hit singles such as ‘Cloudbusting’ and ‘Hounds of Love’. The Studio Album has been fully remastered by Kate and James Guthrie.


            LP Info: 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

            Kate Bush

            Lionheart (Remastered Edition)

              The legendary and unimitable Kate Bush is pleased to announce the breakout release of some of her most Iconic early work as part of her massively anticipated 2018 reissue campaign. This includes the breakout re-release of her second album ‘Lionheart’ which chronicles the young teenage Bush’s writing career, the period where she composed most tracks from the title. The Studio Album has been fully remastered by Kate and James Guthrie.


              LP Info: 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

              Kate Bush

              Never For Ever (Remastered Edition)

                The legendary and unimitable Kate Bush is proud to announce the breakout release of some of her most Iconic early work as part of her massively anticipated 2018 reissue campaign. This includes the breakout re-release of her third studio album, the 1980 number one hit ‘Never For Ever’. The iconic album was the first ever album by a British female solo artist to top the UK album chart, as well as being the first album by any female solo artist to enter the chart at number 1, whilst the title includes hits such as ‘Babooshka’ and ‘Breathing’ . The Studio Album has been fully remastered by Kate and James Guthrie.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                LP Info: 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

                Kate Bush

                Remasterd In Vinyl I

                  The legendary and unimitable Kate Bush is releasing iKate Bush Remastered in Vinyl I, a compilation of some of her most Iconic early work including her chart topping debut album ‘The Kick Inside’ which contains one of her biggest hits, the UK number one hit ‘Wuthering Heights’. The Boxset also sees new reissues of her hit albums ‘Never Forever’ , ‘Lionheart’ and also her 1982 album ‘The Dreaming’, which was produced entirely by Bush and is often characterized as her most uncommercial and experimental release. This hugely anticipated release sees her early catalogue completely newly remastered by Kate and James Guthrie for the first time in a 180g Heavyweight vinyl package. 

                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                  FREE SHIPPING This item has FREE UK shipping!

                  Kate Bush

                  Remastered In Vinyl II

                    The legendary and unimitable Kate Bush is releasing ‘Kate Bush Remastered in Vinyl II’, the second vinyl boxset of her massively anticipated reissue campaign, which includes the chart topping studio albums ‘Hounds of Love’, ‘The Sensual World’ and ‘The Red Shoes’and hit singles such as This Woman’s work and Rubber band Girl . The Boxset is newly remastered for the first time by Kate and James Guthrie, whilst it comes cased in 180g heavyweight vinyl and maintains its original artwork. 

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    FREE SHIPPING This item has FREE UK shipping!

                    Kate Bush

                    Remastered Part I

                      The legendary and unimitable Kate Bush is releasing her CD Boxset I Studio Albums which sees a compilation of some of her most Iconic early work including her chart topping debut album ‘The Kick Inside’ which contains one of her biggest hits, the UK number one hit ‘Wuthering Heights’. The Boxset also sees new reissues of her hit albums ‘Never Forever’ , ‘Lionheart’ and also her 1982 album ‘The Dreaming’, which was produced entirely by Bush and is often characterized as her most uncommercial and experimental release. This hugely anticipated release sees her early catalogue completely newly remastered by Kate and James Guthrie for the first time on CD, with the individual studio albums retaining their original artwork, whilst the external cover art work takes a fresh perspective and combines redesigned elements from the originals.

                      Kate Bush

                      The Dreaming (Remastered Edition)

                        The legendary and unimitable Kate Bush is releasing the breakouts of some of her most Iconic early work as part of her massively anticipated 2018 reissue campaign. This includes the breakout re-release of her fourth studio album, 1982’s ‘The Dreaming’. The album was produced entirely by Bush and is often Studio Album has been fully remastered by Kate and James Guthrie.

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        LP Info: 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

                        Kate Bush

                        The Kick Inside (Remastered Edition)

                          The legendary and unimitable Kate Bush is proud to announce the breakout release of some of her most Iconic early work as part of her massively anticipated 2018 reissue campaign. This includes the re-release of her chart topping debut album ‘The Kick Inside’ which contains one of her biggest singles, the UK number one hit ‘Wuthering Heights’ , notably written and produced in Bush’s teens. The Studio Album has been fully remastered by Kate and James Guthrie.

                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                          LP Info: 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

                          Kate Bush

                          The Red Shoes (Remastered Edition)

                            The legendary and unimitable Kate Bush is proud announce the breakout release of some of her most Iconic work as part of her massively anticipated 2018 reissue campaign. This includes the breakout re-release of her seventh Studio album which includes singles such as ‘Rubberband Girl ‘ and ‘Eat the Music’ and ‘The Red Shoes’. The Studio album is considered to one of Kate’s more collaborative pieces, with features from artists such as Prince, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. The album has been fully remastered by Kate and James Guthrie.

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            2xLP Info: 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

                            Kate Bush

                            The Sensual World (Remastered Edition)

                              The legendary and unimitable Kate Bush is announcing the breakout release of some of her most Iconic work as part of her massively anticipated 2018 reissue campaign. This includes the breakout re-release of her sixth Studio album which includes hit singles such as ‘The Sensual World’ and ‘This Woman’s Work’. The Studio Album has been fully remastered by Kate and James Guthrie.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              LP Info: 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

                              Started as the so called 'Krautrock Guerrilla' in 2012, six years later the Berlin combo Camera are releasing their fourth full-length album. Customarily associated with the likes of NEU! and La Dusseldorf it is time to allow Camera to break free of the krautrock tradition and accept that they are very much doing their own thing now. Motto: "It's not repetition, it’s discipline"

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

                              John Carpenter

                              Escape From New York - Expanded Vinyl Edition

                              Originally released on CD in 2000, the expanded soundtrack edition of John Carpenter’s classic 1981 thriller included over 20 minutes of previously unreleased music plus music from scenes deleted from the final print.

                              The masters were remixed from the original multi-track session tapes by long-time John Carpenter associate Alan Howarth.

                              This is the first time the expanded edition has appeared on vinyl in its complete form, including original dialogue highlights.

                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                              2xLP Info: 180 gram vinyl
                              Gatefold sleeve
                              Limited new pressing of 500

                              The Best Records reissue machine come correct with a limited edition of a great pre-80s Italian disco production that's done damage for Joey Negro, Sadar Bahar and Rahaan over the years. Powering into the peaktime with massive funky basslines and great vocals, "I'm In Love" was produced by Marty Celay and Robert Drake, who previously collaborated and wrote some succesfully songs in USA for Roundtree and Chic projects. Out of press for way too long, and out of financial reach in the second hand market, Cela's masterpiece finally gets an official remastered reissue from Best Record Italy. This time we can find  the full extended 11 minute disco version on the side A and the previously unavailable U.S.A. Version on the flip. 

                              STAFF COMMENTS

                              Patrick says: Unbeatable disco heat from Best Italy here, as Cela's melodic, smooth and sultry "I'm In Love" gets the reissue treatment it deserves. A big play for all your favourite disco jocks, this oft sampled and edited heater stands superior in its original form. Buy on sight!

                              The Chatham Forts

                              Not Fade Away / I Wanna Be Your Man

                                **Cover of classic Rolling Stones 7”** We asked a few of the bands we've worked with over the years to come up with a cover version of one of their favourite 7" singles. The interesting thing is that they also had to do the original b-side as well. That made it a lot trickier and a few fell by the wayside but we've ended up with a great set of seven singles.

                                Cigarettes After Sex


                                  Cigarettes After Sex are an ambient pop group based out of Brooklyn NY, led by vocalist/songwriter Greg Gonzalez and are inspired by the likes of Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star and the sound of early 60s records like the Paris Sisters. The band became a word-of-mouth phenomenon, generating over 100 million views on YouTube for their exquisitely yearning, graceful pop noir - all without the support of a label. They partnered with Partisan Records for their debut album, which was released in June 2017.

                                  ‘Crush’ was written and recorded in the same sessions as the album, however was previously unreleased. The B-side is recently released 'Sesame Syrup’ (also taken form the album sessions). This 7” will be the first time either of the two tracks have ever been available physically.

                                  “Languid dream pop bleeds into one beautiful, fuzzy headed whole… the intoxicating atmosphere lingers long after the tracks have played out” - Mojo

                                  Coil + Zos Kia + Marc Almond

                                  How To Destroy Angels

                                    COLD SPRING are proud to announce the complete recording of COIL + ZOS KIA + MARC ALMOND - 'A SLOW FADE TO TOTAL TRANSPARENCY'.

                                    Recorded 24th August 1983, at the AIR GALLERY, London, UK. Personnel for the performance - John Balance (Coil), John Gosling (Zos Kia), Marc Almond (Soft Cell) and live mix by Peter Christopherson (Coil, Throbbing Gristle).

                                    Liner notes by Michel Faber ('Under The Skin', 'The Crimson Petal And The White').

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    CD Info: CD in 6-panel digipak.

                                    Coil Presents Black Light District

                                    A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room

                                    For those who shine darkly......

                                    During the transitional period in which Coil’s primary leadership, Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson and John Balance, reorganized their creative direction by taking on new membership in the group through their inclusion of Drew McDowall, Coil took a drastic turn towards the metaphysical unknown.Employing the subtle handiwork of Coil’s“real life”members, as well as the cleverlyguised aliases and spiritual collaborators, the band chose to filter their identity through a the nome de guerre, Black Light District,setting the precedent of Coil’s future exploration of other worldy influence.

                                    Recorded during the Winter of 1995/96, Black Light District reflects more on their formal avant-garde pursuits and academic interests rather than their industrial pedigree resume. Starting off with an obvious nod to John Cage with their introductory “Unprepared Piano”, the tone is prepared in exactly the same way... unpredictable. Conceptually abstract, Black Light District shows Coil’s old guard disregarding the pop rhythms found on previous albums, such as Love Secret Domain,and fully embracing their experimental electronic trajectory. Subtle patterns of looping melancholy and malaise are placed delicately underneath ghostly electronic timbre. Approaching their creative method as something from the beyond, another realm in which sounds blur and performers seemingly appear from the ether.

                                    Dais Records announces the official reissue of "Coil presents Black Light District -A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room". Remastered by engineer Josh Bonati and supervised by Coil's Drew McDowall, the double LP vinyl release is packaged in a beautiful matte 24pt stock gatefold jacket Also available on digipack CD with booklet and digital.

                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                    2xColoured LP Info: Limited edition of 500 on TRANSLUCENT YELLOW.

                                    2xLtd LP Info: Limited edition of 500 on BLACK VINYL.

                                    2xLtd LP includes MP3 Download Code.


                                    Cookie Zoo

                                      For the last decade, and almost secretly, Carwyn Ellis records have meant the greatest news for people who love pop with no labels, nor affiliations. People who, after a record-hunting afternoon, enthusiasticly arrives back home with findings like Françoise Hardy LPs from the Vogue era, Arthur Verocai, Broadcast reissues, an Alessandro Alessandroni soundtrack, Meic Stevens' "Outlander" and an original, mint condition, O'Jays' "Back Stabbers" LP.

                                      Ellis has proved to be plenty of tools and talent to sum up, in forty minutes, all the magic of the best pop music recorded in the last fifty years, very well absorved and excitingly mixed, and steeped by a magic and pastoral halo from his native Wales.

                                      Before Edwyn Collins decided that Carwyn had received much less attenction than what he deserved, and supported in his label AED two wonderful records like "Good Music" (2012) and "Temari" (2014), Ellis had already recorded the "Magic Lantern Show" EP (2009), the acclaimed by Shindig magazine, "Box" (2010); and this first album, "Cookie Zoo" (2008).
                                      A debut, after his thirties, where we can find all his personal universe. "Cookie Zoo" is linked to "Dere Mewn", one of the most beautiful songs recorded in the United Kingdom in the last decade. An unique flower living in a botanical garden, filled with brilliant songs of all possible colours.

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Laura says: I can't believe it's 10 years since this album came out. I remember trying to track down a vinyl copy, after buying "Sound" on 7" (still one of my favourite singles of all time). At the time it was only available in Japan and out of my price range, so I'm delighted to finally get my hands on it. It's a gem of a record: gentle, intricate, melodic pop. Perfect!

                                      John Coltrane

                                      1963: New Directions

                                        'In the brief, bright arc that is the career of John Coltrane, 1963 marks a point of transition between past jazz masterpieces and future work which would transcend the boundaries of the music itself.  That year's recorded output shows movement in many directions: a look back at the past, continued examination of a familiar repertoire, exploration of more traditional formats and a look forward at compositions and approaches that would further extend the reach of jazz. John Coltrane 1963: New Directions collects all of John Coltrane’s 1963 Impulse recordings in the order in which they were recorded

                                        5-LP, 3-CD sets include artwork featuring original collages.

                                        The box is meant to show the growth in Coltrane’s musical journey in 1963 that ultimately resulted in 1964’s “Crescent” and, especially, “A Love Supreme” // Music comes from the original albums “Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album”, “John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman”, “Dear Old Stockholm” (released after Coltrane’s death), “Newport ‘63” and “Live at Birdland”.

                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                        FREE SHIPPING This item has FREE UK shipping!

                                        Chris Cornell

                                        Chris Cornell

                                          On November 16, fans can celebrate the recorded legacy of musical icon and singer/songwriter Chris Cornell, with the 17-track self-titled album, Chris Cornell. The first release since his passing in 2017, the album will be released by Cornell’s wife, Vicky Cornell on behalf of The Chris Cornell Estate through UMC. Chris Cornell commemorates his life and legacy not only as a singer, but as a poet and one of the most prolific writers and greatest voices of the modern rock era. Vicky, worked extensively with Chris’ bandmates and friends to compile a collection of material from the late artist’s expansive career, showcasing his contribution to music history with selections culled from the deep catalogs of his three influential bands— Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave— as well as songs from his solo career. She turned to producer Brendan O’Brien, who was a trusted partner to Cornell over the years and Jeff Ament who created the packaging for Chris Cornell. 

                                          The 180g 2LP edition (download codes included) comes in a gatefold jacket with limited-edition slipcase graphics, a 12-page booklet, and liner notes from bandmates and colleagues Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Tom Morello, Mike McCready, and Brendan O’Brien.

                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                          2xLtd LP Info: Double 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Limited edition die-cut slipcase.

                                          2xLtd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                                          Next up on Bicep's Feel My Bicep imprint is a fresh single from fellow Irishman ​Cromby​​, featuring two remixes from Electro stalwart ​DeFeKT and the ever-dependable ​Shanti Celeste​​.
                                          Having held down a 6-year residency at ​Shine​​ in his hometown of Belfast, Cromby now lives in Berlin where he has continued his ascent; having gone on to earn sets at ​Panorama Bar​​ and​ Robert Johnson ​​as well as a release on Denis Sulta’s Silver Service label.
                                          Now - he slots neatly into the FMB catalogue with ​'Retribution'​​ - a single that draws from his experience spent on the floor and behind the booth at clubs in Berlin, with it's stirring chords and frazzled drums.
                                          DeFeKT's offers up a buoyant, 808-heavy take on the original while Shanti's 'Chill' mix omits the kicks in favour of her signature sunny synth tones.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Sil says: Not your typical Bicep tackle but... as good as you expect it to be. This one is a bit deeper but still grants you those climaxes your punters are salivating for. The Defekt remix goes all polished electro, whilst Shanti Celeste cool things right down to an almost trippy ambient number. Ace release for a top DJ like you!

                                          The sprawling 25-track affair features unreleased Michael Jackson vocals on the track "Don't Matter To Me," a song which appears to be built around previously unreleased music: Paul Anka is listed as a co-writer on the track. Scorpion also included appearances from Static Major, TY Dollah $ign and Jay Z. On "That's How You Feel," Drake samples Nicki Minaj's song "Boss Ass Bitch" and Future appears on "Blue Tint." No I.D., DJ Premier, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Tay Keith, Boi-1da, and Murda Beatz are among the producers credited on the album.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Millie says: Drake has returned and is killing it once again with his fifth studio album. The album is culminated of twenty five tracks so you can eat your heart out, Scorpion is fierce and (of course) packed with emotion. Most importantly it features the hit single ‘Nice For What and ‘God’s Plan’.

                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                          2xLtd LP Info: Double LP in a gatefold sleeve.

                                          NYC photographer Ed Marshall produced these meditative club tunes as Dreamscape in '94 & '95. Originally released on his own New Age House Records label, they've become quite hard to find & mega in-demand.

                                          "Welcome To Our New Age House" includes the best of those two releases. Remastered from the original ADATs & pressed as a 2x12" for LOUD playback. Pumpin', passionate & positive music! Motivational deepness for your mind, body & soul.

                                          Perfectly fitting World Building's positive and dreamy outlook - think late night coastal drives with your favourite WBMX / Zanzibar mixtape on full blast with good friends and passionate lovers all by your side. 

                                          Rose Droll

                                          Your Dog

                                            Welcome to the world of Rose Droll’s debut album, a record that defies all labels and mystifies people trying to compare it to anything else. It challenges conventions, knocking you on your ass with some glitchy electronics here or a blown-out scream there when you least expect it. It’s a captivating listen from the San Francisco-based artist, one that rewards multiple listens and a close reading of the lyric sheet.

                                            The album, self-recorded and self-produced in a duplex in LA’s Highland Park and in a quiet cabin in Big Bear, is a collection of ten diverse tracks spanning the last three years. She played every instrument on the record, including guitar, piano, drums, bass, cello, and glockenspiel.

                                            Echo Ladies

                                            Echo Ladies

                                              Their mixture of guitars, synths and drum machines is more like a Venn diagram of your favourite bands and records. At various points you can hear The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’, The Jesus And Mary Chain’s ‘Automatic’, New Order and A Place To Bury Strangers’ total sonic annihilation, but crossed with the soaring indie-pop melodies of The Radio Dept, Alvvays, Camera Obscura and even a little bit of Saint Etienne. 

                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                              10" Info: Gold vinyl version

                                              Echo Ladies


                                                Cocteau Twins guitar legend Robin Guthrie has reworked one of the highlights of the Swedish shoegaze trio's acclaimed debut album 'Pink Noise'. He's taken the ‘Disintegration’-meets-slightly-out-of-focus-Saint-Etienne of the original and turned it into a classic indie-pop song – like Lush, The Primitives or even Strawberry Switchblade, with some nice Cocteaus-style bits in the background.

                                                On the flipside, there's an audacious cover of David Bowie's 'Rebel Rebel' (which often features in their live sets). They slow the song right down and turn it inside out, only adding the famous guitar riff as a synth motif near the end. 

                                                El Michels Affair Feat Lee Fields

                                                Never Be Another You (Reggae Version)

                                                For years, Lee Fields has been asking for and patiently waiting on a reggae rhythm to sing over. To bring this dream to fruition, EMA teamed up with frequent collaborator and reggae enthusiast, Nick Movshon, and busted out this version of the Lee Fields & The Expressions' instant classic, Never be Another You. The A side is the vocal version of the tune; EMA cut a killer interpolation of the original and had Lee lay down the vocals like only he can. The result is right on time for summer, a feel good side that can hold court right next to the classics. The B side finds Michels manning the boards for a proper version of the tune. Echoes, drop outs, and reverb flourishes all dancing through the mix in proper reggae style. 

                                                Brian Eno

                                                Ambient 1: Music For Airports

                                                  UMC / Virgin EMI present vinyl editions of the seminal Brian Eno albums ‘Discreet Music, ‘Music For Films, ‘Music For Airports’ and ‘On Land’. 

                                                  Although originally released interspersed with other albums and thus not fully sequential, these landmark records chart 4 key points in a fascinating journey that saw Eno explore generative music, found-sound ‘non instruments’, studio experimentation, ‘figurative music’ and–most notably–building upon Erik Satie’s concept of ‘furniture music’, eventually coining the now vernacular-standard term ‘ambient’. 

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Sil says: An all time classic. A pioneer with no need for an introduction. I managed to condition my son for his first 4 years of his life to go to sleep listening to this album and now 8 years old he stills requests it. I owe Eno a lot.

                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                  2xDeluxe LP Info: Deluxe, limited edition 2LP heavyweight vinyl, remastered at half-speed for 45RPM, in gatefold sleeve with Obi spine strip, Abbey Road Certificate of authenticity and download voucher.

                                                  LP Info: Standard 1 LP vinyl, remastered at normal speed for 33 RPM.

                                                  Brian Eno

                                                  Ambient 4: On Land

                                                    UMC / Virgin EMI present vinyl editions of the seminal Brian Eno albums ‘Discreet Music, ‘Music For Films, ‘Music For Airports’ and ‘On Land’. 

                                                    Although originally released interspersed with other albums and thus not fully sequential, these landmark records chart 4 key points in a fascinating journey that saw Eno explore generative music, found-sound ‘non instruments’, studio experimentation, ‘figurative music’ and–most notably–building upon Erik Satie’s concept of ‘furniture music’, eventually coining the now vernacular-standard term ‘ambient’. 

                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                    2xDeluxe LP Info: Deluxe, limited edition 2LP heavyweight vinyl, remastered at half-speed for 45RPM, in gatefold sleeve with Obi spine strip, Abbey Road Certificate of authenticity and download voucher.

                                                    LP Info: Standard 1 LP vinyl, remastered at normal speed for 33 RPM.

                                                    Brian Eno

                                                    Discreet Music

                                                      UMC / Virgin EMI present vinyl editions of the seminal Brian Eno albums ‘Discreet Music, ‘Music For Films, ‘Music For Airports’ and ‘On Land’. 

                                                      Although originally released interspersed with other albums and thus not fully sequential, these landmark records chart 4 key points in a fascinating journey that saw Eno explore generative music, found-sound ‘non instruments’, studio experimentation, ‘figurative music’ and–most notably–building upon Erik Satie’s concept of ‘furniture music’, eventually coining the now vernacular-standard term ‘ambient’. 

                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                      2xDeluxe LP Info: Deluxe, limited edition 2LP heavyweight vinyl, remastered at half-speed for 45RPM, in gatefold sleeve with Obi spine strip, Abbey Road Certificate of authenticity and download voucher.

                                                      LP Info: Standard 1 LP vinyl, remastered at normal speed for 33 RPM.

                                                      Brian Eno

                                                      Music For Films

                                                        UMC / Virgin EMI present vinyl editions of the seminal Brian Eno albums ‘Discreet Music, ‘Music For Films, ‘Music For Airports’ and ‘On Land’.

                                                        Although originally released interspersed with other albums and thus not fully sequential, these landmark records chart 4 key points in a fascinating journey that saw Eno explore generative music, found-sound ‘non instruments’, studio experimentation, ‘figurative music’ and–most notably–building upon Erik Satie’s concept of ‘furniture music’, eventually coining the now vernacular-standard term ‘ambient’.

                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                        2xDeluxe LP Info: Deluxe, limited edition 2LP heavyweight vinyl, remastered at half-speed for 45RPM, in gatefold sleeve with Obi spine strip, Abbey Road Certificate of authenticity and download voucher.

                                                        LP Info: Standard 1 LP vinyl, remastered at normal speed for 33 RPM.

                                                        Originally released in 1986 under Luis Delgado’s cult imprint El Cometa de Madrid, produced by Luis Delgado (Finnis Africae, Mecánica Popular) and performed by Patricia Escudero, this beautiful record dives into Erik Satie’s compositional work thru an experimental optic.

                                                        Entirely recorded on synthesizers, and making heavy use of FX and timbral manipulation, the record's serene and weightless nature are instantly observable from the start, whilst rich harmonic undertones & overtones reveal themselves with further exploration.

                                                        Additional info:

                                                        -This record was remastered and cut from the original tapes. However, those tapes were highly affected for what is known as the Sticky Shed Syndrome, and were very deteriorated.

                                                        Even though that was professionally taken care of, it was a very long process to get a result that exceeded our standards to be pressed. That being said, there are very few parts were you might find an slight change on sound that was impossible to eliminate completely, due to the above mentioned issue.

                                                        Simon Finn

                                                        Pass The Distance

                                                          "If'n you ain't beelined to that "Add to Cart" button already, allow me to lube it up for ya. Recorded in Chalk Farm Studios in London by Vic Keary for his Mushroom imprint (also home to Chillum and Second Hand), Pass the Distance sees landless folkie Simon Finn chase, tumble down and ultimately ravage his beasties and neuroses in a myriad of gripping and frequently terrifying ways.
                                                          Callin' it acid folk or psych folk or freaked out Xtian primal scream just ain't gonna do the business. Finn ain't finna get buttoned in. Though you can hear the stoned lilt of contempo bonnet-wearers like Donovan on "The Courtyard," the lyrics come off more like Jerry Moore on a Leonard Cohen bender. Things do get pastoral, too, but Finn's spokes are so clotted with mud and hay, he winds up collapsin' and gaspin' down a dry well ("What A Day").
                                                          But just when ya think ya boy is outta breath, on comes the tottering monolith that is "Jerusalem," in which Finn croaks til hoarse and foamin' about the state of contemporary believers. A swollen organ drone keens like an Irish wake in the background. Finn sounds like he's playin' guitar with those gauntlets people use to handle razor wire. The percussion struggles to escape in one piece. Of course, all the religious horse hockey is really just a red herring for the paralyzing anger and alienation consuming dude, but if'n you's a sturdy enough chap to have hung thru the first side, you musta figgered that out.
                                                          Side B calms it down a touch but the wonders still abound. Leads smother themselves, beauty is lost, folks get betrayed, menacing jokes are cracked. I spose I oughta emphasize the word "cracked" huh? Ya get the notion Finn is on a tough journey, but it's almost better just to wonder what great personal wilderness landed him on the road in the first place.
                                                          First time and long-overdue Stateside pressing. File awkwardly between Leonard Cohen's Songs from A Room and Kenneth Higney. Seems like Finn could use some company." - Sebastian Morris-White, Buffet of Loathsome.

                                                          Josephine Foster

                                                          Fairy Faithful Harmony

                                                            Faith and Fate, Destiny and Devotion, Dark Nights and Dazed Illuminations. Josephine raises a stained-glass lamp and shepherds us spelunking the depths of spirit in this four-part double album. Following the fame of her voice are choruses of winged entities (and a space shuttle) that ascend and descend a maze of spirituals: ritual prayers, blues laments, vestal hymns and jubilant benedictions. The edges of the natural world are revolving backdrops from which our narrator perches upon symbolic precipice or saunters desolate snow-blanched forest, exploring eternal themes of mortality and morality, beneath the moon and in occasional dialogue with a mysterious lord of love, an ambiguous mystical figure. Accompanying herself on guitar, piano, organ, harp & autoharp, this cycle of 18 new songs hearken back to various facets of Foster's anachronic oeuvre (the esoteric balladry of This Coming Gladness, native rhythms of Blood Rushing, somnambulist waltzes of I'm a Dreamer, the Shaker primitivism of Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead you). Celestial humor and devastating innocence are delivered with contributions from Victor Herrero (lead guitars), Gyða Valtýsdóttir (cello), Chris Scruggs (pedal steel), Jon Estes (bass), as well as cameos by members of The Cherry Blossoms and others. Recorded, engineered and mixed by Andrija Tokic at his Nashville Bomb Shelter Studio, mastered by John Baldwin, and produced by Josephine herself. 

                                                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                            2xColoured LP Info: Indies-only clear double vinyl.

                                                            Gabe & Jude return with record no. 2 on their own labour of love. "Jam From The Other Side" & "Different Frequency".

                                                            Side A swings its hips and shoulders, as a deep house stab keeps the flailing snare patterns and shuffled hats under some degree of control. Add a few choice vocal snips and you're in late night house heaven!

                                                            Side B doesn't feel the need to do anything different, simple couriering and jugular hitting injection of nocturnal house musica to our receptive minds and bodies, Again, G&J's sample selection and poise set them apart from house producer's who fill up the mix with uninspiring presets and over-exuberant SFX.

                                                            Maturity and simplicity is the key to the Babe & Jude formulary, perfectly executed across these two hot trax. Don't sleep!

                                                            It can be hard keeping track of all the different little side-projects and sub-labels Bristol's Banoffee Pies are involved in. The relatively young firm have been pivotal in releasing some really quite inspired dance music over the last few years which seems deliciously mellow & biotic in contrast to some of the more icy cold, abrasive dance styles that occupy the scene. Up to record eight on the original stable, Gallegos, a Bristol native, presets four tracks from his studio for our listening pleasure.

                                                            "Mad A Hell" opens proceedings with a low-slung breakbeat supporting a vicious, flailing ADSR syth line, shuddering and juddering into focus and sure to cause a rising tide of excitement on the dancefloor. "Beach Feet" contrasts Balearic-tinged Strat guitar lines with gentle propulsive perc and a bubbling b-line to great effect, adding the final embellishment of meandering jazz sax; this is one of those deep coastal burners that'll keep the outdoor terraces simmering nicely as the evening draws in.

                                                            Flip for "Be Who You Want To Be", which switches back to the simple, breaks-n-synth formula of the opening track but losing none of its urgency or impact. Finally, "England Is A Bitch" pairs Linton Johnson's powerful spoken word poem ("Inglan Is A Bitch") with riotous flute passages, intricate jazz drumming and mellow Rhodes for a spiritual-jazz-dance hybrid perfectly tailored for 2018's turbulent times. Banoffee Pies ride again! Recommended.

                                                            Holly Golightly

                                                            Do The Get Along

                                                              Do The Get Along features 12 songs performed by the perfect Holly Golightly band line-up of Bruce Brand (drums), Matt Radford (double bass), Ed Deegan (guitar) and Bradley Burgess (guitar). Alongide nine original tracks there are three choice covers – 'Satan is His Name' by Steve King & The Echelons, 'Love (Can't You Hear Me)' by the Knight Bros., and 'I Don't Know', originally recorded by Ruth Brown. Holly first came to musical prominence as a member of Thee Headcoatees, a Billy Childish/Thee Headcoats all-girl splinter group in 1991. Four years later she broke away from the garage punk scene with the release of her debut solo album The Good Things, which featured a mix of folk, early electric blues, & '60s beat influenced rock 'n' roll. It's a template that she's honed over the course of 12 solo albums, along the way impressing celebrity fans such as Jim Jarmusch (Holly's track 'Tell Me Now So I Know' featured as the main title theme in his Broken Flowers movie), and most notably Jack White who duetted with Holly on 'It's True That We Love One Another', the final track on the classic White Stripes album Elephant. Holly’s also been busy over the last decade as half of blues/Americana duo Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs (The Brokeoffs being multi-instrumentalist Lawyer Dave). 

                                                              November sees the release of MERRIE LAND, the second album from The Good, The Bad & The Queen, a band comprising of Damon Albarn, Paul Simonon, Tony Allen and Simon Tong. The Good, The Bad & The Queen began life as the acclaimed 2007 album of the same name, a heartfelt tribute to London described by The Observer in a 5 star review as –“One of the most surprising and magical records for which Damon Albarn has ever been responsible”.

                                                              The record traced a journey from the English music hall tradition to West Africa and Afrobeat, zigzagging through the West Indies and its reggae and dub, back to England and London's punk scene, all the while taking in a strand of British beat music from the '50s right through to Britpop. The result was a record specific to a place and mood but with a background that was geographically wide-ranging.

                                                              Now the four musical storytellers are back with a new studio album titled ‘Merrie Land’.

                                                              Produced by Tony Visconti and The Good, The Bad & The Queen was completed in London and Wales this year, during the current ongoing period in which the UK is preparing to leave the European Union, ‘Merrie Land ’is a questioning good-bye letter, a series of observations and reflections on Britishness in 2018. Even though it has been over 10 years since the band last released a record, the timing could not be more apt – there could not be a more perfect band to untangle the optimism, disorientation and confusion in the atmosphere today.

                                                              With ‘Merrie Land’, the band taps into a creative symbiosis of past and future, drawing inspiration from their shared glittering musical histories and wrapping the hybrid results in a brilliantly postmodern yet thoroughly British package.

                                                              The album sees the band’s focus move beyond London with a beautiful and hopeful paean to the Britain of today - an inclusive Britain - and the possibilities of the future. In the band’s own words, Merrie Land is a ten song lament of Anglo-Saxosentialism marking the reluctant end of a relationship, and about picking up the pieces and seeing what can be salvaged. The band set a beautifully muted palette and lustrous finish to bring out a mood that is bruised yet unapologetically defiant and optimistic, and carries the underlying message: we will survive.

                                                              In times of metaphysical trauma, the people need to forge ahead and wear armour. Here it is, set to the mood music of a nation about to be broken yet undefeated.

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Barry says: With a collective musical calibre such as this, and one brilliant album already under their belts, it was never going to be a massive surprise that Albarn, Simonon etc pulled it out of the bag once again, but here we are. Brilliantly mounful odes mix with more upbeat musings on politics, all wrapped in that melodic jangle that GB&tQ fans already know so well.

                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                              Coloured LP Info: Limited edition heavyweight green vinyl.

                                                              CD & Book Info: 56-page A4 hardback book containing, CD, sheet music, lyrics and artwork.

                                                              Moonshoe shine a light on two vanguards of the Melbourne underground - Ziggy of 30/70 and Analogue Attic alumni Matthew Hayes. This EP bridges both their sounds while retaining a flavour all of its own, and Hayes’ spacious production affords their ideas room to breathe. The result combines disparate influences from jazz, ambient techno, house music, and broken beat to form a musical vernacular that feels singular to these two. We for one are well on board. Check!

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Matt says: Delicate, fluttering, highly musical jams in full colour and radiant joy - RIYL: The Rotating Assembly, Ken Oath records & 'the Vancouver sound'. Big T I P on dis one folks...

                                                              Weird World welcome Hen Ogledd and their new record, ‘Mogic’.

                                                              Founded by Richard Dawson and harpist Rhodri Davies, with the addition of Dawn Bothwell and Sally Pilkington, Hen Ogledd’s meaning comes from the Welsh name for The Old North.

                                                              ‘Mogic’ is Hen Ogledd’s third album (their first for Weird World) and their most surprising and accessible work yet.

                                                              “You might expect folk musicians Richard Dawson and Rhodri Davies to come up with some haunting oddity - but this is a fist bumping bit of electropop” - The Guardian (Tracks Of The Week)

                                                              FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                              Coloured LP Info: Limited edition lilac coloured vinyl.

                                                              To-date, the illusive creator behind the aptly named Invisible Minds, has remained somewhat of an enigma. When debut single ‘Yo Mae Leh’ rocketed to half a million streams in late 2017, gained playlist support from BBC 6 Music and champions by way of Lauren Laverne and Steve Lamacq; no one knew the mysterious mastermind was esteemed DJ, Tim Green.

                                                              Make Up Your Own Stories, feels a felicitous title.Less a departure and more a new chapter in Green’s adventure; the 11-track debut is a melding pot of musical inspiration that has been ruminating for over a decade, and crafted between studios, tours and rare quiet-moments. Revealing a more melodic side to Green’s musical personality, the vivacious debut is “honest and innocent and kinda searching for a feeling” as Green himself puts it.

                                                              From the guitar loop hypnotism of track ‘Autum’ and breathy haze of ‘The Cut Girl’ (one of three tracks featuring newcomer vocalist Howard Hobbs) to the MPC hip-hop of new single‘905 Users!’, it’s a record inspired by everyone from Peter Gabriel to Icelandic icon Bjork. Compiling the album across a long time span, then working to turn them into a cohesive body of work was a surreal experience for Green: like looking back on old diary entries from across his entire adult life. “It’s funny – you go back to a particular track and can’t help but be transported back to where you were in your life when you wrote it,” he says. “There’s a lot of nostalgia in there.”

                                                              Nostalgic in its sentiment, but forward-thinking in its production; Make Up Your Own Stories marries synth melodies with deep bass squelches on epic finale‘Take Them All’, the last track written for the album, while standout track ‘Jump Jet’ feels every bit as soaring and propulsive as its title would suggest. “Just when you thought you could come out of the shadows, there comes that poison drizzle in your ear hole,” a ghostly vocal intones over its Radiohead-ish bed of guitar, atmospherics and experimental percussion. Making use of the original Moog Model D and Voyager synths plus world instruments picked up on his travels “there’s a Chinese toy piano, a mbira from Tanzania and a kora from somewhere in Africa, but I can’t remember where…” – it’s sound never stops evolving across its enveloping 11-track runtime.

                                                              STAFF COMMENTS

                                                              Barry says: From crisp, shimmering percussion and flickering FM synths, to more robust dancefloor abstractions, 'Make Up Your Own Stories' displays the perfect balance of heft and tenderness. Beautifully wistful but warmingly direct, Invisible Minds are in it for the long-haul. Beautiful stuff.

                                                              Eiko Ishibashi

                                                              The Dream My Bones Dream

                                                                Eiko Ishibashi’s sixth solo album, ‘The Dream My Bones Dream’, rides the rails into a partly envisioned, partly imagined past. Eiko’s previous songs-with-singing records explored the ambitions and intoxications of pop music - but never so dramatically as with ‘The Dream My Bones Dream’. Here, her songs open up into reflections upon the vast spaces that exist between people as close as family members - in other words, reflections on the things we spend our whole lives drinking and cursing about.

                                                                It’s been four years since ‘Car and Freezer’, a time during which Eiko has been steadily working, writing for stage and cinema, playing live and recording (and hanging out with her nogoodnik boyfriend!). In 2016, she toured Europe and released ‘Kouen Kyoudai’ (Editions Mego), a collaboration with Masami Akita. At Sinnerfama Lisbon later that year, she won the Best New Music Award for her soundtrack to ‘The Albino’s Trees’. In 2018, Black Truffle released ‘Ichida’, her collaboration with Darin Gray.

                                                                Amongst all this abject jet-setting and debauched gadding about, the music of ‘The Dream My Bones Dream’ started to gather. It began with the death of Eiko’s father. Going through family effects in the aftermath, she found photos from a time she knew nothing about: her father’s childhood. A taciturn man, he had never discussed this period of his life. As it transpired, it took place in an infamous setting of recent Japanese history, the occupation of China’s Manchurian region in the 1940s. In the light of this, questions about Eiko’s lost family history took on a larger resonance - the ever-changing relationships between people and places in our lives.

                                                                On The Dream My Bones Dream, as with Eiko’s previous albums, the diverse sounds within the musical arrangement and the qualities of Jim O’Rourke’s mix are crucial to the achievement. ‘The Dream My Bones Dream’ is a record of exquisite musicality and deep emotions, a travelogue pointed towards a time hopefully better than the future we see coming down the line.

                                                                Mariel Ito (A.K.A. Maceo Plex)


                                                                '2000-2005' is a retrospective round up of Mariel Ito AKA Eric Estornel's futuristic yet heartfelt electro. An early alias of the Cuban Miami born Eric Estornel the Mariel Ito trademark driving percussion, deep pads and hypnotic arrangements saw releases on iconic imprints like Modern Love, and Scsi AV at the turn of the century before being put into hibernation from 2006 onwards. Fast forward to 2000, while thinking of a new name for this project Eric settled on Mariel ito as a nod to the Cuban community. "Usually only Miami Cubans understand the pun" he adds. Electro had always been a popular sound in Miami during Eric's formative years there, he gravitated towards its futurism as well as the its emphasis on sound design, synth work and beat programming. His natural facility for emotive melodies and irrestistable grooves are immediately evident in the ten tracks on this release. Composed between 2000 and 2005 the music takes cues from the iconic IDM and electro sounds of the mid / late 90s putting a new twist on broken beats and synthetics, artists such as Aphex Twin, Gescom, Bitstream, Gimmick, Pendle Coven, the pioneering Sheffield bleep sound and of course, a certain infamous Belgian imprint. "R&S helped sculpt my taste growing up in the 90s. So many seminal records came out back then that were really ahead of their time. There's obvious picks like Selected Ambient Works and Energy Flash, but I was even more inspired by the works of David Morley, CJ Bolland, Source and the rest." This release underlines the welcome reactivation of the Mariel Ito project from hibernation, with Estornel's full creative commitment moving forward.


                                                                Oh Dearism

                                                                  itoldyouiwouldeatyou are that most beautifully human of things: a contradiction. They are a group of young people with the wisdom of older souls; they are angry as hell, and they are loving and kind; at times they are violent, but with a fragility that underpins everything they do; they are deadly serious, and they are seriously irreverent.

                                                                  The multi-faceted indie-punk/emo/experimental collective will release their debut album Oh Dearism later this year via various formats in a collaboration from Alcopop! Records, Failure By Design Records and Beth Shalom Records. It’s a startling debut that should instantly mark them out as one of the most very special bands that the UK underground DIY scene currently has to offer

                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                  LP Info: Eco-mix vinyl made from off-cuts of other jobs. Each vinyl is uniquely coloured - and environmentally friendly!

                                                                  Johnny Mafia

                                                                  Princes De L'Amour

                                                                    JOHNNY MAFIA have long been high rollers in the burgeoning post-garage punk rackets gripping the country of France over the last few years. High-energy explosive acts like JM, The Scaners, Escobar, Les Grys Grys, Les Lullies and The Arrogants have been burning up stages across Europe and USA with a vengeance, adding their craft to the long list of fine French exports suited to the more cultivated of music connoisseur.

                                                                    The group hail from Sens, Burgundy (which is known more for it’s wheat and cereal production than rock ‘n’ roll) and bring a young, snotty, explosive and ferociously fun energy that drives audiences into a near-frenzy. Inspired by classics like The Ramones, T-Rex, and The Clash, they also draw heavily on contemporary acts like Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, and the Wavves. With their signature reverb-soaked slap-backed fuzzed out sonic attack, Johnny Mafia embodies punk attitudes and spirit of past and present with a firm foothold into their bright future as a young band ready to conquer the wider world of rock ‘n’ roll. 


                                                                    Star Child

                                                                    Official reissue of Kallaloo's sought-after 1982 disco single "Star Child" thru Kalita records and accompanied by interview-based liner notes. Originally released on Jeffrey Turpin's Trinidadian record label IDA, "Star Child" has since become highly sought-after by both DJs and collectors alike as an invisible, yet astonishing piece of Caribbean disco.

                                                                    Kallaloo consisted of various Trinidadian musicians including Keith Alexander and Peter Wayne Barkley. Keith had been well-respected as a member of the Trinidadian group Impact, and was later to become an in-demand producer and composer under the name of Keith Diamond, responsible for various hits by Billy Ocean, Donna Summer, Starpoint and Melba Moore. In contrast, Peter was a well-known recording session drummer, but after "Star Child"'s release he moved to North Carolina to pursue other interests and 'was never heard from again'.

                                                                    "Star Child" was recorded at Right Track Recording, in mid-town Manhattan, New York. As Jeffrey recalls, the atmosphere in the studio was 'great, with everyone upbeat, the cream of the crop just looking for that break... everyone was talented and just wanted the chance to express their own ideas'. Five hundred copies of the record were released on IDA with a white label design, and they were sold both in Brooklyn, New York and Port of Spain, Trinidad. It was also released on a red label, however this was not to Jeffrey's knowledge at the time. Jeffrey explains that the reason why the record didn't fare well at the time was because of the difficulty in getting the song played on the radio. As he recalls, radio stations were much more likely to play 'radio versions' of songs which lasted for a couple of minutes, rather than five or seven minute 'extended' versions such as "Star Child", which were more suitable to a club environment. In addition, as Jeffrey explains, radio airplay is a 'political business', and also within a short while band members such as Keith got their own breaks, and the Kallaloo era was over as quickly as it had started.

                                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                    Millie says: Massive disco anthem, Star Child is the 80's spirit captured in vinyl format! Highly sought after for a long time so get on it. Tonight's the night, the time is right!

                                                                    Former Trouw booker and Life And Death kingpin Job Jobse launches a new label De Vlieger, inspired by the desire to release music by some of his nearest and dearest. The first EP offers us a collection of six short songs by synth pop dreamer Karel. Born from the same outsider energy as Bill Nelson, Ariel Pink and John Foxx, Karel's mournful but moving bedroom compositions convey maximum emotional with minimal fuss.

                                                                    "I will always remember the first time I saw Karel live. Jumping and flying across the room. One moment hanging from the ceiling, the next taking a plunge into the night. His feet in the air and his head in the clouds.

                                                                    A desire to release music from friends had always been there, but only when I witnessed Karel's unique energy and his ability to write a perfect pop song in just a few lines, this desire took its first form. The results are six synthwave songs that are low on fidelity, but high on feeling. Recorded between 2016 and 2018 at his home studio, using three synthesizers and a drum computer." 

                                                                    - Job Jobse

                                                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                    Patrick says: Killer synth pop here from Karel on Job Jobse's new De Vlieger imprint. Cutting through the tape hiss like a lo-fi Knife with an Ariel Pink songbook, Karel comes correct with a fine set of outsider anthems.

                                                                    Kashmere Stage Band


                                                                    Another sure shot double sider out the Now-Again catalogue, until now both tracks were album only and both pure club killers. I smashed these back in the day; I remember listening to it from Jazzman Geralds collection and was blown away. I went right out and found the LPs which took a little time even then when there were fewer people after them. A couple of years after that 'Kashmere' was dropped on funky 16 corners comp Egon put together, and the cat was out the bag. Anyway back to the music, for those who don't know, Conrad O. Johnson of Kashmere High School, Houston Texas, created the Kashmere Stage Band turning it into one of the most fierce unbeatable high school bands in the national championships, the recordings here are my two favorites out of many. Don't miss out on the 2011 Documentary Thunder Soul which reunites the band with Conrad O. Johnson over 30 years down the line.

                                                                    Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner

                                                                    The Music From Bagpuss

                                                                      Bagpuss, dear Bagpuss

                                                                      Old fat furry cat-puss

                                                                      Wake up and look at this thing that I bring

                                                                      Wake up, be bright

                                                                      Be golden and light

                                                                      Bagpuss, Oh hear what I sing

                                                                      12th of February, 1974, and for an audience of small children at 1:45pm, a life irrevocably coloured by the wayward wonderings of one saggy cloth cat. Some 44 years later and Earth Recordings opens the door to Bagpuss & Co. once again, revealing for the first time the original music in all its newly-mastered splendour.

                                                                      The 32 tracks that make up the main body of the compositions are – like all good folk music – a patchwork of traditional pieces, half-remembered tunes and pure improvisation. It's testament to Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner's musicianship that the recordings work so well, not only within the context of the television episodes, but as an album in its own right. Of the recording, Oliver Postgate (in his exquisite autobiography 'Seeing Things') says: "Between them Sandra and John could play every sort of instrument from a mountain dulcimer to an Irish fiddle. They knew and could sing every tune in the world and didn't bother with written music, except as a last resort. They were exactly suited to Gabriel the Toad and Madeleine the Rag Doll and in those roles were happy to play whatever music and sing whatever songs would be needed."

                                                                      Those songs manifested themselves as reworkings of familiar tunes ('I Saw A Ship'; 'Row Your Boat'; 'Bucket's Burning'), takes on traditional ballads ('Brian O'Lynn'; 'The Frog Princess'; 'Weaving Song'; 'The Old Woman Tossed Up in a Basket') and delicious flights of fancy ('The Bony King of Nowhere'; 'Turtle Calypso'; 'Uncle Feedle'). The counterpart to Madeleine and Gabriel's more polished ditties are the interludes from the mice; a raggle-taggle chorus that accompanies the creatures' efforts of help (with the mice once famously going on strike when they were not permitted sang as they worked). Again, Postgate muses: "Once I had worked out a few episodes I would make a very rough list of the bits where I though music would be appropriate. I would send it to [Sandra and John] to think about. Then we would borrow a fairly silent room in a remote house and, taking the various articles that we intended to celebrate with us, would spend a happy day with a tape recorder, thinking up and recording whatever songs and tunes came to mind."

                                                                      The outtakes provide an intimate – and often very humourous – insight into the trio's work ethic, if it can be called such a thing. (By all accounts they sound as though they're having a very jolly time indeed.) Highlights include alternative opening words and end music, as well as Postgate sound-checking in character as Bagpuss. This never-before heard audio provides a real treat for fans (and indeed those new to the Smallfilms stable) – affirmation again to the enduring quality of these special recordings, and the beloved programme that inspired them.

                                                                      "An accidental classic of the folk-roots underground that we never dared hope we’d hear with such clarity." -Stewart Lee.

                                                                      And so their work was done.

                                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                      Deluxe LP Info: LP, Die Cut w/ art cards. Reverse Board and DL card. Limited ‘Shop Window’ Edition LP with lithograph prints.

                                                                      Deluxe CD Info: Book back CD edition with 24 page book.
                                                                      Liner notes from Stewart Lee, Daniel Postgate, Frances Mckee (The Vaselines) Andy Votel and Sarah Martin (Belle & Sebastian)

                                                                      Khidja & Balabas

                                                                      Khidja Si Balabas

                                                                      To sign off 2018, the label Malka Tuti have released a mega 4- tracker ep by Khida, in collaboration with their old-time friend from back home Mihai Balabas. The 4 different tracks were written over the past few years, slowly plotted produced and perfected, each in its own “twisted” direction. There are no dancefloor killers here, but instead 4 very unique voyages, experimental sonic excursions in time and space. It was the track Chloe that caught our attention, back in 2015. It's not a typical Khidja track, but the musicality and the composition in it reminded us of lost balearic moments. It made us reminisce on summery Sunday mornings back when life was still a bit more innocent, and naive. Out of our infatuation with that track came the idea of “sitting on it” until the right tracks will be ready, and here we are, more than 3 years later.

                                                                      At the close of a marathon year supporting their breakthrough album, "Con Todo El Mundo", Khruangbin return with an exciting addition - an update on Vince Guaraldi’s timeless “Christmas Time Is Here.”

                                                                      'Growing up the three of us all had very different Christmases,' says bassist Laura Lee. 'But we recently discovered we all had the exact same favourite Christmas song. When we realized it, we sat down to play it and it came together instantly. In 15 minutes, we had this recorded. It was like the best Christmas present ever.'

                                                                      With ambling sweetness and a fresh, beat-driven groove, Khruangbin have taken this oft-covered classic and made it wholly their own. It's not in-your-face festivity and cheer, more languid, by-the-fire snugness from our favourite Texan laid-back funk rockers.

                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                      Millie says: 'Christmas Time Is Here' is probably one of best sentence to hear mid-November (for me anyway) Khruangbin have perfected this subtle indie Christmas song to suit any scrooges out there.

                                                                      FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                      Ltd 7" Info: Green vinyl.

                                                                      King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

                                                                      12 Bar Bruise

                                                                        12 Bar Bruise is the debut full-length album by KG&TLW originally released in 2012 and limited to 500 hand numbered copies. This reissue includes new artwork reimagined by Jason Galea and comes on doublemint green coloured vinyl.

                                                                        King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

                                                                        Eyes Like The Sky

                                                                          ‘Eyes Like The Sky’ is the band’s second full-length album released in 2013 and originally limited to 500 copies. A cult Western audio book, the album tells a story of the American Frontier. The reissue features new artwork re-imagined by Jason Galea and comes on Halloween orange coloured vinyl.

                                                                          King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

                                                                          Float Along - Fill Your Lungs

                                                                            Float Along – Fill Your Lungs is the band’s third full-length LP released in 2013 and includes the psychedelic fan favourite “Head/On-Pill”. The reissue features a double-sided fold out poster and comes on Easter-yellow coloured vinyl.

                                                                            King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard


                                                                              Oddments is KG&TLW’s fourth studio album released in 2014. It features a collection of “odd” songs recorded between 2007-2014 and was originally limited to 500 copies. The 2018 reissue features a re-designed gatefold of original artwork by Jason Galea, and comes on grimace purple coloured vinyl.

                                                                              King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

                                                                              Willoughby’s Beach EP

                                                                                Willoughby’s Beach EP is King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s first EP, originally self-released in 2011 and limited to 350 hand numbered copies. The reissue features new artwork re-imagined by Ican Harem and comes on red(ish) coloured vinyl.

                                                                                Get on this! New shizzle from the exquisite Rubadub camp, if you're into the kind vacuumous techno purveyed by the Sunklo firm a la Boddika & Joy O, then Kowton + Parris have just gone and updated the blueprint!

                                                                                "Deep Concentration" comes with a personalized mix from the two producers, with Kowton guiding proceedings on side A through a bubbling, highly taut interchange between the detritus of UKG and deep set mechanical phlegm collected from the underbellies and gullets of a thousand analogue synthesizers. Splurging and gurgling under a backdrop of tense drums and strung out synths, the track seems to collapse and re-assemble itself through its extended duration.

                                                                                Parris takes the reins for the flip, losing none of the tension or impending fear; but ratcheting up the rhythmic intensity somewhat into a post-techno throb.

                                                                                Great stuff here by two modern masters - recommended!

                                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                Matt says: Trust Rubadub to bring the ruckas time after time as they enlist modern techno superstars Kowton and Parris for their latest label feature.

                                                                                Ali Hassan Kuban

                                                                                From Nubia To Cairo

                                                                                From a self-taught musician exploring his Nubian people’s musical roots to a professional, successfully leading his various bands into new, vibrant, international pop territory – Ali Hassan Kuban became an international star when his music finally went global in the 1980s. When precisely Ali Hassan Kuban’s legendary recordings, released internationally by Piranha in 1988, were made, nobody knows any more. What we do know, recordings had taken place at Delta Sound S.A. in Cairo – with the orchestra’s entire line-up circled around the only working microphone at hand. The tracks had been travelling in the Arab world on two audio-cassettes afterwards and accompanied his rise from a local superhero to a musical innovator of new, vibrant, international Pop. Ancient Nubian melodies played on a background of pulsating Western beats and sounds that draw from American jazz and international pop – Ali Hassan Kuban served as one of the founding fathers of the musical breed which crushed the gates between the Global underground and Western pop: the old and the new! The Orient and the Occident! “From Nubia to Cairo” is the first milestone in urban Nubian Pop. The record is available in glorious audiophile format - remastered from analogue tapes with listening standards updated to contemporary levels. The first batch of Ali’s long-legendary Nubian originals, seductively praising in touching lyrics his native Nubia and Egypt, their people, in particular, their women, and life. Life in general.

                                                                                SUMMER OF '84 is a killer 80's-throwback of BMX, Mullets and Serial Killers, from the people who brought you TURBO KID and featuring an amazing original score by Le Matos.

                                                                                Taking familiar tropes from the history of electronic music (John Carpenter, Daft Punk, Tangerine Dream) Le Matos (TURBO KID, JOIN US) infuse it with so much energy and originality that they end up being totally singular in the world of electronic music. We really can't think of another outfit operating on the same level right now.

                                                                                SUMMER OF '84 features dizzying electro joints, super chilled ambient pieces and straight up horror soundtrack scares! Pressed across 2XLPs this is an essential score for fans of synth soundtracks.

                                                                                Le Stim

                                                                                Tribute To Muhammad Ali (We Crown The King)

                                                                                Melodies International bring more hen's teeth rarities: a disco anthem from Detroit that was originally recorded in 1980 and dedicated to the 'King Of The Champion Fighters': Le Stim's - "A Tribute to Muhammad Ali (We Crown The King)".

                                                                                Le Stim was a band formed by lead vocalist Donald Jennings in the late 70s. Now an ordained deacon back in Detroit, Jennings was brought up in a gospel environment and was said to be born to sing. Growing up picking up songs from the likes of Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald or Sam Cooke, Jennings frequently performed for family and friends and went on to sing for audiences in New York, St. Louis and all around Detroit.

                                                                                "We Crown The King" is a song written in the mid 70s by the late Herbert Andrei Duncan, also from Detroit. Duncan approached Jennings with the song who was initially reluctant to sing it because it took him out of his usual vocal range. However, Duncan finally (thankfully!) managed to persuade Jennings after five years to record a tune that would prove to become a party anthem decades later.

                                                                                Remembering Duncan, Jennings says: 'Andrei was positive..inquisitive…. and determined. I was only 18 or 19 years old at the time and remember Andrei coming over to my house…. He had a cellphone in his car!.. I remember going to Andrei’s house, and he said he wanted to do the track. Andrei did not take no for an answer! The answer had to be yes! However Andrei didn’t have any money to record the song with. So we made a deal. In exchange for the use of his P.A., Loc (the drummer) provided the seventeen musicians for Le Stim to record "We Crown The King". The session itself was recorded at a studio in Southfield, Michigan.

                                                                                According to Jennings, Muhammad Ali did hear the track back then and liked it! Le Stim were in touch with Ali’s management and were about to meet him on a number of occasions which unfortunately didn’t work out.

                                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                Matt says: It can't always be tekno-tekno-tekno in the coup. Sometime I gotta flex my wings to some darn right funky disco music. Le Stim's hit the spot this week with a funky tribute to the world's greatest boxer.

                                                                                Adrianne Lenker & Buck Meek

                                                                                A Sides And B Sides

                                                                                  The summer after graduating from Berklee College of Music, Adrianne Lenker moved to New York City. She met Buck Meek the day she moved there, at a corner market called Mr. Kiwi (although, technically they had already played a show together in Boston, so they recognized each other but weren’t sure from where). The two explored the city by bicycle and eventually began to play songs together. "It was one of those friendships that developed extremely fast where suddenly you're each other's best friend," Lenker says. "We hung out every day from the moment we met.”

                                                                                  Meek’s off-kilter, piercing guitar licks and solos are the perfect juxtaposition to bring Lenker’s melodic and stirring vocals and lyrics to fruition. "I guess what struck me as a songwriter then was that her songs all seemed to be really human, and really emotional, and really honest — vulnerable — but at the same time they all somehow had this ineffable quality," Meek says. "Like, all of that human content was serving as a medium for something beyond.”

                                                                                  Soon they picked up a white conversion van, named her Bonnie, and made touring their whole lives. In 2014, songs crafted on the road were captured on two EPs released under the Buck and Anne moniker: one called a-sides and one called b-sides. Both warm, acoustic affairs.

                                                                                  In the ensuing years, Adrianne and Buck joined with Max Oleartchik and James Krivchenia to form Big Thief, one of the most beloved bands in music today. a-sides and b-sides provide an early glimpse at what was soon to come, while standing on their own as documents of a deeply meaningful time in the creative lives of Lenker and Meek.

                                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                  LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                                                                                  Adrianne Lenker

                                                                                  Hours Were The Birds

                                                                                    With the release of breakthrough albums Masterpiece and Capacity, Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker has established hers as one of the most powerful voices in music. As Consequence of Sound describes it, "Thanks to the swift ascent of Big Thief, singer-songwriter Adrianne Lenker has become one of the most praised indie folk artists of the last five years.”

                                                                                    While her output with Big Thief is what brought her music to the attention of most who hold her in such high regard, Masterpiece is not the beginning of the story. "My first solo record I made was Hours Were the Birds,” Lenker explains. “I moved to New York and, starting from complete scratch, had nothing to show anybody that was representing what I did, other than stuff I made when I was 13. So, I decided I should record a solo album of my songs that I had been accumulating.”

                                                                                    In 2013 Lenker returned to her hometown of Minneapolis and entered Terrarium Studios with producer Rob Oesterlin, where she laid down ten songs on acoustic guitar. “It’s basically just like a live solo show,” Lenker describes, “but with an added twist.” She then enlisted NYC friend Andrew Sarlo to mix the album (he would later produce and mix Masterpiece and engineer, produce and mix Capacity), and on January 24, 2014 Hours Were the Birds was released into the world.

                                                                                    Drenched in beautiful imagery and intimate stories, it is the work of a woman on a journey, conquering new territory with bravery and honesty.

                                                                                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                    LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                                                                                    The Limiñanas

                                                                                    I've Got Trouble In Mind Vol. 2

                                                                                      French psych duo The Limiñanas release their new compilation album 'I've Got Trouble In Mind Vol. 2' through Because Music on 16th November. Featuring rare recordings, 7" singles and unrelased material, the collection is the follow up to 2014's album 'I've Got Trouble In Mind'. 

                                                                                      "We wrote and recorded 'The Gift' at home in Cabestany and then finished it Berlin at Anton Newcombe’s studio," explains Marie. "I’m pretty sure you'll recognise Peter Hook’s lead bass. He's been one of our heroes for a very long time. The video reflects on high school years in gangs; the mods, the skins, the rockabs and the rudeboys smoking cigarettes while hanging in the schoolyard. 'The Gift' looks at what's happened to two of these people over the years and how they may have missed out on a lifelong love story. The video is directed by Aurélien Richter and features actor and dancer Foulques de Boixo."

                                                                                      One of France’s most loved treasures, The Limiñanas are Marie (drums/vocals) and Lionel (guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals). Hailing from Perpignan, the duo straddles the boundary between psych, shoegaze, and yé-yé. With hazy, reverb-laden hooks, combined at times with noisy distortion, and fronted by effortlessly cool vocals, reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, the band is at once timeless and quintessentially French. The Limiñanas, who have produced records in their own garage for the last ten years, released their first rarities collection 'Ive Got Trouble in Mind' through Bill and Lisa Roe's revered 'Trouble In Mind' label in 2014. As with the first installation, 'Vol. 2' features rare and unreleased tracks such as the duo's version of The Kinks' 'Two Sisters' (recorded for a MOJO magazine covermount compilation, produced by Anton Newcombe and remixed by Jim Diamond (White Stripes/The Sonics), a cover of The Lords of the New Church's 'Russian Roulette' and live versions of fan's favourites. 

                                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                      Mine says: Everyone's favourite French psych heads follow up their compilation 'I've Got Trouble In Mind' from 2014 (and their latest album 'Shadow People' from January this year) with 'I've Got Trouble In Mind Vol. 2' - and as always, they deliver! 'Vol. 2', despite featuring new mixes and live versions of old songs as well as never before heard tracks sounds like a best of. A great gift for Limiñanas fans old and new!

                                                                                      Little Dragon back with a self-proclaimed dose of F U N: 'For all the lovers out there, chant along! Dance for peace and unity in this world of madness!' declare the band. Lead singer Yukimi Nagano adds that the EP is about, 'The force of love. Not only between two people but the force of love in this universe as the ultimate ecstasy. Whether that is while you’re dancing at a disco forgetting where you are or just staring at the moon on a clear night, it can be anything. A swim in the ocean, a glance at a stranger - it’s a personal individual thing. Call it what you want but we have all felt it. So, embrace the great mystery of everything that your brain can’t grasp and lose track in the most beautiful sense.'

                                                                                      The story behind the track’s origins is as idiosyncratic and left-of-centre as you would expect from a band that have spent their career consistently playing by their own rules. 'It started with Fred searching for a wedding march inspired by a Swedish prog funk folk keyboardist called Merit Hemmingson', explain the band from their Gothenburg bunker. 'Erik got inspired by the track and started singing! After Erik wrote his vocal verses Yukimi got a bit worried about his lyrical abilities and stepped in to add her part on the song. Håkan flew to Germany to record a beautifully tuned clavinet. Once the clavinet was recorded Fred and Erik added their flavour with some drums and deep synth bass.'

                                                                                      The ‘Lover Chanting’ EP showcases the forward-facing, pioneering spirit that has cemented Little Dragon’s status as one of the most universally adored outfits working today. From early collaborations with Gorillaz, SBTRKT, Kaytranada & Flume through to recent tracks with Faith Evans, Raphael Saadiq and the previously mentioned BADBADNOTGOOD and Vic Mensa collaborations earlier this summer, Little Dragon have continued to be at the forefront of the collective music consciousness, consistently inspiring existing icons alongside a whole new generation of emerging artists. The band have also continued a longstanding tradition of working with some of the most exciting creatives across the arts. Having collaborated extensively with IB Kamara (i-D, Dazed, Vogue) and David Uzochukwu (Dior, FKA Twigs, Nike) on previous album ‘Season High’, the band worked with exciting newcomer Vicki King on the imagery for the forthcoming campaign.

                                                                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                      Sil says: Good old sugar coated pop dressed with a chuggy house beat overriding it all over. Only Little Dragon can create it this nicely without being too cheesy. Superb!

                                                                                      Low Sea


                                                                                        Hailing from Ireland, Bobby (originally from Liverpool) and Billie (Bosnian born) from the ephemeral Low Sea compose music that flows like a serpentine river through the uncanny valley. Indeed, the owls are not what they seem—but even such blatant allusions can’t sketch an intuitive image of the sound-scapes woven by this intriguing dyad.

                                                                                        This is the duo’s third album having released a mini album on Lefse and a narcotic synth pop album on Dell’Orso and this album further extends their insular grey disco sound.

                                                                                        Low Sea’s woozy, gothic take on coldwave synthpop remains intact on Portals, but this time out moving from the shadows to the light of city nights. Intricately layered melodies shimmer and then pick up energy, as Billie’s unique beguiling voice sings of loss and triumph, loneliness and euphoria.

                                                                                        As with the last album there is a track mixed by the legendary Stephen Hague (Propaganda/ Pet Shop Boys), the final song All Living Creatures.

                                                                                        ‘’There are just not enough superlatives in the English language for that matter to describe how good this band are’’
                                                                                        - Dan Hegarty, RTE2FM

                                                                                        ‘’the most glorious dark – hewn pop songs – the perfect mix of heart and ice’’ NME.

                                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                        Barry says: Like a shadowy, dystopian version of the clean lines and precise edges of Chromatics or Johnny Jewel, Low Sea inhabit the same earth and the same timeline but instead of soaring through the stars, you get the shimmering synths and echoing vox trudging through the back-streets picking up all sorts of gothic flotsam in the process. Brimming with optimism, but pulled back down to earth with gritty reverbs and distorted percussion. Killer stuff.

                                                                                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                        Coloured LP Info: 300 only on angel delight pink vinyl.


                                                                                        Call Of The Void

                                                                                          The self-recorded and self-released LP 'Call Of The Void' has a diverse palette of sonics and themes, having been influenced by the endless motion of the city, otherworldly nights, and brutalist architecture. It’s a utopian and romantic record; Lusts are more interested in being part of a developed and progressive future than being caught in a dystopian mire. The album is hopeful rather than despairing, but there are also explorations of darker themes.

                                                                                          ‘Call of the void’ (or ‘l’appel du vide’ as it was initially inspired) covers concepts of artificial intelligence, the fragility of mental health, gothic futurism, nostalgia, and the void itself. It’s also evolved from the bands travels across the UK, Europe, and the US, as well as their experiences living in London, the tracks have taken inspiration from a range of new sounds, visuals, and encounters such as Andrei Tarkovsky films Stalker and Solaris, Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita, Francis Bacon paintings, as well as Grimes, Tame Impala and William Basinski.

                                                                                          Utilising the haunting, reverb-drenched production of classic 80’s post-punk as well as the glistening sheen of the iconic synth-pop the decade is so famous for, Lusts explore a rich soundscape of Lynchian ambiance amongst their poppier hooks. There’s a layer of experimentation here too, whether it’s Andy drawing from the themes of Jean Baudrillard’s America for the single ‘lost highway’ or James introducing a rhythmic pattern by tapping pint glasses, inspired by Steve Reich’s minimalistic approach, for ‘joy in a joyless place’.

                                                                                          “The album is about the feeling of standing on the edge of something high up and getting the urge to jump” they tell us, “it’s not necessarily about a death wish, more, paradoxically, it’s about wanting to live and how the mind has strange ways of expressing that. We felt like it’s a really accurate reflection of what we want to achieve musically - some of what we create could be seen as being quite dark thematically, but there’s a positivity to what we do, there’s a light there even in the darkness, and we want to uncover and explore that.”

                                                                                          Mass Production

                                                                                          Welcome To Our World

                                                                                          Mass Productions mega hot funk classic, made famous by Moodymann, Theo and a whole host of disco and house DJ's. An undisputable, 'Loft' / ''Chair' / and 'NYC' CLASSIC, repressed by Groovin', there's only been a few shite bootlegs of this knocking about for the last few years so nice to see a full-def, fully legit reissue delivered here by our favourite specialists.

                                                                                          Limited copies - move quick! 

                                                                                          If there’s one thing the acclaimed bassist Christian McBride knows, it’s that when it comes to grit there’s no better resource to draw from than his own hometown, Philadelphia. So, McBride turned to one of the city’s most beloved colloquialisms to christen his latest project, Christian McBride’s "New Jawn".

                                                                                          On the band’s eponymous debut, these four stellar musicians - including trumpeter Josh Evans, saxophonist Marcus Strickland, and drummer Nasheet Waits - ably walk the razor’s edge between thrilling virtuosity and gut-punch instinctiveness.

                                                                                          The result is a surprisingly bracing and adventurous outing for McBride. A world-renowned bassist regularly lauded as a musician who can do anything, he proves it yet again by venturing into new territory. "New Jawn" runs the gamut of stylistic approaches, from deep-rooted swing to daring abstraction, singular blues to exquisite balladry. At the core of it all is McBride’s trademark sound, robust and embracing, agile and inventive.

                                                                                          Above 24 year-old Sae Heum Han’s desk hangs a blue and white crochet crucifix given to him by his grandmother. This object doubles as the artwork for "Serenade", Han’s second mini album as mmph. Separate from any religious connotations, the crucifix represents love, loss and hope - themes mmph explores on the release.

                                                                                          "Serenade" follows his debut "Dear God", which was released on Tri Angle earlier this year. Since the release of "Dear God", mmph has worked on his own evolving sound while also producing new music for the likes of David Byrne, serpentwithfeet and Lauren Auder. Classically trained since childhood, Han attended Berklee College of Music to study cello before shifting his concentration towards electronic production & sound design, a pivot that resulted in the birth of this project, mmph.

                                                                                          mmph’s compositions exist at the intersection of analogue classical music arrangement and forward thinking electronic sound production. While "Dear God" processed the way in which certain personal tragedies had eclipsed Han’s personal love affair with music, "Serenade" evokes a newfound expressive romanticism utilizing a broader palate of orchestral and electronic sounds.

                                                                                          Melodically focused, orchestrally informed and rhythmically driven, each of "Serenade’s" five songs utilize a different classical trope to create Wagnerian suites in miniature. "Minuet" is a stately dance in triple time (performance), "Tragedy" is a play (death), "Elegy" is a mourning poem (death) and "Serenade" is a courtship song often played in the open air (love).

                                                                                          Fusing synths choirs, arpeggiated (sometimes plucked) strings and steel string guitars, mmph creates a sense of extraordinary melodrama that feels more at home against the romantic backdrop of a Turner seaside cliff than a college student’s basement. Against these romantic landscapes, the baroquefeeling mini-operas of mmph’s "Serenade" comes to life. 

                                                                                          Fabio Monesi

                                                                                          Say Wot?! EP

                                                                                          Wilson head honcho Fabio Monesi has quickly carved out a solid rep through unique, ruff-n-ready releases that land somewhere between vintage, dusty Chicago house and analogue-driven hardware techno, possessing a wild energy and fiery mood.

                                                                                          No. 18 on his label and the London-based DJ / producer presents two inimitable tunes - full of acidic bass, mainline drums, rampant perc and warehouse friendly goodness. I often think Monesi characterizes what it must sound like to frequent the modern day acid house squat scene of east London and this record hammers that idea home even further. 

                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                          Matt says: The Italian stalion returns! Two tracks of squat party thrust locked n loaded.

                                                                                          Mumford & Sons are very pleased to share details of their forthcoming fourth album, along with a huge sixty-one date arena tour starting later this year.

                                                                                          “Delta” will be released through Island Records/Gentlemen of the Road. It was recorded at The Church Studios in London, and produced by Paul Epworth.

                                                                                          Since the release of Wilder Mind in May 2015, and the collaborative Johannesburg EP in the Summer of 2016, Mumford & Sons have found a rich, prolific vein of form in the writing for “Delta”. Where Wilder Mind harnessed a widescreen electric sound that seemed custom built to be belted back to them from the festival main stages, “Delta” loses none of that sense of scale, but couples it with an intimacy and jubilance that has so successfully combined to make Mumford & Sons one of the biggest bands of recent years. Guiding Light is the perfect example of that – a dizzying folk-rock song that builds, builds, explodes and then explodes again. An emphatic return.

                                                                                          “Delta” is a record of differing shades, colours and textures. A record that finds Mumford & Sons, no longer young lads caught in a whirlwind, exploring that sense of adulthood and responsibility that comes of turning thirty and revaluating priorities. It’s a tender listen, introspective and reflective but is married with those ecstatic stadium-sized dynamics. It sounds like a career-defining body of work.

                                                                                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                          2xColoured LP Info: Exclusive sand coloured heavyweight 180 gram double vinyl.

                                                                                          2xColoured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

                                                                                          2xLtd LP Info: 180gsm heavyweight black vinyl.
                                                                                          Gatefold sleeve with matt finish.
                                                                                          Printed inner bags with matt finish.
                                                                                          Sound Of Vinyl DL card.

                                                                                          After a series of social happenings at London’s The Lion & Lamb in 2018, Bobby Pleasure’s Pleasure Club now releases its first salvo of tracks into the music world.

                                                                                          N-Gynn;s first solo release, serving up a 4 track EP that nods to vintage electro and space exploration in equal measure. Smatterings of lysergic delays and alien atmospheres keep the listener consistently surprised and tuned in throughout whilst melodies merge in and out of focus against a backdrop of mechanized rhythms. All four tracks are absolutely killer, offering fresh exciting interpretations on the age-old electro blueprint and sounding completely crucial and up-to-date throughout.

                                                                                          N-Gynn's meticulous and inspired attention to sound design and synthesis place him miles ahead of the pack and this record needs to be on the radar, if not in the record boxes of anyone with a penchant for classic electro sounds. Recommended. 


                                                                                          Diamond Life 05

                                                                                          Modern jungle savior, Coco Bryce's Diamond Life label introduces the jaw dropping brilliance of Necrotype.

                                                                                          Previously displaying a concise grasp of darkstyle jungle flavours, across labels Jungle Rollers and 7th Storey Projects; the Brighton based Ten Kaidan offers up two well crafted rollers that show off a gentle, more playful side.

                                                                                          "Yosei" is pure liquid D&B beauty, a bit faster and less jungle oriented than what we're used to from Diamond Life, but definitely on a similarly lush and melodic tip. On the flipside we're treated to "Break Through", think 'atmospheric roller meets halftime junglism'. 

                                                                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                          Matt says: Quality as always fron this Netherlands based superforce - if you're not in tune with the sound get to know!

                                                                                          Esteemed Piccadilly favourites The Very Polish Cut-Outs break a short hiatus with a rather dazzling new full length LP - the first album the label have released!

                                                                                          Pejzaz is the new project from Bartosz Kruszynski aka The Phantom, Earth Trax and half of Ptaki. It is a delightful exploration of mid-nineties chill, dusty samples, organic analogue sequences and beatless pieces, all referencing - as with the labels consistently brilliant output thus far - forgotten Polish rarities. The first press of this LP sold out in Poland before anyone else got a look in!

                                                                                          Super limited re-press - only 200 copies available! Buy now or you'll be crying into your bigos.

                                                                                          Pere Ubu

                                                                                          Final Solution

                                                                                            A very limited repress, 1000 copies only for the world. The phenomenal “controversial” single from 1976 that kick started Ohio’s reaction to punk rock. “Belying the frightening soundscape was a definite, playful humor, both in the wordplay and in the specific complaints.” All Music // A bleak and morbid worldview based on a Sherlock Holmes’ story that ensured the new wave and the cold war would collide in post punk acrimony. Listed on Rate Your Music as “anxious, misanthropic, futuristic, noisy, male vocals, suicide, rebellious, alienation”. A must have piece of American music history from a band who reinvented music in their own image. A limited edition pressing recreating their second self released Hearpen single, sounding just as revolutionary and inspirational many moons later. “Like much of Ubu's early music the sound of the bleak industrial wasteland that was Cleveland, OH, in the '70s

                                                                                            Piccadilly Records

                                                                                            Heavyweight Fair Trade Cotton Tote

                                                                                              Heavyweight fair-trade cotton canvas bag with 12cm (4 1/2") gusset so it's plenty big enough and strong enough to hold a fair chunk of records and also doubles as a rather nice groceries bag.

                                                                                              Powell Tillmans

                                                                                              Spoken By The Other

                                                                                                XL Recordings release ‘Spoken By The Other’, the first release by Powell Tillmans. It’s a collection of recordings from two of the most interesting artists in Europe and one whose short length belies its radical tenderness, sonic language and political ambition.

                                                                                                The first part of the partnership is Oscar Powell, the London-based electronic musician. The second is Wolfgang Tillmans, the Turner Prize-winning fine artist and musician who lives between Berlin and London.

                                                                                                After 25 years away from music-making, Tillmans began releasing his own vocal-led electronic tracks in 2016, with a series of EPs and collaborative visual mini-albums, with one track closing Frank Ocean's Endless album. Powell, meanwhile, has been releasing music since 2011, on his own label Diagonal and XL, drawing from the history of machine music to create a bold new language. They met at the Tate Modern, where Tillmans was programming a series of performances to coincide with his 2017 exhibition. Quickly the conversation turned to talk of a full collaboration and following Tillmans’ video for Powell’s track ‘Freezer’, over the summer they got into the studio to begin making music.

                                                                                                Recording took place in Berlin, London and Turin, with Tillmans’ vocals working in tandem with Powell’s synthetic processes. Rather than a simple producer-vocalist arrangement, explains Powell, “Wolfgang’s voice and my sounds drive toward some sort of shape or feeling together.” These tracks were workshopped live at European festivals Atonal and Club2Club in the second half of 2017 and with no small number of emails and voice files exchanged, these ideas evolved into the final release this year.

                                                                                                For its second release of 2018, the Parisian crew Discomatin picked a real classic of the French boogie era, Palace Hôtel by Preface. If Preface recorded a total of four EPs, it’s this first release from 1986 that is the real deal. Expect shiny synthesizers, percussive drum sounds, catchy and irresistible bass riffs and vocals!

                                                                                                Fortunately, it’s brought here with all 3 versions: the extended “Version Longue”, with its great electronic introduction, the shorter “Version 45 Tours”, if you’re in a hurry and, last but not least, the “Instrumental Version” for those too shy to play the vocals - we certainly are not. Behind Preface, you’ll find three great musicians still at their careers debut at that time, Manu Katche, Jean-Yves d’Angelo and Kamil Rustam. Now accomplished musicians, this project was for them an excursion into more mainstream territories through jazz-funk and boogie influences.

                                                                                                It had quite a success back in the day. Behind this project, you’ll find Philippe Abitbol, the executive producer who was already behind “Chacun Fait (C’Qui Lui Plait)” by Chagrin d’Amour, or French pop singer Patrick Bruel’s debut “Marre De Cette Nana Là”. Thanks to Discomatin, it’s now available to the real connoisseurs with an exclusive insert which contains lyrics and chord progressions, again with the fantastic illustrations of French artist Camille de Cussac.

                                                                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                                Patrick says: Discomatin keep the killers coming, following their fabulous reissue of Diva's "La Nuit" with arguably the finest French boogie banger ever, Preface's "Palace Hotel". High gloss synth bass, nipple height guitar and plenty of drum box brilliance, all topped by cocktail hour marimbas and a gorgeous vocal. What's the French for chic?

                                                                                                Rolling Stones

                                                                                                Beggars Banquet - 50th Anniversary Edition

                                                                                                  UMC release the Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet (50th Anniversary Edition).

                                                                                                  Recorded between March and July of 1968 at Olympic Sound Studios in London, mixed at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, Beggars Banquet was the first Stones album produced by Jimmy Miller, and marks the start of what is considered their most prolific album era. Beggars Banquet has a special place in the history of the band, as it is the final album completed with the original lineup of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts.

                                                                                                  The limited edition vinyl package will come in gatefold jacket, with a bonus 12” of their hit single “Sympathy For the Devil” in Mono cut at 45rpm, backed with an etching of the original ‘toilet’ cover. Also included is a replica of the rare Japanese bonus flexi disc containing a phone interview with Mick Jagger from 1968, and a download code for the album plus interview. The landmark album has been newly mastered by Grammy Award® winning engineer Bob Ludwig, lacquers cut at Abbey Road and pressed on 180g vinyl (download code included). 

                                                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                  2xDeluxe LP Info: Includes bonus 12", and flexi disc.

                                                                                                  Highly recommended music here for modular; minds, techno fields and those with a penchant for machine made melodics. Mathis Ruffing seems to effortlessly concoct full colour liquid landscapes, with a drizzling of highly functional synthesizer rhythms contrasting beautifully with crisp and detailed drum patterns.

                                                                                                  Where EP opener "Gengar" seems steeped in syncopation and a new breed of funk, second original, "Foliage" nods more to the hi-tech 4/4 of Detroit's Underground Resistance, only pushing the glistening, multi-pixled sound even further and into more advanced realms. Final track, "Time Is Out Of Joint" shows off the serene and delicate side of Ruffis' persona, with a smattering of volumous synth swells, drifting atmospheres and suspended chimes. Producer Curve is on hand to mix "Intra-Spectral", which dazzles the listener in polyrhythms and advanced textures.

                                                                                                  A triumph of an EP, RIYL: Autechre, London Modular Alliance, Radioactive Man, DMX Crew and all dat good shit.

                                                                                                  Yawn is a buckle-up and knuckle-down listen that rewards the listeners’ attention with motifs and melodies that play hide and seek but never fail to deliver on those between-the-lines verities. This musical belief of delayed gratification is something Bill learnt from classical music as a child, from Elgar and Debussy in particular – and over the long hall of his short life, you can hear these riches being polished on Yawn. Most of the 10 songs clock-in over the 5 minute mark and this wide-angle lens affords us time to interpret and translate meaning – or just to revel in it.

                                                                                                  Multi-instrumentalist, producer, string-arranger and composer Bill Ryder-Jones has had a career spanning 15 years, a rarity in a world that so often looks to the new. From his musical interpretation of Italo Calvino’s ‘If On A Winters Night A Traveller' (If… in 2011), 2013’s A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart, the acclaimed West Kirby County Primary (2015) and now to Yawn, Bill has constantly widened his scope, weaving in an overarching sense of authenticity, intimacy and wryness as he goes.

                                                                                                  Yawn was recorded and produced entirely by Bill himself, with a little help from friends including guest vocals from The Orielles and Our Girl, cello by Rod Skip and mixing by Craig Silvey (Portishead, The Horrors, Arcade Fire). Bill has also been steadily building up a list of album production credits for other musicians including Our Girl, Hooton Tennis Club, Brooke Bentham and Holly Macve, who he records at his own place in West Kirby, aptly titled Yawn Studios.

                                                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                  Coloured LP Info: Heavyweight clear vinyl.

                                                                                                  Dom Salvador & Abolicao

                                                                                                  Som Sangue E Raca

                                                                                                  A pivotal component from the the early 70s MPB melting pot; celebrated session player, composer and band leader Dom Salvador's 1971 album in collaboration with Abolicao is a heady brew of bossa, samba, funk, carioca brought together with energy and a fused rawness that resulted in this being a highly desirable and often quite expensive item on the 2nd hand mark.. The diversity on this forth album from the star i stunning; from the sudden floor filling party flourish of the opener "Uma Vida" to the Beatles-like narrative oddity "O Rio" to the orchestral boogaloo of "Number One", this is Salvador at the peak of his fusionista powers.

                                                                                                  FORMAT INFORMATION

                                                                                                  Ltd LP Info: Limited hand-numbered 180 gram vinyl with obi strip

                                                                                                  Not yet 30, Christian Sands is one of the most in-demand pianists working in jazz. In the last few years he has toured around the world as a bandleader and appeared as a sideman on records by Christian McBride and Gregory Porter. ‘Facing Dragons’ is Sands’ return to the recording studio with an indestructible band and an unwavering allegiance to the groove.

                                                                                                  ”I like the freedom of the trio format,” says Sands. “It’s more dramatic to me. It’s a smaller entity but with a big personality. I can fit it into different situations dynamically, compositionally.” He is joined by bassist Yasushi Nakamura and drummer Jerome Jennings, the band that Sands has been relentlessly touring with. The two sensitive accompanists are locked in sync, joined occasionally by a powerhouse pair of horns, a sinewy guitarist and a fiery pair of percussionists.

                                                                                                  Guests include saxophonist Marcus Strickland, who strikes first on the hard swinging “Fight For Freedom,” unleashing a throaty cry over the churning band. Trumpeter Kenyon Harrold shares the frontline with Strickland, playing in effortless harmony on the melody before getting a little solo space near the tune’s close. Harrold takes centre stage later on “Frankenstein,” a churning meditation reminiscent of Herbie Hancock’s seafaring journeys of the 1960s.

                                                                                                  Other tracks include “Sangueo Soul,” where Sands bounces above the churning South American rhythms, with Caio Afune doubling the piano lines on guitar. The tune is impossible to resist as a battery of rhythm pushes Sands’ piano into a righteous jaunt; clear the dancefloor. Percussionist Cristian Rivera appeared on Sands’ Mack Avenue Records debut, and the two formed a tight bond over a decade ago in Bobby Sanabria’s Afro Cuban Big Band. Percussionist Roberto Quintero, a native Venezuelan, brings the fire and authenticity to the party.

                                                                                                  Colin Self


                                                                                                    Colin Self’s Siblings is a proposal for interdependence, critical joy, and an expansive sense of being. As the lyrics beam, “I used to live as an anomaly... no explanation biologically,” so siblings share hidden language, lore, and identity. On Siblings, ecstatic voices and sound knot to form new ideals of kinship, emerging as horizontal relations for multi-species flourishing.

                                                                                                    Colin Self challenges boundaries of perception with his art, music, and performances. Inspired by the work of Donna Haraway (Cyborg Manifesto, Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene), Siblings is the final segment of the six-part opera series entitled Elation. Informed by Self’s exploration of the ways of knowing, Siblings places a non-biological family at its center. The characters, bonded by curiosity and caring, generate ways of collectively coming together on a damaged planet. Self uses Siblings to define this familial experience through sound and its soundmakers.

                                                                                                    Siblings is a mobile, transitional production, in equal parts by circumstance and happenstance. Field fragments taken from Halloween party laughter in Jamaica Plains and a cross-country video chat are refracted by session recordings willed to happen in places as far flung as Stockholm and Los Angeles. Siblings is a sound scrapbook or poster board collage, but not one without careful consideration of the clipping and composition.

                                                                                                    From years experiencing Riot Grrrl shows around Self's early home of Oregon to his involvement in the New York City-based performance collective Chez Deep, Self expands the DIY ethos to a space and mind of Do-It-Together. Feeding into Siblings is XHOIR, Self’s ongoing project of group vocal workshops for singing and listening, and a broad cast of kin including but not limited to Michael Beharie, Greg Fox (drums), Martine Syms (words and voice), The Mivos Quartet, and Raul De Nieves (cover art).

                                                                                                    On “Story,” Siblings’ opening moment, breath and beats emerge as echoes within a vast, heaving chamber, sound conjured and cajoled into a new, blistered terrain. “Foresight” urges us toward a worlding - a break from the planet we’ve disregarded: “I see on my screen all the doubt, where it comes from, why you trust in no one. I see a new light.” While the unhinged form of “Ante-Strategy” lays the sonic compost for a Belurusian political poem, written with Tanya Zamirouskaya and Anastasia Kolas, Self tends toward elaboration and excesses in a “joyous rendering of survival.”

                                                                                                    Siblings splits sides with “Transitions,” a pluri-vocal burst called forth from interstellar margins to put uncounted bodies in motion. Repetitions of “I commit to you” end with “We commit to you.” Self utilizes theoretical vocabulary to encourage germination of a new language. “Research Sisters” will make their own myths and forge their own families, the work’s fire sparking frenetic, ecstatic voices flashing back and forth in stereo. The gathering of choral voices lift up the melancholic words of “The Great Refusal” over pillowy layers of strings and stumbling, sputtering showers of keyboards.

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