RX (Benedek & Delroy Edwards)

Strung Out

Image of RX (Benedek & Delroy Edwards) - Strung Out
Record Label
Peoples Potential Unlimited

About this item

Check this out for a hype collaboration! Two of LA's finest get baked in the Los Angeles sun and hit the studio for two blurred, smudged and generally wasted cuts of hardware boogie. Slurred funk king Benedek is no stranger to PPU (in his case "puff, pass, ugghh"), having released his dope debut LP on the label in 2013, and Delroy Edwards comes to the party in fine form after a string of bangers on L.I.E.S., Apron and his own L.A. Club Resource. The two tracks, appropriately titled "Strung Out" and "Prescriptions" are a perfect amalgamation of Benedek's heat haze boogie and the tape degraded grit that's been a hallmark of Edwards' work. "Strung out" continues the same G-Funk vibe as Delroy's "Slowed Down Funk" mixtapes left off, albeit with more funk and less G. A low slung bassline rolls along throughout while the duo get locked into the groove with a variety of synth leads and arp squelches. On the flip, the "Prescriptions" the duo have been nailing must have been uppers of some description as they come correct with a more uptempo flow complete with a lovely synth flute lead. This one's right up my street.


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