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One of Larry Heard's most under-rated albums finally remastered and available as a full vinyl release for the first time! Known for his classic late 80s releases as Mr Fingers, Larry Heard's productions always hinted at deepest outer space, but it took until 1996 and the 'Alien' album for him to release his first actual science-fiction record. It's as polished as his most club-aimed productions, and just as sublime as any music coming from Detroit over the previous decade. Heard's house roots often show themselves, while the chords and shimmering production make this an album almost on par with Heard's mid / late-80s peak. The project was a recording and sound-development experiment that was mostly constructed around a Korg O1/W workstation keyboard that was left at Larry's studio to check out by Victor “Melodious Myles” Houston along with some of the staple kit of his studio, including the Roland d550 and Oberheim Matrix 1000. Mr Fingers magic touch can be heard all over the album, and this showcases the incredible musical talents of the man, whose name surely has to be included any hall of fame when you're talking music innovators from the last century!


Side 1
1. Faint Object Detection
2. The Dance Of Planet X
Side 2
1. Micro-Gravity
2. Flight Of The Comet
Side 3
2. Galactic Travels Suite
3. Cosmology Myth
Side 4
1. Two Journeys
2. The Beauty Of Celeste (feat Che)

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