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Making Love

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Mexican Summer

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Hailing from the isolated climes of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), 23 year old Travis Bretzer has an appropriately singular, off-beat take on guitar pop. An adroit songwriter and true troubadour,Travis sidesteps easy pigeonholing - his breezy, classic songs touching on the new-pop of Orange Juice, the playful idiosyncrasies of Prefab Sprout, with a freewheeling sensibility present in much of the Stiff Records catalog. There's a truly deft, sophisticated streak through Travis' songwriting that belies its occasionally haphazard production and cheeky, casual delivery.

After purchasing his first guitar as a teenager with savings from his scuzzy movie theatre job, Bretzer formed a band, The Subatomics, with his best friend. They taught each other how to play and honed their craft supporting a range of touring bands, as well as in their own ramshackle local shows. These days Bretzer spends his days writing jingles and goofballing on a local radio station - a day jobbefitting of his knack for penning perfect melodies and ear-wormy hooks.

"Forget the food courts and GAP megastores, Edmonton has a new jewel in their crown." "On debut EP teaser ‘Trying To Learn’ – a title indicative of Bretzer’s self-deprecating manner – he drawls verses about feeling elderly in his youth with a sweet and hopeful air; not so much Mac (Demarco), more like an embodiment of the C86 movement." - Line of Best Fit

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