The 15 Dead Minutes

Scheming Things EP

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For the best part of a decade T15DM have been cultivating a post-electro, nu-tech-industrial sound aesthetic, that, until now has only been heard by the lucky attendees of their live excursions that took place in some of the more sordid sound dungeons worldwide.

Their debut EP on Trensmat is venomous with intent from the outset. “The Runaway” is some serious hydraulic electro-techno, a driving 808 rinse-out into a storm beyond the aquatic triangle. “Children of the 303” is a raw , haunted, obscure and sinister sounding…lock up yer kin! Flip for “Fibril” where the 303 gets mangled and twisted, melancholic melodies drowning in running tape delays, wobbling analog pulses-frustrated funk in full effect. “Internal dialogue” closes the B, all dark driving basslines and glitchy sounds going all over the place, straight to the point mixed up machine madness. A perfect soundtrack for a dark basement full of smoke and strobe light. Proper underground electro for those that do because they couldn't care less.

The 12” comes with digital copies of the tracks on the record plus two additional distorted & nasty future-electro groovers not on the vinyl – “MacReadys Tape” & “Mass”. The digital version of this EP is only available to the buyers of the vinyl.


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