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Much needed represses of the four ESSENTIAL Metro Area EPs on Environ grace our shelves this week - how very exciting! Formed in Brooklyn by Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani, this collection of EPs (later compiled into an album), along with the early Balihu twelves by Daniel Wang pretty much informed the whole electronic disco sound that seemed to take over the more sophisticated corners of clubland at the turn of the millennium.

Sounding as timeless today as they did some twenty years ago, they've been remastered and repressed for our enjoyment, taking us right back to the warm, almost sweaty moods that seem as able to soundtrack red lit late night sensual dancing as much as basking in the mid afternoon rays of the New York city urban sprawl.

Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani's 2nd colour-coded 12" tribute to the NY / NJ Metro district contains three more delectable tracks; merging disco elements with sublime deep house with techno technologies; done with purity, emotion and bucket loads of style. "The Art Of Hot" is the centrepiece (like "Pina", "Caught Up" and "Miura") backed by the equally cool "Machine Vibes" and the extreme electronic-disco soundclash of "Wafer". These records are some of the most sought after pieces in recent years, so don't be tardy in getting one of these represses, or else.


Matt says: Containing one of my favourite MA tracks - "The Art Of hot", which simmers away like The Rotating Assembly on a hot New York afternoon. Really buzzing to see these pivotal EPs back in stock. They'd go onto inform a whole era of electronic-tinged disco productions and are still some of the best things Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani have ever conjured up.


Side 1
1. The Art Of Hot (8:54)
Side 2
1. Machine Vibes (5:26)
2. Wafer (5:59)

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