Broken Water


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Hardly Art

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Second full-length from Olympia’s Broken Water.

Features members of Sisters and Celebration.

Olympia three-piece, Broken Water - a sometimes noisy, sometimes droning, often pretty and subtly pop sounding band - are very much a product of their hometown.

Jon Hanna often sounds like Thurston Moore at his bratty best singing from the belly of a giant grizzly, and Kanako Pooknyw and Abigail Ingram balance things out with a mix of Mazzy Star-like precision and eerie, haunting melodies that can draw a jagged line back to My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, or even the springy, deadpan vocals of Black Tambourine.


Darryl says: Abrasive guitars and a Thurston Moore-esque vocal delivery, it's essential for fans of Sonic Youth style noise growlers.

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