Hotel Mexico

A Space In The Loveless Field

Image of Hotel Mexico - A Space In The Loveless Field
Record Label
Double Denim

About this item

Hotel Mexico are a band from Kyoto in Japan. Their brand of washed out guitar jams on debut EP 'His Jewelled Letter Box caught the eyes and ears of various websites last year including the likes of Gorilla vs Bear and Noisey' . Now, Double Denim Records is hugely excited to present a single featuring two big new songs.

The first of these to debut is 'A Space in the Loveless Field' an airy, yearning song that recalls the glow of Ariel Pink at his poppiest. Later on we'll reveal 'Wolves running through the Desert', a swaggering guitar-pop song that has flecks of 80s synth, and a hugely addictive guitar riff.


A: A Space In The Loveless Field
B: Wolves Running Through The Desert

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