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“We recorded the album in our own studio in Birmingham with our good friend Jon Simcox. As we built the studio ourselves, and were funding the record ourselves, we weren’t under any pressure to meet anyone else’s deadlines and had the freedom to work whenever and however we wanted without any record company hassle. We decided early on that we wanted the record to be more organic than our previous two albums so we’ve tried to be disciplined and strip away the layers and leave something natural and beautiful”.

Lyrically 10:20 is reflective and often introspective, dealing with the problems that life throws at two people trying to live together. The album features the two earlier singles Paradise and Guapa (the story of a rebel soldier falling madly in love with a girl days before he is likely to meet his death in battle) and ‘We’re A Crowd’, a call to arms addressing what people can achieve when they join together in a positive way, and written at the height of the UK’s 2011 summer riots. The record also features a cover of the Durutti Column’s lost classic, Tomorrow - a nod to Factory Records back catalogue from fans discovering the beauty and desperation of that song for the first time.


1. Neptune
2. Mainline
3. We’re A Crowd
4. Take This On
5. Last Laugh
6. Beer Wine & Sunshine
7. Paradise
8. Whoa Man
9. Tomorrow
10. It Ain’t You
11. Guapa
12. Strangers

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