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"Constant Future" is the career-defining statement from Brooklyn-based noise-pop trio Parts & Labor. The album's 12 tracks deliver the bare essentials of modern art-punk: synthesized keyboard riffs distorted into oblivion, percussion pummeled hypnotically, crackling drones that haunt and soothe, fearless melodies hollered skyward.

Their last release, 2008's acclaimed "Receivers", saw Parts & Labor blasting off in all directions and creating collage art from hundreds of fan-curated samples. But fifth album "Constant Future" finds them crashing back to Earth, focusing pointedly on what they do best: unique, electronic landscapes melded with buzzing, anthemic hooks.

Parts & Labor have distilled the lessons and experiences of nearly 10 years as a band into a catchy, blown-out masterwork.

Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mogwai, Sleater- Kinney, MGMT) co-produced and mixed the album with Parts & Labor.

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