A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra Capsular Extractions

Image of Earth - A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra Capsular Extractions
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Southern Lord

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For the first time ever the debut recordings of Earth are available in one concise, beautifully documented capsule. "A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extractions" contains the entire 1990 Smegma Studios sessions which are the debut recordings from Earth.

Previously available scattered via the "Extra Capsular Extractions" EP and "Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitar" CD. This essential collection contains every note from the infamous first Earth recording sessions.

Earth was founded by Dylan Carlson circa 1989 and in this infancy stages contained several different members including: Slim Moon (Kill Rock Stars label), Joe Preston (Thrones, Melvins, sunn 0))), HIgh on Fire etc..) and even Dylans close friend Kurt Kobain. Unbeknownst to Mr. Carlson at the time was that his seemingly simplistic experimentations with heavy music would literally spawn an entire genre, style and sound borrowing from his musical theories. Of course were talking about what is commonly referred to as "Drone" or "Drone-Metal".

From Sunn 0))) to Pelican to Mogwai to Jim O' Rourke the impact that Dylan's tone and music has had is immeasurable. This collection of the very first experimentations/recordings is an important insight into understanding the birth of this sound as well as a glimpse of the foreshadowing for the thunder to come. It is with honour that Southern Lord unleashes this glorious archival release.

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