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Warm Weather With Ryan Driver

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Eric Chenaux is one of Toronto's most prolific and respected musical iconoclasts, an experimental guitar virtuoso with over two decades of dedicated and diverse service to an artistic community that encompasses post-punk, lo-fi, folk, multimedia composition and performance (chiefly in collaboration with modern dance) and free and improvised music.

"Warm Weather" With Ryan Driver is Eric's third album for Constellation, which has been the conduit for his primary song-oriented solo work since 2006. Building on his fruitful collaboration with piano/synth/melodica player Ryan Driver - whose key role on the new album is signalled by his inclusion in its very title - the new record is without doubt Chenaux's most accomplished and focused work of forward-looking, contemporary balladry.

The album is available on CD and 180g LP in 100% recycled paperboard jackets.


1. And So We Say
2. Since We're Smokey
3. Warm Charleston
4. Lavalliere #2
5. New Boon Harp
6. Mynah Bird
7. Ronnie-Mary
8. Cool Down
9. Warm Weather
10. Cold Dream

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