Seerauber Jenny

Push It Away / Waste Of Time

Image of Seerauber Jenny - Push It Away / Waste Of Time
Record Label
Label Fandango

About this item

Seerauber Jenny was founded by young Fran Barker in a leaky conservatory with a 4-track, a miscellany of instruments and a bag load of fuzzy influences like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine and storms and mountains and adventures. At some point she packed up her 4-track and miscellany of instruments and bag load of fuzzy influences and moved from Wiltshire to Brighton. At another point her raw acoustic creations infiltrated the electropop ears of Neil Claxton in Manchester's Mint Royale. Despite living 150 miles away he managed to turn Fran's "hissy, vague musical ideas" into "fully realised and infinitely more enjoyable grown up songs". And here are two of them now, an A and a AA-side borne of the seaside and manipulated somewhere near Moss Side. "Push It Away" is Seerauber Jenny's first ever release. It is prickly and enigmatic, racy and rolling - a tense, nervous heartache. "Waste Of Time" meanwhile is lush and lonely and therefore a typically lovely, brooding Label Fandango flipside. Like Fran and Neil themselves it's a great double act.


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