The Mix - 2009 Digital Remaster

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Kraftwerk's first fully digital album confirmed their clubland credentials and reworked 11 of their best-loved tunes for a new generation. Painstakingly reconstructed and sequenced in the band's Kling Klang studio, new versions of tracks like "The Robots", "Trans Europe Express" and "Home Computer" now feature more funky rhythms and cleaned-up, liquid-crystal sounds. A stark warning about pollution at Sellafield is added to the glistening overhaul of "Radioactivity", sparking a war of words with British Nuclear Fuels. But most of all, "The Mix" is a career-spanning collection of legendary electro anthems and a classy acknowledgment of the two-way traffic between Kraftwerk and club culture.


1. The Robots (2009 Digital Remaster)
2. Computer Love (2009 Digital Remaster)
3. Pocket Calculator (2009 Digital Remaster)
4. Dentaku (2009 Digital Remaster)
5. Autobahn (2009 Digital Remaster)
6. Radioactivity (2009 Digital Remaster)
7. Trans Europe Express (2009 Digital Remaster)
8. Abzug (2009 Digital Remaster)
9. Metal On Metal (2009 Digital Remaster)
10. Home Computer (2009 Digital Remaster)
11. Music Non Stop (2009 Digital Remaster)

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