Larry Heard

25 Years From Alpha EP

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Record Label
Aleviated / Black Market

About this item

Woah, Blackmarket follow their splendid Todd Osborne twelve with another classic in the making by Larry Heard. This EP features three tracks that prove again the man's genius and unparalleled talent in squeezing true emotions and funk out of his machines that lift you into a state of euphoria. The A-side holds a long, midtempo 80s electro-funk groove with beautiful richly textures synth melodies. Flip over for a slightly rawer fingers style workout with highly emotive strings and a perfect end of the night tune with a gorgeous piano solo showing Heard's strong roots in jazz. Music from a different stratosphere - a record to treasure!


Sil says: What a great surprise when I found that this was coming to the shop. One of my favourite tracks ever '25 Years From Alpha' is a perfect mix of beauty and sadness. A delicate melody and a contagious bassline are the driving elements in this hypnotic deep house tune. It oozes passion and melody. It sounds Detroit but is also looking forward. The TR-909 is ominous through the 15 minutes. It is just so well done that you will not notice that quarter of an hour gone. This is an absolute diamond and will leave the shop rather fast.

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