Smokers Die Younger


Image of Smokers Die Younger - Sketchpads
Record Label
Sheffield Phonographic Corporation

About this item

Smokers Die Younger return with their first release since the brilliant, critically acclaimed, debut album "X Wants The Meat" back in 2006. In the interim Smokers Die Younger have been the subjects of some bizarre fashion world sponsorship in the form of Karl Lagerfeld – not bad for the scruffiest band in South Yorkshire. They've also became minor TV celebs in Scandinavia. Add to that a couple of line-up changes and it's no wonder we've had to wait for a new record. But it's been worth the wait for this wonderful single. A-side "Sketchpads" is their best work to date. It's a love song to the humble 4-track tape recorder, wrapped up in skewed guitar noise and with that all-important pop sensibility. As the lyric says: 'We had four tracks and that was more than enough'. The B-side is a bombastic reworking of SDY's "Yer Actual" by Ross Orton (MIA, Fat Truckers, Jarvis Cocker) and Sophie Toes. Mosh yer beard off!

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