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Since I Left You

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Modular / XL

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Do you remember what you were doing fifteen years ago? I do. I was a fifteen year old kid from the burbs, spending my summer playing football and recreating WWF classics in the back yard while dressed like a nerdish Eminem (bleach blonde hair and everything). Then a wacky-ass radio track packed with film snippets and horse noises worked its way into my teenage brain and changed things for good. The Avalanches were insane, inspired and in full effect; following the 'horse song' ("Frontier Psychiatrist") with a soulful and swooning summer jam ("Since I Left You") which has played in my head ever since. Family Allowance firmly in hand I took my privilaged ass off to the Market Hall, picked up a CD copy of this album and spent the whole bus journey home feasting my eyes on the liner notes and sleeve artwork. As I hit the play button on my naff home stereo, I was whisked away Dorothy-style and taken on a head spinning journey through 50 years of popular music. Leaving the monochrome mundanity of Bolton behind, I soared through technicolour stage sets of paradise islands, Brooklyn block parties and countryside BBQs, Sci-Fi spectaculars and rewired romances as 3,500 samples were sticky taped together before my very ears. The plunderphonic sound of six men who spent their adolesence rummaging through the bargain bins of Melbourne's record shops, "Since I Left You" applies hip hop's cut'n'paste mentality to the full gamut of weird and wonderful pop, from exotica to erotica, disco and funk to lounge and psych. Unlike anything I'd ever heard before, and better than any imitators I've heard since, The Avalanches are truly in a class of their own.  


Since I Left You 4:18
Stay Another Season 2:15
Radio 4:52
Two Hearts In 3/4 Time 3:22
Avalanche Rock 0:23
Flight Tonight 3:51
Close To You 3:56
Diners Only 1:43
A Different Feeling 4:23
Electricity 3:29
Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life 2:20
Pablo's Cruise 0:53
Frontier Psychiatrist 4:47
Etoh 5:02
Summer Crane 4:39
Little Journey 1:53
Live At Dominoes 5:38
Extra Kings 3:46

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