Sandy Bull

Still Valentine's Day 1969

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"[Sandy Bull] was no minor player. He influenced, however subtly, an entire generation. His reinvention of classic pieces paved the way for my own experiments.” - Patti Smith // Sandy Bull was an American folk musician who rose to prominence with a series of albums on the Vanguard label in the 1960's and 70's. Still Valentine's Day 1969 is pulled from two live shows recorded at The Matrix in San Francisco in 1969 with Bull playing shimmering electric guitar and oud, accompanied by tape loops. Previously available on CD, but now out of print in all formats, this is the first ever vinyl pressing and includes the original liner notes from Byron Coley. 


1. Introduction
2. Bouree
3. No Deposit, No Return Blues
4. Manha De Carnival
5. Improvisation For Oud 1
6. Electric Blend 1
7. Improvisation For Oud 2
8. Memphis, TN
9. Electric Blend 2 

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