Buzzkunst / Howard Devoto

Special Sauce / Designoid

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Buzzkunst is PETE SHELLEY & HOWARD DEVOTO…‘SPECIAL SAUCE' is mostly a reconfiguration of the 2002 album 'Buzzkunst’ by ShelleyDevoto. NOW! For the first time on vinyl, with a REFRESHED RUNNING ORDER and TWO PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS – 'Psychosomatic' and 'Punk Of Me'. PLUS! If that isn’t enough, there is a SECOND mini album included in the package…11 NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Howard Devoto ARCHIVE RECORDINGS from the same period, titled ‘DESIGNOID’. Instrumentals and songs, idiosyncratic as ever, and including a 21st century re-working of ‘Breakdown’, as originally featured on the Buzzcocks’ debut and seminal self-released EP, ‘Spiral Scratch’. 


LP1: Buzzkunst - Special Sauce
Side 1:
God’s Particle
So There I Was
On Solids
Stupid Kunst
Side 2:
Strain Of Bacteria
Till The Stars In His Eyes Are Dead
Wednesday’s Emotional Setup
Going Off
Punk Of Me
System Blues

LP2: Howard Devoto – Designoid
Side 1:
The Presentation Of The Self In Everyday Life
Like Elvis (Hello Mr Curtis)
Bungled Existence
Once In Montecorto
Side 2:
Theme From Goodbye Antarctica
Under A Lenient Moon
It Mattered
Your Talking Sense
Bet Your Mind

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