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Paradise Pop 10

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Take a trip to 'Paradise Pop 10' with beloved singer-songwriter and producer, Christian Lee Hutson.

Following his 2022 release 'Quitters' - produced by longtime collaborators Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst - he enlisted the help of Bridgers once again to produce.

The album title is based on a real life small town where Hutson spent a portion of his childhood. He takes listeners on a journey of autobiographical fiction with his signature wit and sharp storytelling. There are retable themes of love and the limbo of life in his narration across an elevated indie rock sound.

The album also features guest vocals from Bridgers, Katy Kirby, and Maya Hawke - another frequent collaborator whose universally lauded new album credits Hutson as producer and co-writer.


1. Tiger
2. Carousel Horses
3. Autopilot
4. Water Ballet
5. Candyland
6. Flamingos
7. Fan Fiction
8. After Hours
9. Forever Immortalized
10. Skeleton Crew
11. Beauty School

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