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Occult Future

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Riot Season

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Attention space cadets!

Following last year's much lauded Kaliyuga Express debut 'Warriors & Masters', Nolla (Finnish psych/space rockers) & Mike Vest (Maximalist guitar guru, Bong, Blown Out, Drunk In Hell, Artifacts & Uranium, Modoki, Tomoyuki Trio, Mienakunaru etc) combine their visions once again and explore dark futuristic mindscapes.

They set their sights to the looming eons and gaze through an occult lens. Inspired by classic space rock, driving hypnotic krautrock and bleak synth soundscapes.

The ground was laid in improvised Nolla sessions and further ascended with gloomy prophecies and lyrical explorations by Ilkka and Otto. With Ohto’s assertive drums and Teemu's solid guitars the canvas was set for Mike to paint his transcendent multilayered guitars.

Bleak and overbearing sights are explored, but the future holds a speck of hope if you are prepared to embrace the darkness.

For fans of: Hawkwind, Can, Sun Dial, Bevis Frond, Space Rock, Krautrock etc.

Otto Juutilainen - Vocals, Synth, Lyrics, Mix, Mastering, Ilkka Vekka - Bass, Electronics, Lyrics, Art, Mike Vest - Guitar, Teemu Vilmunen - Guitar, Ohto Pallas - Drums.

Recorded in Finland & the United Kingdom Winter/Spring 2024


A1. Occult Future (4:48)
A2. The Circle (8:09)
A3. The Eternal Mistake (6:18)
B1. The Adept (6:36)
B2. The Living Dream (12:59)

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