Bernard Fevre

Space Oddities 1976-1985

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Among the figureheads of French disco, Bernard Fevre, better known as Black Devil, probably had the shortest-lived career but was the most brilliant and unique mind of them all. Although his first album 'Disco Club', released in 1978, went unnoticed at first, it has since become a must-have, a collector's item which has led a lot of listeners to further investigate into his extensive work.

From rock music to music hall, sound illustration to disco, pop to reggae, through film music and advertising, Bernard Fevre has experimented with so many genres that it has been hard not to lose track. One of his best albums even has such an unambivalent title as 'The Strange World of Bernard Fevre'. Please make your way to a cosmic dimension, verging on the unknown.


1. Bernard Fevre - Dali
2. Bernard Fevre - Space Team
3. Black Devil Disco - Follow Me (instrumental)
4. Bernard Fevre - This Is To Be
5. Bernard Fevre - Restless
6. Old Gang Jah - Rasta
7. Bernard Fevre - Foxy Spleen
8. Bernard Fevre - Sunshine On March
9. Milpatte - Cruzer
10. Bernard Fevre - Odysee
11. Bernard Fevre - Central Way
12. Suspense - Weekee Way
13. Bernard Fevre - Earth Message
14. Bernard Fevre - Cosmic Rays

15. Black Devil Disco - No Regrets

16. Bernard Fevre - Cimes Eternelles

17. Milpatte - Livel

18. Bernard Fevre - 2043

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