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Fourth Drawer Down - 2024 Reissue

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Fourth Drawer Down is a compilation album by the Scottish post-punk and new wave band the Associates, released in October 1981. It compiles the A- and B-sides from the six singles the band released that year. The songs that appeared on Fourth Drawer Down had a notably darker and more experimental edge than their debut studio album The Affectionate Punch. The album was well received by music critics, with reviewers commenting on the band's increased experimentalism. Alastair McKay of Uncut called Fourth Drawer Down "an extraordinary document on which the sense of mystery deepens, and the commitment to sonic experiment becomes more pronounced."


Mine says: Worth it alone for the opening song... What a tune!!


Side A
1. White Car In Germany
2. A Girl Named Property
3. Kitchen Person
4. Q Quarters

Side B
1. Tell Me Easter's On Friday
2. The Associate
3. Message Oblique Speech
4. An Even Whiter Car

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