Mark Lanegan

Bubblegum - 2024 Remaster

Image of Mark Lanegan - Bubblegum - 2024 Remaster

About this item

Beggars Arkive in conjunction with the Estate of Mark Lanegan are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Mark Lanegan’s acclaimed 2004 album 'Bubblegum' with this remastered double LP edition of the original album.


1. When Your Number Isn't Up
2. Hit The City (With PJ Harvey)
3. Wedding Dress
4. Methamphetamine Blues
5. One Hundred Days
6. Bombed
7. Strange Religion
8. Sideways In Reverse
9. Come To Me (With PJ Harvey)
10. Like Little Willie John
11. Can't Come Down
12. Morning Glory Wine
13. Head
14. Driving Death Valley Blues
15. Out Of Nowhere

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