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Galáctico (feat. Lucas De Mulder)

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An exciting new collaboration between New Mastersounds Hammond organist and Madrid based guitarist Lucas De Mulder plus drummer Luke Flowers (Cinematic Orchestra). Recorded at Joe's home studio on his cherished C3 Hammond (where The New Mastersounds' latest album "Old School" was recorded Galáctico will delight vintage jazz-funk fans with nods to Jimmy Mcgriff, Dr Lonnie Smith,George Benson etc etc. Joe and Lucas worked together on Lucas's album "Feel the spirit" in 2019 on Color Red label based in Denver.

The trio will be launching the record at the Saint Paul Soul Jazz festival in the south of France on 7th July and continue to play a series of other gigs through-out the summer.

The album starts with the frenetic James Brown groove of Double Take - a catch jazz guitar head that builds moving up in key to a frenetic hammond solo punctuated by The Haggis Horns.

Meters-esque "Hey!" the only English language vocal track on the record and at that only one word. Next up is "El Gato" featuring Sam Bell on Congas and Atholl Ransome and Malcolm Strachan from the Haggis Horns a latin four to the floor vibe with solos traded throughout Guinnee Drop is a swaggering funk jam with Luke Flowers funk drums breaks a feature.

The only cover on the album is Sixto Rodriguez' Sugarman - Lucas and Joe were both inspired by his story and loved the song so much it had to go on the album with a mellow instrumental twist.

The title track "Galáctico" is has funky soundtrack tune - the horns are back and take the track out with some blistering solos. "Retiro" inspired by the park near Lucas's pad in Madrid is a laid back boogaloo vibe and has Sam Bell on Congas and an upright piano solo from Tatton.

"Dame Lo Que Tienes" - The first single from Joe Tatton's second album "Give me what you got!"- led by a funky guitar riff followed by a cutting hammond melody - a little "Meters, Booker T, The Crusaders"

"Moonbow" a hypnotic slower tune with a nod to Khurangbin and the final track on the album is "Lost on You" A Breezy George Benson nod along.


Barry says: A lovely little selection of groovy jazz-funk numbers that would be perfect for listening to in a particularly smoky underground jazz club or breaking out for the summer barbeque parties. Swimming with 50's swing influence, but brought right up to date with a wealth of modern production.


1. Double Take (feat. Lucas De Mulder)
2. Hey! (feat. Lucas De Mulder)
3. El Gato (feat. Lucas De Mulder & The Haggis Horns)
4. Guinnee Drop (feat. Lucas De Mulder)
5. Sugar Man (feat. Lucas De Mulder)
6. Galáctico (feat. Lucas De Mulder)
7. Retiro (feat. Lucas De Mulder)
8. Dame Lo Que Tienes (feat. Lucas De Mulder)
9. Moonbow (feat. Lucas De Mulder)
10. Lost On You (feat. Lucas De Mulder)

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