CJ Bolland

Camargue / Tokyo

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1992 was a wild year. For planet earth. For humanity. People desired for escapism, and some producers just had the jive they yearned for. Endless kick drum excitement under a roof of strings. Up there in clap heaven, the chords fly candid, and all that hi-hat suspense fashions bliss. These dancers met an angel, circulating eternally towards the strobe. Oh, how they wished all that trance never ends in 1993, when CJ Bolland, one of the most influential and successful producers Belgium created in the nineties, dropped “Camargue”. An instant trance techno classic. Atemporal, abnormal, amoral. Raved together with British producer Cisco Ferreira for Belgium’s finest R&S records. Both worked on many sensual club music artworks together. Like “Tokyo”, the B-Site with an A-Note. Tripping fast, more hi-hat ecstasy, techno kicks, somewhere Goa is in there. Those where the 1990ees. Those days in fast pace. Blissed with trance of techno glam.



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